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Episode 45.

Prisca and Christian arrived and met Rose about to go out.

“Good morning mom, are You going out? Prisca asked.

“Yes, why? I hope there’s no problem? Rose asked.

“Not actually, just that can Yuh lend us few minutes of your time? Christian asked and Rose checked her wristwatch and nodded.

“So what’s the problem? She asked.

“Mommy we are just coming back from Christian’s place and his dad made a statement we don’t understand. He said you know the reason why he hates us and we want to know what that is because he’s coming in between us, Prisca replied.

“Please ma if there’s anything we need to know please tell us so this will end, Christian added and Rose heaved.

“I can’t believe he’s still holding on to the past, for crying out loud its been years Now! Rose shouted and Prisca looked at Christian confused as Rose got up pacing around.

“Mom can you please come out clear, is there anything we need to know? Prisca asked.

“We are listening ma, Christian added when there was silence for a while..

“Fine, I and your dad were college sweethearts, that was years ago before I even met my late husband. He actually loved me but sincerely I didn’t and I told him point clear but he insisted saying the love can eventually grow and he will wait. He graduated before I did, and when he went for his service that was when I met the love of my life who just got employed in the polytechnic. I didn’t want him to know about it scared he might lose concentration, but he got to know which I don’t know how.

He came down with full rage and nothing I said got into his head, he said he will never forgive me and a whole lot of things I’ve forgotten and he left.

For years we didn’t see each other not until my late husband rented his apartment which I was surprised to know he was the landlord. But then he acted so well with us and even made friend with my husband who wasn’t aware of this, to me he has forgotten about everything after all he has his family now though he lost his wife. But everything changed when my husband died because he was highly hypertensive, after my husband was buried he approached me.

I was surprised when he started with “don’t think I have forgotten about you or the hurt you caused me. Since fate has brought us together again and made us lose our partners, can we bring back our lost relationship?

I was shocked and angry he could say or even think about such a thing when I was mourning my husband so I flared up angrily at him.

That was where the real war started, Rose explained while Christian head was bowed.

“Mom you kept all of this from me why? But I’ve been asking you why our landlord is treating us this way but all you could say was he made some advances towards you and you rejected him. You never said this in details, Prisca said.

“But its still the same thing, or did you ask for details? Rose asked.

“Mom you should have found a way to sort this out, we are talking about the issues of the heart here and you don’t know how hurt he was, Prisca said.

“For how many years?? Rose asked.

“Truth is my dad never loved my mom even my mom knows about it. But one thing I respect my dad is, he made sure he never hurt her or made us know he never had any feelings for her but my mom told me everything because I was her best friend.

I’ve heard this story from her but I never knew it was you, so if Yuh think my dad having his own family and after so many years he has got off that hatred or feeling from his heart then you are wrong. You broke his trust about women and I think we have a lot to do to get off that feeling from him, Christian said and Rose sat down weakly.

“I had no idea about this, but he knew I didn’t love him. I didn’t hide it but he couldn’t just let me go. I don’t think we will have anything to tall about, Rose said.

“Mom please you have to talk to him about this else this isn’t going to work. Mom please, Prisca pleaded.

“Oh God this isn’t happening, Rose said and sighed weakly.

“Mom please do this for us, there’s a lot you two need to talk to clear this misunderstanding and if you don’t, we the children are suffering for it, Prisca said holding her hand.

“I am not coming in between you guys and don’t worry I’ll meet up with him. What’s the address? Rose asked.

“Ahh thank you mom, Rose said and hugged her.

A call came on Prisca phone and she picked up, “sweetheart I knew you’ll call, She said.

“And you’re happy I’m missing you ba? Where are you nau? Debbie asked.

“With my mom but I’ll be there soon, Prisca replied.

“There’s a full house here and I want it to be complete with your presence. But I hope there’s no problem? Debbie asked.

“No not all, I’ll be there soon, Prisca replied.

“Am waiting o, my greetings to your mom and cupcake, Debbie said.

“Naughty girl, I’ll do just that bye, Prisca said and dropped the call.

“You two can go meet her, I’ll be going to see him now, Rose said.

“Are you sure about this? I can take you there myself if you want, Christian said.

“No, I have to do this myself. Ok I have to go now, Rose said.

“I’ll drop you half way then, Christian said.

“Alright thanks, Rose said and they left the house together……………

Just at the door of his house Rose breathed in hard with her eyes closed as she wanted to knock but the door opened.

She opened her eyes in shock to see Manfred dressed up to go out.

“What are you doing here? Manfred asked surprised to see her.

“Good morning, please we need to talk, Rose calmly said.

“I have no time for this, as you can see i have a very important meeting to catch up now, bye, he said and wanted to walk away.

“Please Manfred this is for our children, we Need to talk, Rose said.

“Oh i see, if its about the foolish love going on between those kids it wont work, especially not with your daughter. My son can’t suffer what i went through, Manfred said.

“My daughter is not me and the love going on between our kids is different from ours. Their feelings are mutual and ours wasn’t, please I beg you if it’s because of our past I am begging you on my knees, let it go please, Rose said going on her knees and he scoffed.

“Rose what do you want? He asked.

“I want the happiness of our children, we couldn’t make our love go through but fate has brought it to our children. Theirs is perfect and please don’t tear them apart, Rose said and he laughed.

“Tear them apart? Will it hurt you if I’ll tear them apart? Then so be it, my son will put himself together and get married same way i did and life will still move on. Have a good day Rose, Manfred said, got into his car and drove off.

Rose slowly got up looking sadly as his car went out of sight.

“What should i do now? She asked herself as she slowly left the compound.

“What do you think dear? Will my mom succeed in calming him down? Prisca worriedly asked.

“We just have to believe, watch and pray, Christian said.

“Oh God! Prisca heaved sadly and Christian touched her hand.

“Everything will be okay, now cheer up so Debbie won’t notice, we are almost there, he said and she nodded.

They got into the hospital and couldn’t believe what was going on in the room, “oh my God where am I? Prisca asked.

“Yea baby welcome, Debbie said stretching for a hug.

“Oh ma nice to see you, last we saw you were carrying an angel, Prisca said to Veronica.

“Awwnnn I’m flattered, nice to see you too, Veronica said.

“Oh my God i couldn’t recognize the room when i got in, Prisca said.

“This is just the beginning, just wait till my daughter leave this place you will see the real thing, Frederick said.

“Really? I can’t wait o. Baby you well na haba! Prisca shouted.

“Soon o very soon, Debbie replied laughing…….



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