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Episode 40.

“What is it? Why shouting as if I killed someone? I’m a Muslim and I am permitted to marry as I want, so? Frederick asked.

“And you think Debbie will accept to be a second wife? That shows you don’t know her because that is a big no for her, just forget it, Prisca said.

” fine, then I see no need to be here. Tell her am wishing her a quick recovery, Frederick said.

“You mean? Prisca asked.

“Her Darling husband can take over from where I stopped, bye, He said and left while Prisca folded her arms looking at him. She shook her head and went to Debbie room but found them hugging and she coughed which they disengaged.

“Erm prisca I can explain……… “No need for that because its clear, I hope this time around its for real, Prisca cuts in and sat down.

“Thank you, Gideon said and she nodded.

“What’s wrong sis? And has Fred gone? Debbie asked.

“Yes, she replied.

“Without even saying hi? Its unlike him, Debbie said.

“Well you see I don’t think he will be coming back here, he’s wishing you a quick recovery anyway, She replied.

“What? I mean did I do anything bad to him or get him angry? Or is it because I left the hospital yester………. “No ma none of that. He’s only angry he won’t be able to have you as a second wife, Prisca said and Gideon burst out laughing.

“Sorry sorry its kind of funny to me, Gideon said still laughing.

“Second wife? That’s ridiculous when am suffering because of that sef. Abeg tell him to park well o, Debbie said.

“He has park na, he said your husband should continue from where he stopped, Prisca replied.

“Anyway I have and I appreciate all he has done. When she gets well we will go see him at his hotel or do Yuh know where he lives? Gideon asked Debbie.

“I don’t know him from anywhere o, I only opened my eyes to see him here in the hospital, Debbie replied.

“We will see him at his hotel since he’s a manager there, at least to say thank you for his kindness, Gideon said.

“I agree with you, honestly he has tried a lot, few people in this world can do this, Prisca added.

“I’m not happy at all, I wanted to talk to him but he just left like that just because he wanted me as a wife when I saw him as a very good friend already, Debbie said.

“So you already replaced me ba? Prisca asked.

“Yes na, you’ve grown old, Debbie replied.

“Just like that shey? Let me start going my own too. Gideon continue from where I stopped OK, Prisca said taking her bag and they burst out laughing.

“My sweet heart, you know you can never be replaced na, Debbie said.

“Leave me joor, plenty people don replace me already, Prisca said.

“But I haven’t na, Christian said and walked in.

“Oh thank God, someone hasn’t replaced you yet, Debbie said and Prisca swallowed.

“Don’t tell me you were outside all this while? Prisca asked.

“I just got here o and heard you talking about replacement. So tell me who replaced you? Christian asked crossing his hand on her and Prisca pointed at Debbie.

“Ahhhhhhh I didn’t o, Prisca stop lying na, Debbie said.

“You replaced my baby with who na? Christian asked and saw Gideon which Gideon gave his hand for a shake.

“Looks like I’ve seen this face somewhere, Christian said as they shook hands.

“Yea somehow I guess, Gideon replied.

“Ahhh I think I know now, nice to see you two back, Christian replied smiling……………….

Its 4 days gone already and Debbie began treatment as the drugs arrived.

Sandra felt something was not right and called Prisca which she couldn’t hide the truth from her.

Sandra rushed down to the hospital mad with everyone including Prisca for keeping the truth away from her, “and you, are you happy now for putting my child in this state? Sandra faced Gideon.

“Mommy he has nothing to do with this, its all my fault, Debbie said.

“Now you shut up there! I warned you didn’t I? Now look at you, just look at you Debbie, Sandra said in Tears.

“Ma please I already see her getting Better, I kept this away from you for a reason please don’t be angry, Prisca pleaded.

“Ma I take the blame and I’m very sorry for making a fool out of you, that was a very foolish act I must confess. Firstly you were right when you didn’t want me for your daughter, but everything is changed now please forgive me, Gideon came in.

“Forgive you? What if my daughter had died will be asking me to forgive you? Sandra asked.

“Please I’m sorry, Debbie is already getting better and she’ll be out of here soon so I’ll do the right thing, Gideon said.

“It wont be my daughter you will put in this mess again! Sandra shouted.

“No ma this time around is true, remember I don’t support evil. whatever happened in the past was a very big mistake, this time its for real just as he said. Please give them a chance again, Prisca said.

“Mommy please, I know I was nothing but a big disappointment to you but believe me now when i say I’ve seen reasons and sense with all you’ve been saying to me. Life has given me another chance to make things right, I hope you’ll give us this chance again so I’ll complete. I’m sorry mommy, and i haven’t forgotten about all the promises i made to you while growing up, Debbie calmly said while Sandra stood in tears looking at her.

“Who am i to deny you this chance my daughter, Sandra said and hugged her..

“Thank God, prisca whispered and happily gave Gideon a hi-five.

The door opened and Christian walked in which he hugged Prisca and shook hands with Gideon.

“Ahhh Prisca you are hugging man now? Sandra asked when she saw that and they burst out laughing.

“Hey God. Mommy he’s my boyfriend, I just accepted him yesterday, Prisca replied covering her face while Christian went to greet her.

“Yes welcome, does her parents know you or you are playing hide and seek? Sandra asked him.

“Actually I’ve seen her mother since her dad is late, and yes she’s aware of this, Christian replied.

“You’re welcome my son, please treat her right. You don’t know how lucky and blessed you are to have her, she’s like a daughter to me o and if you hurt her eh, i will find you, Sandra said.

“Chai mommy, have you turned to investigator now? Debbie asked.

“Yes na, or you want to try? Sandra asked back.

“Don’t worry ma, I won’t hurt my princess not at all, Christian replied smiling.

“Now you’re talking. Prisca my darling congrats iyeh, I cant wait to dance owambe soon, Sandra said and Prisca shyly hid her face at Gideon back.

“Ah ma you’ll be the lead dancer of 2 weddings very soon, Gideon replied.

“Seriously? Hey thank you Jesus! Sandra happily said……………..

That day Christian took Prisca to introduce her to his family, “are you feeling nervous? Christian asked as he drove.

“Yea of course, I just hope they will like me, she replied.

“He rather, my mom is late, he replied.

“Sorry about that, she said.

“No its okay. So you’ll be seeing my dad and probably my brothers if they’ll be at home, he said smiling at her.

Soon they arrived and they came out from the car, “who is home! Christian said and walked in holding Prisca in his hand.

“Welcome brother, a young guy came out and Prisca recognised him which he did too.

She looked around and saw the pictures on the wall which she recognised almost all of them and a portrait caught her eyes and she gasped.

“Who is home today? She heard a voice and turned to see her landlord coming down the stairs.

“You! She shouted seeing him and stormed out of the house which Christian ran after her confused.

“What’s wrong Prisca?He stopped her.

“That’s your father? She asked.

“Yes and why? He asked.

“Get me out of here this minute, in fact forget about it, I’ll take myself home, bye, Prisca said.

“Can you just tell me whats going on? Christian asked and held her but she beat his hand off and left…………


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