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Episode 35.

Debbie woke up from her sleep and saw a nurse writing something on a book she didn’t care to understand, “you’re still here? She asked when she turned and saw the man there.

“Actually I just arrived, feeling more better now right? He asked.

“Yea but my stomach hurts, she replied.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon, the nurse replied.

“Thank you, Debbie calmly said and she left.

“I don’t even know your name, Debbie said to him.

“Frederick, he replied.

“Thank you Frederick, she said.

“You’re welcome. Your mom called though I didn’t pick up, he said.

“Just her? She asked.

“Were you expecting another person? Don’t tell me you’re still thinking about him, Frederick said.

“Its not that simple, he’s the only man my heart came to genuinely love, she replied.

“But it was all a lie, you have to move on, Frederick said.

“I know but with time I will. Can I talk with my mom now? She asked.

“If you want to, but will you tell her all that happened? He asked.

“I think not all discussion should be said on phone, she replied.

“Better, here is it, he said handing the phone to her and she quickly dialed her number.

After 2 rings Sandra picked up, “your married life has start stopping you to pick my calls abi? Sandra asked immediately.

“Eh na, its part of levels. How are you? Debbie asked.

“Fine o, but wait o, why is your voice different? Sandra asked.

“How? Debbie asked.

“You are asking me how are you na its unlike you, I can’t remember the last time you asked me that, Sandra said.

“Shey you’ve start now. In fact I’ll be coming to see you soon since you didn’t want to stay with me, Debbie said.

“Visit me? No more honey moon? Sandra asked.

“You don’t want me to visit you again? Don’t worry I’ll be there soon iyeh, take care of yourself bye, Debbie said and dropped the call looking at Frederick.

“Have I really changed? She asked.

“I can’t answer that and I can’t see the changes knowing that I’ve not met you before, he replied and she heaved………………..

Gideon returned home with Kemi and saw Debbie has already left the house, “finally honey its over, he said happily holding Kemi.

“Do you expect me to leap for joy? Seriously I am not Happy, Kemi said.

“What the hell is wrong with you? She’s gone right now what? Gideon asked.

“After what you did huh? Kemi asked back.

“After what she did too, so spare me this. Its over now and everyone is back to their different lives, get over it, Gideon said.

“That’s very simple to say and I hope this won’t repeat itself again, Kemi said.

“If you want it to, now let’s end this discussion, Gideon said.

“Don’t do that again o and I mean it, Kemi said and Gideon carried her playfully……………….

Christian arrived at Prisca place surprising her, “what are you doing here? She asked meeting him outside.

“To pick you up of course, you told me you’ll be back today remember? He asked.

“Today? I said that? Prisca asked and he laugher.

“Don’t mind me, i just want to visit. Can we go out please? He asked and she rolled her eyes.

“My mom……… “Prisca you’re not a kid. If you want I’ll ask for permission from her, don’t tell me she still locks you up at your age, Christian cuts in.

“That’s not what I mean, please come in, she said leading him in.

“She’s not at home? He asked when they got in.

“Yea that was what I wanted telling you, but I’ll call to let her know, she said.

“Alright I’m sorry for that, he said.

“Its nothing, what can I offer you while I go in to dress up, she said.

“Just water, he replied.

“OK i’ll be back then, she said and left.

She returned later with the water and called her mom up.

“Mommy when will you be back? She asked.

“Soon, she replied.

“OK my friend is here and we wanted going out together so I said i should let you know first, Prisca said.

“Don’t worry I’ll be back soon, you can go, Her mom replied.

“OK thanks bye, Prisca said and began dressing up.

“So where are we going to? Prisca asked as Christian was driving.

“Somewhere far away a bit, don’t be scared okay I won’t sell you, Christian replied.

“You’re not serious, Prisca said but he kept looking at her.

“What’s on my face? She asked.

“I just love your smiles, it made me drive this far just to behold it, he said and she chuckled.

“Can you stop now, that was crazy, she said.

‘Love they say its crazy isn’t it? He asked and Prisca swallowed not knowing what to say.

“Common don’t tell me you’re a shy type, Christian said seeing her silence.

“You’re driving and you are not expected to talk, Prisca said.

“Which constitution says that? He asked.

“My constitution, you need to concentrate please, she replied.

“Yes ma, but know we are going to talk a lot when we arrive there okay, he said while Prisca rolled her eyes…………………..

“Let’s go out, Gideon said.

“No please I’m tired, Kemi replied.

“No I won’t take that, dress up we are going out, Gideon said.

“But to where? She asked.

“Haven’t you heard of this classic eatery opening today? I want us to witness it so hurry up, Gideon replied.

“Argghhhh but i don’t want to, Kemi said with a frown.

“Don’t keep me waiting, Gideon added checking out His clothes…………….

“Where is this place? Prisca asked when Christian stopped the car.

“Its beautiful right? Now let’s go in, he said holding her hands in.

The orders there wasn’t familiar to Prisca so she concentrated more feeding her eyes on people and someone walked in.

She looked more closely to be sure as they were directed to a seat.

“What’s the problem? Christian asked.

“That’s my friend husband, he’s going on a date with another woman and my friend isn’t with him, she replied.

“Common it may be business or so, Christian said.

“Look at them, do they look like business partners? Prisca seriously asked.

“Hey don’t take it too serious, it may not be what you’re thinking, Christian said.

“I’m sorry but i have to be sure about this, Prisca said getting up.

“Hey don’t do this please, Christian held her hand.

“Cheating detest me! For crying out loud its too early for this and its my friend we are talking about Here, Prisca said and left while Christian heaved covering his head.

“Hi nice to see you here, Prisca approached them.

“Hey nice too, Kemi said shaking hands with her.

“You act like you don’t know me, its me Prisca Debbie’s friend, she said.

“Yes any problem? Gideon asked and she scoffed.

“I don’t understand, are we quarrelling or something? Where’s my friend or isn’t she coming? Prisca asked.

“Look I don’t have such time for this, can you allow us enjoy this moment, Gideon said and Prisca smiled.

“As Debbie friend i demand to know where she is, does she knows you’re here chilling with another woman huh? Prisca asked.

“And who’s the another woman? Kemi asked.

“You want to hear that from me huh? Prisca asked facing her and Kemi bit her lips.

“Enough of this, I and Debbie are not married, are you okay now? Gideon shouted and Christian went close.

“You must be a joker, you got married just last Saturday and………. “And its over! Everything is over okay! Gideon cuts in and Prisca slapped him unexpectedly.

“How dare you! Kemi shouted and wanted to slap her back but Christian held her hand.

The officials there separated them as all eyes were fixed on the show going on, “I warned you not to hurt my friend seeing how fast and suspicious your ways are. What the hell did you do to my friend and where is she! Prisca shouted on him.

“Your friend was a bitch, don’t tell me you’re not aware of that too and everything that happened between us was nothing but fake so deal with it. Honey lets get out from here, Gideon said and left with Kemi.

“Damn you! Prisca screamed and Christian held her.

“Thats enough let’s go, Christian said taking her bag and left with her.

“That guy is a bastard, what did he do to my friend? Prisca said in the car breathing hard.

“You should have calm down Prisca, that was none of your business. Gosh you just gave me my first embarrassment, Christian said.

“I’m sorry but I……… “Next Time listen to me and try to resolve a problem without making a scene like you did, Christian angrily said.

“I’m sorry i couldn’t control myself when i saw that, its like it was happening to me, Prisca said in tears……….


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