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Episode 44.

“This is amazing… Sorry surprising in fact I don’t know what to say, Prisca said when Gideon was done..

“Debbie what are you going to do? Christian asked.

“What is there to be done? Right now I don’t know what to feel anymore, once upon a time I wish I had a father and I was told he was dead. I lived with that for years now only to see a turn up of miracle that he’s alive and……… “And he saved and rendered a big help to you, I think you should embrace the truth, Prisca said and Sandra slowly walked in..

“Welcome ma, Prisca and Christian greeted but she only nodded.

“Is anything wrong ma? Gideon asked seeing the weakness in her eyes.

“Are you done with the reuniting? When did he say he’s coming to take her? Sandra asked.

“Mommy what are you saying? Debbie asked.

“Haven’t you seen your father, what will be next? Won’t he want to claim you and take you away from me? Sandra asked.

“That can never happen ma. She’s not a child but a grown up lady, what right will he have to take her away from you or Gideon? Christian asked.

“Ma her father will only want to know her more and introduce her to his family, it doesn’t mean he is taking her away from you, that is not possible please don’t be scared, Gideon said.

“Are you sure? Because I always hear stories like that, Sandra said.

“Mommy will you believe anyone can snatch me like that? Debbie asked.

“Even if your father is rich and I’m poor? Sandra asked and Debbie tried to get up when she heard that but Prisca held her back..

“Are you poor? Because you don’t have mansions and big cars does that make you poor? I can’t remember when I went hungry or go naked, you supplied all of that and sent me to the higher institution single handedly. Now tell me can a poor mother do that? Mommy why are you saying this? Debbie asked but Sandra only shook her head with her eyes covered in tears.

“Ma he won’t dare take your daughter away from you, not when I’m here and a friend to this family, Christian assured her……………

The next day the doctor was checking Debbie and smiled nodding his head, “your speeding recovery is what I don’t understand. I think i know most recovery get faster when a patient is happy and relaxed with their loved ones, or what do you think? The doctor asked.

“I think so too, when I saw my loved ones around me, I felt I was already recovery though I was weak. Now I can’t wait to leave this place, Debbie replied.

“Sure you will and it will be very soon, is your husband not back yet? The doctor asked.

“He’s on his way I think, she replied.

“Please tell him I’ll love to see him, I want him to help me arrange some drugs with his uncle, The doctor said.

“Sure I’ll let him know when he comes, thank you doctor, Debbie said.

“Thank you, I’ll leave you for now, the doctor said and left and Debbie looked at Sandra who was still sleeping quietly.

“Mommy, mommy wake up its morning, she called out but she didn’t wake up.

Debbie heaved and threw her pillow on her, “what is it Debbie? Sandra murmured.

“When i told you to sleep early you were busy worrying and thinking, now its morning, Debbie said and Sandra heaved and got up looking at her.

“Good morning, the doctor said I’ll be out of here soon, Debbie said.

“I thought he will say tomorrow, wait let Me sleep small again, Sandra said and wanted to lie back.

“Mommy please na am feeling hungry o, Debbie said.

“Your husband is bringing food na, Sandra replied and the door opened which Gideon entered.

“Good morning ma, Gideon greeted.

“Welcome my dear, please keep her company I want to sleep, Sandra said.

“Don’t mind her o, she refused to sleep last night, Debbie told him..

“Is it your business? Sandra asked.

“Its okay honey, someone wants to see You, Gideon said.

“Now? Sandra asked.

“Who? Debbie asked too.

‘yes now and she’s outside, Gideon replied while Sandra sat up to see who it is.

The door opened and Veronica and Princess walked in, Debbie mouth flew open and she attempted to remove the drip on her hand so she can greet them..

“No-no don’t do that, how are you my dear? Veronica asked..

“Welcome ma, I was… I was… I… I… Yes I actually wanted to see you when I leave here to ask for forgiveness, Debbie said breathing hard.

“Debbie…….. “Please I am very sorry and I apologize for all the pains I put you through, I had no idea and was ignorant of everything please pardon me, Debbie cut Veronica short.

“Deborah its okay, I forgave you already and that’s why I’m here, Veronica said.

“You did? Thank you, thank you so much, Debbie said.

“You’re welcome darling and we also want to apologize for what we did to you too, Veronica said holding Princess hand.

“Yes that was my doing and then I thought it was the best. I’m sorry okay, Princess said.

“No I am not thinking about it anymore, yes I know i vomited some nonsense words out of my mouth in the plaza but that was the foolish me, Debbie replied.

“I’m glad everything is over now and Gideon told me you’re recovering, Veronica said.

“Yes i am, how is the baby? Debbie asked.

“Miracle is doing very well thank you, Veronica replied.

“So Gideon when is the main wedding coming up? Princess asked.

“I’m trying to see when my parent will come down for vacation, He replied.

“Hummmm let me give you an expo but don’t tell them i did. They are coming down ending of next month, Veronica replied.

“Seriously? They didn’t tell me anything like that, Gideon said.

“They wanted surprising you, She replied.

“Will it be fair if I also surprise them with a wedding invitation the next day after their arrival? Gideon asked.

“Don’t even try that, just give a call and let them know about this. I am very sure your parent will would love to take care of one or two things in it and also invite their friends to join in the celebration, Veronica replied.

“Anyway I’ll let them know, the time space isn’t bad right? Gideon asked.

“No it isn’t, we can do everything possible to make sure it become a success, Veronica replied smiling at Debbie who sat weak looking at them.

“You’ll make a beautiful bride my dear, Veronica said touching her chin and a tear dropped from her eyes.

“I don’t know what to say, Debbie whispered.

“You don’t need to say anything. This is your mom right? Veronica asked referring to Sandra.

“Yes I’m so sorry about that, Debbie replied nodding.

“Its a pleasure to see you ma, they said greeting her.

“Same here and i must recommend you for your good heart despite the past. Thank you so much, Sandra said.

“Its nothing ma, after all we will soon be in laws, Veronica said and they laughed.

The door opened and Frederick walked in, “good morning everybody, he greeted and gave a peck on the forehead of Debbie.

“Erm aunt, this is my father, Debbie introduced.

“Really? You’re welcome sir, it’s nice to see you, They said shaking hand with him..

“Thank you, Frederick said to them and turned smiling at Debbie, “you don’t know how you’ve made my day hearing you say that, thank you, he said………………….

Christian picked Prisca up at home early to his dad place again, getting there they met with Christian siblings complete and they were surprised to see them.

“Welcome bro, his siblings greeted while they looked at Prisca saying nothing.

“You saw me with someone right? Christian asked.

“Welcome, they sluggishly said.

“Thank you, she replied.

“Can i see daddy please? Christian asked and one nodded and left to call him.

Few minutes later his father was seen coming down and Prisca got up in respect, “good morning sir, Prisca greeted.

“What are you doing here again? He asked.

“That’s not why we are here, dad is it not enough? They should be the one to get mad at you and not you getting mad at them. Let’s end this enmity between us already, come to think of it, if anybody should ask you what’s the cause or reason for your hatred what will you say? Christian asked.

“That is none of your business! He shouted.

“Dad its my business because i am not happy with what is going on. I love her dad and we want this to end, Christian said.

“Over my dead body will you have anything to do with this girl, His dad sternly said.

“Watch your tongue dad, Christian said.

“I have spoken, if you know what’s good for you withdraw now its not too late, His Dad said.

“Can you at least tell us what we have done to you? Prisca asked.

“Go ask your mother, as you can see I was busy upstairs, He said and left immediately while Christian looked at Prisca.

“Did your mom tell you anything? He asked.

“No, she seems not to know why he hate us so much, Prisca replied.

‘We need to ask her and get to the bottom of this, this has to stop. Lets go, Christian said and left with Prisca………..


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