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Episode 42.

Prisca arrived home and met her mom in the kitchen, “you’re here? What’s wrong with your face? She asked.

“There’s something you need to know, can you drop what you are doing for now? Prisca asked and she nodded cleaning her hands on her clothes.

“Mom you should have wash your hand na, Prisca said.

“It doesn’t matter let’s go, She said going out of the kitchen to the sitting room.

“So what’s the matter? She asked when they sat down.

“Its about Christian, he’s the son of our landlord, Prisca said.

“You mean this landlord? Her mom asked.

“Mom the thorn in our flesh landlord, Prisca replied.

“You must be joking. I mean how can such a man have a kind and quiet son like Christian as a son? Its a lie, her mom said.

“He took me to his place himself and I saw him, I just left immediately. I’m so disappointed and heart broken now, Prisca said.

“Did he say no to the relationship? Her mom asked.

“Mom I left immediately I saw him, this relationship can’t work out, Prisca replied.

“Is that what Christian or his dad said to you? Her mom asked and Prisca was surprised.

“Are you really saying this? Prisca asked.

“Yes I am, Christian has nothing to do with this. He didn’t grow up with his dad but his late mom family, he wasn’t around when all of this happened. If eventually this relationship will lead to marriage, you won’t get married to that dubious man and I don’t see Christian as that kind of person that can be dribbled around if that is your fear. That man can’t do anything to you, Her mom said.

“So you mean? Prisca asked.

“You were wrong if you acted roughly or harshly out there. Christian loves you and you should respect that, her mom said and a car drove into the compound.

Prisca got up and peeped outside to see it was Christian, “its him, she said to her mom.

“Thats good then, her mom replied and they heard a knock on the door which Prisca mom opened up herself.

“Ah welcome, she said to him.

“Thank you ma, is Prisca home please? He asked.

“Yes she’s just at my back, she replied letting him in and he met Prisca standing folding her arms.

“I can’t believe you could do this, do you have any problem with me? Did i join in throwing your things out? If I’ve done anything bad to you in the past that i can’t remember just let me know and I’ll apologize, Christian said.

“Its not you but your dad, Prisca replied.

“But i am not my dad, will you punish me for his wrongs too? Christian asked.

“I didn’t want to have anything to do with that family and i held so much hatred for you guys, Prisca said.

“When you said you love me was that a lie? Because you are giving me a benefit of doubt here, Christian said.

“Why should I lie when i said i love you? She asked back.

“Then why are you ready to throw all of it away because of my dad mistake? How is that fair to me Prisca! Christian shouted.

“Please my son i apologize on her behalf, I’m sure she didn’t mean it, Prisca mom said touching him.

“No mom she did, her actions showed it when she bashed out of the door and shunned me outside. I just came to see your face probably for the last time and let you know i still care and I indeed loved you with everything in me. Have a good day, Christian said and left immediately while Prisca slowly sat down and burst out crying.

“I love him, I really do, Prisca said in tears.

“Now its not too late you better have a rethink. I forgave that man already now you should do same Prisca, stop what you are doing! Her mom shouted on her……………….

Gideon And Sandra arrived at the hospital and Debbie was surprised to see them, “so quick? She asked and attempted to sit down.

“Yes, thats because we didn’t see him, Sandra replied.

“Maybe he went for a meeting or so. Is it because of that your faces looks like Pounded okro? Debbie asked.

“Bia you are insulting us o. How can our face look like pounded okro? Sandra said and Debbie laughed.

“Sorry o, the doctor just left few minutes ago and he said am responding to the treatment, Debbie happily said.

“Thats good dear, Gideon said and the door opened.

“Oh here he is, welcome sir, Debbie said while Sandra stood surprised.

He went closer to Debbie and touched her forehead slowly saying nothing while she sat confused wondering why he’s doing that, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Frederick calmly said.

“Who are you and what do you want here? Sandra asked.

“Oh mommy he’s the person you were looking for. Sir this is my mom, she actually wanted to thank you for your kindness but you were not around, Debbie said introducing them.

“But we did met, why did you lie to her? Frederick asked Sandra.

“Sorry? Debbie asked confused and Gideon coughed when Sandra looked at him not knowing what to say.

“Looks like she doesn’t know yet, are you going to tell her or should i do that myself? Frederick asked Sandra.

“Please what is going on here, have you two met before? Debbie asked.

“Yes and I think she’s about to know everything now, maybe today is the right time after all. And don’t make it look am a terrible mother here, because it was all your fault, Sandra said facing him..

“How is it my fault? That you were pregnant without my knowledge? Frederick asked.

“Yes, that you impregnated Me and traveled without coming back till I gave birth. That you ruined my future and made me run away till date, that you made me take care of our child singlehandedly with no single help, and that you left and not even one day did you care to return back to that village to see the village girl you abandoned, Sandra said.

“I never left as you think, my time was up there and i had no idea you were pregnant, Frederick said.

“Can someone explain what is going on here now! Debbie shouted seeing the drama displaying before her and Sandra sniffed facing her.

“Sir Frederick you know who saved your life is your father, Sandra dropped..

“Wh…wh…wh…what is she saying? Debbie said chocked up as Gideon held her.

“How did it happen? You told Me he was dead! Debbie shouted.

“I’m sorry I had to tell you that because I couldn’t believe I will see him ever again. I know you Debbie, you would have made me empty this world to find him and I had to lie to you, Sandra said.

“How did it happen! Debbie shouted as tears streamed down her face.

“Debbie please can you calm, we will surely tell you everything, Frederick said and Gideon hugged her as she cried on him……

“I got admission at a very young age, at 22 I was already serving and that was where i met your mother in the secondary school i was posted to teach Economics. Your mother was a very bold and courageous young girl. One day, to her I made a mistake while marking her script in the test i gave the class and i scored her low. She bashed into the office and met me confronting me seriously why i should fail her and pass the rest. I was kind of surprised and wanted to react but then i fell in love with her actions and checked the script out again but found out i didn’t score her wrongly as she claimed. She actually failed the test and it wasn’t my fault, I had to sit her down and showed all her wrongs and that was how our love story started.

We became friends from there but my time there was already far spent. When i wanted leaving we had a little misunderstanding which my fellow colleagues then convinced me to forget about her and all of that. But i left a note and some cash to your best friend to give it to you, or didn’t you see it? Frederick asked and Sandra looked at him..

“What note and cash are you talking about? She asked……………


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