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Episode 39.

Prisca arrived and met Frederick in a confused state, “where are you coming back from and is Debbie with you? He asked.

“Debbie? I left her here a while ago. I went home to get refreshed, she replied.

“She isn’t here and I don’t understand why no one saw her when she left the hospital, Frederick replied and she entered the room to check it out herself.

“Whats wrong with this girl na, where could she be? Prisca asked and called her number but it was ringing there in the room.

The nurses came in to confirm if she’s back yet but Frederick stormed out of the room in anger while Prisca followed him behind.

Going out they saw a car drove in and Prisca quickly recongnised Gideon.

“That’s her husband, Prisca pointed and Frederick stopped.

Gideon came out hurriedly from the car to open the back seat and they approached him as they saw him carrying Debbie out.

“Debbie, Prisca called out.

“Please where’s her room? Gideon asked.

“Come in come in, Prisca said leading him inside.

The doctor arrived immediately to check her out as her breathing was high.

“What came over you to leave Debbie, do you want to die before your time? Prisca asked in tears.

“Please can everyone excuse me I need to concentrate, the doctor said and the nurses led everyone out.

Gideon stood quietly outside with his head bowed as Prisca looked angrily at him, “how did you end up bringing her here? She finally asked.

“She came to my place, I met her there. What happened to her? Gideon asked.

“Are you asking us that? Frederick asked.

“Don’t I have the right to know? Gideon asked.

“As her what? Prisca and Frederick coincidentally asked.

“Can i at least know what’s wrong with her? In case there’s anything I can do to help, let’s do this for her please, Gideon said.

“Did we say we won’t be able or we are not capable to help her? Excuse me, Frederick said and slowly left.

“Prisca I’m sorry okay, whatever I did I thought it was the best because i was hurt. She came to apologize to me and I am no demon to see her state of health and still be hardened, is there anything I need to do to help her out? Gideon asked while Prisca looked at him and heaved.

“Anyway she has a long name kind of sickness I can’t pronounce but with the doctor explanation I understand it to be a low platelet in her blood. The drugs the doctor prescribed need to be ordered cause its not in the country which it more very expensive to get. The man that just walked away now is the hotel manager, she lodged in his hotel on that night she attempted suicide and he has been a great help. But this Case now is what we don’t know how to begin because Debbie seriously need those drugs to begin her treatment, Prisca calmly explained.

“OK I have an uncle who is a doctor outside the country, I have to get in touch with him or better still make him speak with the doctor so they can arrange the drugs together. I’ll pay for everything, this is my little way to say I’m sorry, Gideon said and Prisca gasped looking at him.

She wanted saying something but the door opened, “how is she doctor? They asked as Frederick came nearer.

“She’s stable now, please in the name of God when she’s awake tell her not to stress herself. Its not good for her, the doctor said.

“We understand, thank you very much, Frederick said.

“Erm doctor can I please see you in your office? Gideon asked.

“OK let’s go, the doctor said leaving with him.

“What is he up to now? Frederick asked Prisca.

“Please that’s not important now, if he’s offering to help out in this case I won’t decline, Debbie needs every available help now and no one is an exception, Prisca replied and Frederick quietly got in to see Prisca…………………..

The next day Gideon arrived and at the hospital and met Debbie awake, “hi, he said going close to her and Debbie smiled.

“Thank you, she weakly said.

“No its nothing, thanks for letting me know about this but there is good news, Gideon said.

“Good news? Debbie asked.

“Your drugs has been ordered and it’ll be here in few days from now, Gideon replied and Prisca screamed jumping up and Frederick walked in.

“What’s going on here? He asked confused.

“Debbie drugs has been ordered, there’s hope now, Prisca replied and Frederick nodded saying nothing.

“I really don’t know what to say, Debbie whispered as tears gathered in her eyes.

“Shh you don’t need to say anything, now I want you to be strong and know that soon you’ll be out of here, Gideon said holding her hand and she smiled while Prisca looked at them shocked.

“Erm erm if you don’t mind am outside okay but I’ll be back, please take care of her, Prisca said and left and Frederick slowly followed behind too.

“Why did you do that? Gideon asked.

“Because there was nothing left for me anymore, she replied.

“But you have your mom and you have Prisca, Gideon said.

“I had a serious fight with Prisca and to my mom, I feel I was just a disgrace and shame to her. To me I felt it was best I leave rather than living to be a laughing stock to people around, she replied and Gideon sighed.

“Right now I don’t know what to feel anymore, once upon a time i was filled with hatred towards you, but then I held you when you fell, I saw the hurt and pains I’ve never seen in anyone eyes. If I inflicted you with that please I’m sorry, Gideon calmly said but she raised her hand touching him on his chin smiling.

“Its okay, it was nice meeting with you, if i didn’t maybe i wouldn’t have experienced something I’ve never felt before, she said.

“Is that when You said you love me? I thought you had malaria then, Gideon said and she laughed while he looked at her smiling.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, we can still be friends right? She asked.

“How are you sure about that? Gideon asked and kissed her.

“Maybe now i should also say that i love you too Debbie, if you’ll take me back, Gideon said and she looked speechless.

“We won’t have a fake relationship? She whispered as a tear dropped from her eyes.

“Will be a real marriage Now and your dream honey moon. Now I want you to get well soon so this will come to pass, Gideon replied hugging her…………..

“I think he’s coming back to get, what if she had died? Frederick said to Prisca and she looked at him.

“I noticed something yesterday, are you in love with Debbie? She asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? He asked.

“Urghhh yes I know you’ve done a lot sacrificing your time, money and everything for her and I know you mean well. But some things just can’t be, Prisca said.

“But he hurt her so much, he said.

“Yes he did, but Debbie heart is with him and it’ll be so difficult to make her love you. I’ll advice you forget about her, but You should be married by now na, Prisca said considering his age.

“Yes i am, but its not a crime to have two wives right? He asked and Prisca eyes bulged out.

“What!!! She shouted.


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