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Episode 4.

There in the hospital Veronica had to give birth prematurely.

She woke up from her unconsciousness to see her mother and her kids beside her, “mommy, her children called her then she remembered something.

“Where’s my baby? She lived right? Veronica asked touching her tummy.

“Yes he did, her mom replied.

“He? How? Veronica asked and the doctor walked in.

“How are you feeling now? Sorry I understand the night was stressful for you, the doctor said.

“How is my baby? She asked.

“In the incubator, don’t worry he’ll be fine, he replied.

“I don’t understand this he of a thing. I did a scan and I was told its a girl, Veronica said.

“But you gave birth to a baby boy, sometimes you know God always frustrate our knowledge and surprises us in most cases. I’ve seen a woman expecting a child give birth to twins, this things happens. Where is your husband? the doctor asked and Veronica burst out in tears.

“Erm doctor you can talk to me instead if there’s any problem. Forget about the husband, he’s dead, Veronica mother came in.

“Oh I’m so sorry for that, if so can I see you outside please, the doctor said and left with her mother.

“Mommy I’m sorry on behalf of daddy, her first daughter said.

“I’m sorry dear, but I don’t think I will forgive your father for what he has done to us. I will take care of you all by myself okay, she said touching her children.

“You mean we won’t see daddy again? Grandma said daddy is dead is it true? Her second daughter asked.

“Don’t think about it okay please, all will be well, Veronica said and the door opened and her best friend walked in.

Her children ran and hugged her, “how are you my sweethearts? Princess asked them.

“We are not sure, they replied.

“Its okay alright, she said going with them to Veronica on the bed.

“He did this to you because of that girl eh? Oh God why didn’t you let me show that girl a lesson the way I wanted to but you stopped me. Now just look at what they have done to you, Princess said.

“Princess its fine, I think it was meant to be this way, Veronica weakly said.

“So now she has succeeded in destroying your beautiful home right and all you can say it is meant to be that way? Princess asked.

‘My husband destroyed our home first. He abandoned our marriage vows when he found out i was carrying a 3rd female child, to him i was unable to give him male children. He called our lovely daughters prostitutes and was ready to kill me and my unborn baby because I confronted her. This marriage is over, he can have her for himself, Veronica said.

“No no no I won’t allow this. I mean for what na after all you two have been through? As long as I am concern I’ll make sure that brat will know no peace because i am going to give her a good place. She will pay for what she did to your home, Princess said and the doctor walked in with her mother.

“Doctor can i see my baby now? Veronica asked and a nurse walked in immediately with a wheel chair.

“Sure, We are here to take you there, but you have to use the wheel chair, the doctor said.

“I have no problem with that please, Veronica said and she was helped to sit on the wheel chair.

She was wheeled to the incubation room where her son was shown to her, “don’t worry he’s doing very good and he will be out soon, the doctor said seeing Veronica was crying already.

“Its okay friend, soon you will play with him, Princess said touching her and she nodded holding her daughters who was just smiling.

“Your brother is so handsome, Veronica said to them.

“Yes mommy his hands are very little, her first child said.

“And he’s very small, her second added and she smiled.

“You were looking like that too years ago, the doctor said…………….

The gateman informed Matthew of the hospital he took his wife to when he returned but he cared less.

“Will that make you leave your duty post for hours huh? Were you the one helping her in labour! Matthew shouted.

“Sorry sir but the girls were not able to do anything, I had to stay by to help in the running around and to be with your daughters before their grandmother came, the gateman said.

“Will you shut up your mouth and get out of my sight! Matthew shouted and he turned to leave.

“By the way what did she give birth to? Matthew stopped him and the gate man turned looking at him wondering if he should tell him the truth or keep shut because veronica mother commanded him to.

“Are you now dumb! He shouted.

‘Its a boy sir, though I was asked not to tell you, excuse me sire, the gateman said and left leaving him shocked.

The word “its a boy sir” sent cold shivers to his body and he felt his feet could no longer carry him.

He went inside thinking hard wondering what came over him when the action he did last night displayed before him.

“Oh Veronica will you ever forgive me! He shouted rubbing his head in worry and Debbie called on phone.

He hissed ignoring the calls but she kept calling……..

“What’s wrong with this man? He’s not picking up my calls, Debbie said but Prisca pretended like she didn’t hear that.

“I am talking to you Prisca, what’s wrong with him? Debbie asked shouting on her.

“Why are you asking me that? Am i also dating him? Prisca asked.

“He promised to see me at this time to apologize for what his wife did to me, but unlike him he’s not here yet and he’s ignoring my calls, Debbie complained.

“So you still need apology when you are to apologize to that woman instead? Please take me out from your affairs, deal with your problem because i am not a part of it, Prisca said and left the house…………..


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