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Episode 8.

“Don’t give me that look on your face, you called for it, Prisca bringing out the drugs she bought and kept it on the locker.

“Really? Why always me? Debbie asked and she looked at her and smiled, she brought out the fruits salad she did and gave it to her,

“I remember you told me not to take the relationship personal saying you are just having fun and you can’t possibly fall in love with him or marry him, what are you thinking? Don’t tell me you fell in love with him? Prisca asked..

“Yea yea you think its that easy huh? Debbie asked and Prisca burst out laughing.

“That wasn’t funny at all, but thinking about Matthew dumping me in such a condition without having pity on me sucks, Debbie said.

“You are lucky he didn’t dump you without conscience, he paid for the hospital bills and I still have balance left which I will hand everything to you, Prisca said.

“He paid for the bills just to shut my mouth up so I won’t go after his wife when she’s the cause of all this, Debbie said.

“You’re crazy girl, his wife is equally in the hospital, she gave birth to a male child now you see the reason why he dumped you. Forget about this man, you almost destroyed his home and you should be glad you survived this because any women can react to it, Prisca said.

“Point of correction, I didn’t do anything. He destroyed his home himself, Debbie said..

“Fine let’s say he did, now he’s gone get over it and forget about him Deborah! Prisca shouted.

“Whatever, Debbie said eating and her phone beeped.

Prisca checked it out and saw it was a alert, “that should be my goodbye message right? Debbie asked.

“I think it is, Prisca said giving her the phone.

“This will push me far anyway, finally its all over, Debbie said.

“Sure it is, now don’t be stupid again to run after sugar daddies, you may get unlucky to meet the pepper daddies, Prisca said and Debbie laughed.

“But it was fun right? One thing I know is I must get married to a rich guy, Debbie said winking at Prisca who shook her head.

“Then imagine girls running after him too, Prisca said.

“He can’t do that, Debbie said and scoffed.

“Anyway your family will be coming down today, I informed them about what happened, Prisca said.

“What! Why did you? In fact call them back and tell them I’m fine, Debbie said.

“They have the right to know, Prisca said.

“Know what? What will I tell them? Please call them back ooo! Debbie shouted.

Prisca heaved and dialed her mom number, “let me talk to them myself, Debbie said getting the phone from her as the phone was ringing.

“My daughter how are you? We are on the way coming, Debbie mom said on phone and Debbie rolled her eyes giving Prisca a big five on her face.

“Mommy good morning, Debbie said.

“Deborah is that you? How are you? Don’t worry we are coming to see you, her mom shouted.

“Mommy don’t worry yourself I’m fine. Prisca was just scared but don’t worry yourself about it, Debbie said.

“No I won’t accept, you were beaten till coma and you are telling me this, I am already on my way there, see you soon bye, Her mom said and dropped the call while Debbie looked at Prisca surprised who was busy smiling.

“I was beaten till coma? Debbie asked.

“Of course, it was obvious, Prisca replied laughing.

“Prisca you know how my mom behaves na, she’ll start bombarding me with questions that will give me fever, Debbie said and a nurse walked in.

“Start taking your drugs now so you’ll have the strength to answer her questions, Prisca said handing the drugs over to the nurse.

“Was she able to eat anything? The nurse asked.

“Only fruits, but can she eat any thing heavy? Prisca asked.

“She wasn’t operated, if she can eat then its fine, the nurse replied.

“I don’t think I can, my head still hurts, Debbie said.

“You were hit on the head but don’t worry you’ll be fine, the nurse said giving Debbie her Tablets………………..

Matthew asked the gateman to take him to the hospital where Veronica is, “are you sure this is a good idea sir? The Gate man asked.

“What do you want me to do? Fold my hands and see my family leave me without doing anything? Matthew shouted frustrated.

“Your wife mother, you know she’s a mad woman and who knows if those bouncers will be kept there to protect them against you, The gateman said.

“I don’t care, she is still my wife and I have every right to see her else I’ll cause a scene there, Matthew said and the gateman nodded………….

They got to the hospital and Joy, his first daughter sighted him entering the hospital.

“Aunty that is daddy coming, Joy said to Princess pointing at him..

“Daddy! Marvel, his second daughter shouted seeing his father which Princess quickly covered her mouth and took the kids out of there.

“what’s the problem? Veronica asked seeing the way Princess hurried got in with the kids and locked the door behind her.

“Daddy is here, Joy replied and Veronica eyes bulged out.

“What is he doing here? Veronica asked.

“Mommy I want to see my daddy, I want to see my daddy please, Marvel cried making Veronica weak which Princess looked at her wondering what her decision will be…………………

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