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Episode 41

Christian stormed into the house and met his father seated with his leg crossed, “daddy what just happened? He asked.

“Are you asking me that? And who is that disrespectful being you brought into my house? He asked.

“That’s my girlfriend I wanted introducing to you and with her action it shows she knows you somewhere which I want to know where and how, Christian replied.

“Go ask her yourself, am to big for some rubbish, His dad said and left upstairs while Christian looked at his younger brother.

“I know you know her or will you hide it from Me too? He asked and he shook his head.

“She was our tenant, daddy use to lock them outside on different occasions, he replied.

“He used to do what! Christian shouted and stormed up to confront his father…………

Prisca arrived at the hospital and her mood was so obvious that something is not right.

“What’s the problem my daughter? Sandra asked surprised but Prisca was quiet with a moody look.

“Sis where is Christian? What did he do or what’s wrong please talk to us na, Debbie came in.

“Remember that wicked landlord who do disgrace and lock my family out? Prisca asked.

“Yes yes, what about him? Debbie asked.

“Gosh! Debbie you know how I hate that people, in fact everything about that family I detest and i……… “Calm down please, but your family isn’t there anymore na or did he chase your family again in this new apartment? Debbie cut in.

“Christian is his son, prisca dropped and Debbie eyes bulged out.

“Hey prisca, was he among when all this was going on? Sandra asked.

“Ma I hate them, she replied.

“But he is innocent, he has shown you true love and has nothing to do with all his father did to you, Sandra said.

“Ma you don’t expect me to go into that family as a wife and a daughter in law to that devilish man. Ma he is dubious! Prisca shouted.

“So you’ll throw the true love away? Are you getting married to his father and what did he say about this? Gideon came in..

“See eh, none of you understand. Even my mom won’t let this relationship continue, seriously this can’t work out, Prisca said.

“Prisca not too fast na abeg, Debbie calmly said.

“I have to go now, I just passed straight from there, my mom need to know about this, Prisca said taking her bag.

“Prisca, Debbie called but she left without looking back while everyone sat confused.

“What do you think? Is christian not good enough for her? Sandra asked.

“Ma he’s a good man, I just hope they get to resolve this differences, Gideon replied and Debbie heaved.

“When I am here happy that she has finally met someone, now this, Debbie sadly said.

“If they are meant to be I think there will be a way out. Eh eh that man that helped my daughter out, I want to see him at least to say thank you, Sandra said.

“Mommy don’t go, when I leave here I will personally see him myself, Debbie said.

“No I want to see him first, then when you leave here we will go see him together. We can’t wait till you leave here na, thats not how things are done, Sandra insisted.

“OK ma I’ll take you there myself, Gideon came in when Debbie wanted saying something.

“So can we go today? I just want to say thank you for saving her life, you two won’t understand the type of emotional breakdown I would have been going through if he didn’t stepped in, Sandra said and Gideon looked at Debbie who just rolled her eyes.

“So who will be with Me now? She asked.

“We won’t stay long na haba, Sandra replied.

“Its okay, honey remind me of that hotel again, Gideon said to Debbie………….

Minutes later they arrive at the hotel and met with the receptionist, “sorry is the manager in? Gideon asked.

“Do you have a meeting with him please? She replied.

“Actually no but its a friendly visit. Remember the case of an attempted suicide? We are her Family and we are here to say thank you, Gideon replied.

“Oh that, actually he just entered, I’ll be right back, She said and left while Sandra just looked around.

“So somebody cannot visit somebody again without plenty English? She asked and Gideon smiled.

“She has to take the permission from the boss, courtesy demands that, Gideon replied.

“Ah ah another English, she said with a smirk and the receptionist was seen coming back.

‘OK you can see him, she said.

“Thank you, Gideon said and led the way for Sandra.

He knocked once and opened up, “good afternoon sir and thanks for accepting to see us, Gideon said but he noticed Frederick wasn’t looking at him. He followed his gaze and saw Sandra stood in shock with her mouth open,

“What’s going on here please? Gideon asked.

“Sandra?Is that really you? Frederick asked taking off his glasses and she began to cough.

“Do you know her? Ma what’s wrong? Gideon asked Golding her.

“Please take me out of here immediately before i faint, Sandra weakly said.

“No no please don’t go, Frederick said and wanted to come closer but she ran out which Gideon followed her behind.

She stopped at Gideon car breathing hard as tears gathered in her eyes, “who did you say that man Is? Sandra asked.

“That is the man who saved Debbie, now what’s wrong? Gideon asked and she burst out crying..

“That is Debbie father, what kind of thing is this na, Sandra said throwing her hands up.

“Debbie what? I thought you said he died? Gideon asked.

“What do you want me to say? If I had say he is alive where would i have find him to show to Debbie knowing how she is, Sandra replied and they turned to see Frederick looking at them.

“Get me out of here, Sandra said and got into the car while Gideon just looked at him for a while saying nothing and drove off.

“Please don’t let her know about this, Sandra said on the way.

“Ma she’s 25, and a grown up adult and she has the right to know, Gideon replied.

“Hey God you know Debbie na, she’s a questioner and radio without battery on her own, please na at least not now, Sandra said.

“But you will let her know right? Gideon asked and she nodded………………


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