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Episode 38.

Frederick took the slip from the doctor and looked at it, he looked at the doctor again with a confused face, “sorry I don’t understand what is written down here, he said and the doctor laughed..

“I see how anxious and scared you are so I decided to give it to you knowing you’ll not understand the medical terms there. Actually I suspected cancer but I was wrong, the doctor replied.

“Did you just say cancer? Debbie gasped.

“No I didn’t say you Have cancer, it was diagnosed you’re suffering from Thrombocytopenia, the doctor replied.

“Jesus! Prisca exclaimed as everyone sat blank not knowing what such grammar means.

“Wait Prisca did he just say am going to die? Debbie asked confused.

“Doctor please can you break it down? Everyone here is totally thrown off feet, Frederick said and he smiled.

“Ok here is it, People with thrombocytopenia have diminished platelets count in the blood.

Platelets are blood cells which help for clotting process.

In her case she is lucky because it wasn’t the Severe thrombocytopenia which causes excessive bleeding.

Thrombocytopenia occurs when there is no enough production of blood cells in the bone marrow as in leukemia, lymphoma, aplastic anemia and some anemic conditions which may be influenced by so many factors.

In her case i think the excessive drugs she took made the platelet low in her blood, the doctor explained.

“OK whats the remedy to this Trombocibocety.

………. “Thrombocytopenia rather, the doctor cut in.

“OK whatever, how can we resolve this? Christian continued.

“Well the treatment depends on the cause and severity of the patient condition.

Medicines are the first course of treatment and I have to make some prescription of drugs to increase her platelets which are corticosteroids. These can be given through a vein or by mouth. One example of this type of medicine is prednisone.

Some immunoglobulin or medicines like rituximab will be prescribed also to suppress her immune system which it can be given through a vein also. Other medicines such as eltrombopag or romiplostim, will be prescribed to help her body make more platelets. But if her condition doesn’t get any better with the drugs, she’ll have to undergo a splenectomy, the doctor said.

“Please what is that? Frederick asked.

“Its a surgery to remove the spleen, but I hope it won’t get to that point because hers is not that severe. For the drugs you’ll get, I’ll write down all of it for you when I get to my office, the doctor said but Debbie was already in tears.

“Hey what are you doing? Prisca asked holding her.

“I can’t take this anymore, Debbie replied.

“Stop it, the drugs will make you well I’m sure of that, Prisca said.

“Did you hear all of it? The names already shows how costly it is how will I get or afford such money? Debbie asked.

“Can you just concentrate on how you’ll get well first, Frederick said to her.

“Erm doctor about the drugs, is it costly? Christian asked.

“I’m afraid it is, and I’ll suggest we tackle it quick now its still mild so the drugs will replace all the toxic in her blood before it gets severe. I have to go now, The doctor said and left while they looked at Debbie as she shed tears on Prisca…………………..

There in the office Gideon friends visited and met him covering his head on his table, “guy I hope all is well? Charles asked as they sat down looking at him while Gideon cleaned his eyes.

“Sorry I must have slept off, how are you guys doing? Gideon replied.

“We are good, they said still looking at Gideon in a way he understood what that means.

“Yes I know she must have told you guys something, spare me that look and tell me what I should offer you, Gideon said.

“We are not here to drink. How are you feeling? Golden asked.

“Trust me when i say I’m fine okay, very fine for that matter, Gideon replied.

“Are you sure? Because its obvious you’re not fine. But Kemi was right, you are married to that girl no matter how you turn and twist it, Charles said.

“Oh really? Should I go get the bride price back so I’ll know we are traditionally divorced huh? Gideon asked.

“Leave this thing guy, rushing into marriage now is like you leaving a club on time, guy relax o enjoyment still dey ground plenty, Charles said.

“Now that’s the point, so stop pestering me with this she’s your wife bullshit or Kemi, Gideon said and they laughedm

“Cheer up guy, no make that thing disturb you too much, leave women now enjoy life, Golden said.

“Yea yea nice encouragement. So you guys meant it when you say you won’t take anything? Gideon asked.

“Enough drinking go dey this evening sha. We were thinking you’ll be on the way to your honey moon but it looks like it wont happen, Charles said with a smirk and Gideon smiled.

“You’re just a trouble maker and I get the invitation okay, what’s the time? Gideon asked.

“Eh eh now you’re talking, 9pm on the dot. Come and flex out your single hood away, Charles said laughing at him and Gideon shook his head.

“I’ll be there okay. Now if you two will let me, i have to finish this work so I’ll rest and get there on time, Gideon said.

“Yes your majesty, see you later, They said getting up.

“Thank you bye, Gideon said and they left.

“Crazy people, Gideon muttered smiling……………

Christian already left for his work but promised to support in Debbie treatment. Frederick was called for an emergency which he had to leave too but promised to be back leaving Debbie with Prisca.

“You’re tired, go home and refresh okay I’ll be fine, Debbie said.

“No i won’t leave you here alone, Prisca said.

“Who says you are leaving me? You just want to get refreshed and you’ll be back. Remember you are menstruating, now go, Debbie insisted.

“OK you win, but I’ll be back soon okay, Prisca said.

“I’m feeling sleepy already so i won’t feel it, Debbie replied.

“erm can i take your luggage with me home? Prisca asked seeing her bags that was kept at a corner.

“No it’ll be too stressful for you now. When Frederick comes back he can help you carry it with his car, Debbie replied.

“Ok then take care, bye, Prisca said taking her bag and left too.

Debbie stood up from the bed and staggered to her bag taking off the patient dress she wore and dressed on something simple.

She put on a face cap and left the hospital.

Gideon arrived home and saw someone sat outside his door, he alighted from the car without killing the engine and went near.

“Who are you? he asked but she tried to get up but fell down which he quickly held her.

“Debbie? he called out when the cap she wore fell.

“I came to say I’m sorry before i leave this world, I may not have the opportunity to say this. Please forgive me, Debbie said with her breathing high.

“What happened to you? Gideon asked seeing how pale and light she was.

“Its a.. Its a… Debbie said and began to cough.

“Do you need water? Wait here I’ll get you water from the car, Gideon said and hurriedly brought the water giving her to drink.

“I have to go back to the hospital, my friends will be worried about me, but please i hope you’ve forgiven me, Debbie said and Gideon looked speechless.

“I’m sorry too, I didn’t know it’s going to get to this, Gideon whispered.

“Its okay, I’ve learnt my lessons and i sincerely want to speak to your aunt. I understand now how she was feeling, please help me tell her to forgive me, Debbie weakly said.

“Enough, I’ll take you back to the hospital Now, Gideon said carrying her in his arms……………


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