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Episode 29.

Princess has been quiet for quite a lot of time saying nothing to anybody after she was made conscious.

Her mother in law was just lost for words as she couldn’t believe the whole turn up of the story and was so ashamed to talk to her.

“Baby you eat na, you’ve not said anything for hours now and you’re making us scared, Veronica said keeping a tray of food in front of her but Princess only shook her head.

“Do you know you are carrying a baby? What’s all this? Her Pastor asked but Princess sniffed and Desmond walked in.

“Honey you haven’t eaten yet? He asked sitting close to her but she didn’t respond.

“What are we going to do now? I don’t know if this is part of shock or what I don’t understand, Veronica said.

“Just let her be, she’ll come around tomorrow. But please don’t forget to eat I’m begging you, I’ll take my leave now, Her pastor said but she still said nothing.

“I’ll drop you off please, thanks for everything, Desmond said and escorted him out.

“Honey you know I have to go now, I left my kids for hours and i have to be there, Veronica said but she only nodded.

“Please try and eat okay, I’ll check up on you tomorrow, Veronica said and slowly left too while Princess laid on the bed shedding tears………………..

Gideon called Kemi up to meet him somewhere as he drove out.

Reaching there he helped himself with some bottles of alcohols as he waited for her.

Few minutes later she arrived and sat down facing him saying nothing.

“How are you feeling? I didn’t see you there why? He asked.

“See me where? So I can watch you exchange vows with another lady? She asked.

“Are we still talking about this? He asked.

“Yes Gideon and we will continue to talk about this. How will your parents reacts when they hear of this? Kemi asked.

“Kemi please don’t start, there’s no big deal in this, he said.

“Yes there is, this revenge is just too far and serious for carrying out loud please end this already! Kemi shouted.

“I won’t not until she learns her lesson, do you know how much I hate her? Don’t worry this will be over soon and I didn’t call you here to talk about Debbie but us. Let’s go home, he said.

“Home? Which home? Kemi asked.

“Your house of course, I just want to make her suffer, Gideon replied.

“Oh please I wont be part of this revenge stuff okay, just take me out of this, Kemi said.

“Okay find I’ll go home then to my wife, looks like you don’t miss me and you don’t mind if I’ll spend the night with her. You know what that means right? Gideon asked.

“But this is not fair, this is not fair at all, Kemi said as Gideon phone was ringing and it was Debbie calling.

“Common let’s go home, he said holding Kemi up……………..

The next day Gideon arrived home and the face Debbie gave him when she opened the door was terrible, “where did you go to all night? She asked immediately.

“Excuse me? Why should you know of my every movement? He asked.

“Can you listen to yourself? What’s the meaning of all this Gideon? For Christ sake we just got married and its expected we should spend the night together as man and wife but you left me all at home to where? Gideon to where! She shouted.

“Now this should be the first and the last time you will ever raise your voice on me, don’t try that next time! I can do whatever I want and I can sleep wherever I want and you have no right to question me. Who cares about marriage and who says ill be held bondage in it either? Was that part of the vows? Gideon shouted back.

“I can’t believe its you saying this to me, what has come over you? I mean What happened to you? Debbie asked with tears in her eyes.

“Oh let’s just say you never knew me, that’s the main reason you should get to know someone before you rush to say yes I do. That’s your mistake so live with it, excuse me, Gideon said and left for the room leaving Debbie looking at him mouth open.

“No no no, that wasn’t the man I married, Jesus no! Debbie screamed out.

Minutes later Gideon came out refreshed and dressed up ready to go out, “don’t tell me you’re leaving again? She asked getting up from where she sat.

“Looks like you are blind, as you can I am already on my way out, he replied.

“But but its a Sunday and I thought we should go out together, she said.

“Go out to where? He asked.

“To church of course, she replied and he scoffed.

“Do i look like a church fan? Wait so you go to church? He asked.

“Why are you behaving like this? You’re making me scared already please just tell me the wrong I’ve done and I’ll apologize. Don’t do this to me I’m begging you, Debbie said.

“Deborah, you are married to me just as you wanted, isn’t that enough? Please I have no time for this okay, see you later, he said and wanted to leave.

“But can you at least take your breakfast? I quickly got that prepared……….. “I’ve already eaten okay thanks, he cut her short and left and a tear dropped from her eyes.

“Who is doing this to me? Which village people is responsible for this nah! Debbie shouted and thought of informing her mom about this but then she remembered her mom already washed her hands and legs off every business in her marriage. She thought of calling Prisca but got ashamed she may laugh at her, she ended up crying to herself thinking of what to do.

“But he loves me, I was sure of that now what is going on? She asked herself…………….

Gideon arrived at his friend place and they all cheered at him when he entered, “guy I tap in this your marriage grace o. But how was the night, you been hammer well ba? I no say you go hammer wicked wicked, Charles said laughing.

“Hammer what! I went to my babe rather and did the real deal, the idiot was there expecting me at home in the name of man and wife rubbish, Gideon replied.

“Eiya i can feel her pain, Daniel replied.

“Whatever. But Daniel priest fit you die o, I didn’t know you have the calling o, Gideon said and they burst out laughing.

“Me sef weak when i saw myself on the rope. You know my staying with a priest was not a waste na, at least it served a purpose, Daniel replied.

“You guys really tried well for me, everything looked perfect for the idiot. Her shock has not started yet, i am waiting for her to remind me of the Dubai honey moon, Gideon said and they burst out laughing.

“Your father by now will be wondering which university of wickedness you graduated from, Golden said………


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