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Episode 36.

Kemi got into the house with full rage throwing her purse on the couch.

“I’m so sorry for that okay, Gideon calmly said.

“Oh be sorry for yourself Gideon, did you enjoy the show? Was the slap in public by a lady pleasant for your coward act huh! Kemi shouted.

“I just said I’m sorry okay, I know its embarrassing but i take the blame, Gideon said.

“Of course it was embarrassing especially to me because you caused all of this! I was called the other woman Gideon do you know what that means! I warned you didn’t i? Now look at it, Kemi said throwing her hand up.

“So what do you want me to do now? She’s just mad and hurt I did that to her best friend that’s all which her anger is understood. You didn’t expect me to lay my hand too on her right? Gideon asked and she scoffed.

“Like you didn’t do that to Debbie, she replied.

“OK fine Its over now right? Can you please calm down and stop pacing around, Gideon said and held her but she beat his hand off.

“Take your filthy hands from me! She shouted, took her purse and left the house while Gideon watched mouth opened…………….

Debbie was awake when a call came on her phone, she felt dizzy as she laid weakly on the bed and the phone rang again.

“Who’s calling? She said weakly to herself as she couldn’t stretch out her hand to take it.

“She’s not picking up, or is she still mad at me? Prisca asked her mom worried pacing around after Christian dropped her off.

“Can you calm down please, you’re making me scared already, her mom said.

“No mom you don’t understand, first time I’ve seen Debbie in love, yes I know she loves money but the love she had for that coward was real I mean it. Who knows how she’s feeling now, Prisca said calling her number again..

Debbie tried stretching again but suddenly felt like throwing up.

She fell from the bed and the drip stand fell too making a sound and a nurse who just passed by heard it and entered.

“What’s wrong with You? The nurse asked holding her up but Debbie was only shaking her head.

“Wait wait wait, the nurse said taking off the drip from her and kept the drip stand well.

“I feel like throwing up, Debbie said when the nurse tried helping her up.

“Its just the effect of the drugs but don’t worry you’ll be fine, the nurse said.

“I feel lonely here, Debbie said when she was helped to the bed.

“Where’s your family? She asked.

“Family? Its a long story. Can I please have my phone, its on the locker, Debbie said and she gave it to her.

“Thank you, Debbie said to her.

‘Please just take your rest, you almost hurt yourself and its not good for you okay, the nurse said and Debbie nodded.

“Thanks and good night, she replied.

“Night dear see you tomorrow, the nurse said and left.

Debbie checked to see who was calling and was surprised to see it was Prisca.

“Prisca? She gasped calling her name and the phone rang in her hand which she sluggishly picked up.

“Hello Debbie can you hear me? Prisca asked.

“Yes good evening, Debbie said.

“Good evening friend, I know you’re still mad at me but I’m sorry okay. Where are you? Prisca asked.

“Did you just call me friend after all I did to you? What kind of heart do you have Prisca please tell me, Debbie said with tears gatherings in her eyes.

“No matter what happens Debbie you’re my friend and I value what ever we share. Can I see you tomorrow please? Prisca asked.

“Honestly where I am now I need you, I need someone to talk to, Debbie said.

“Debbie what’s wrong? I don’t understand why are you crying and where are you? Prisca asked.

“I’m in the hospital because I attempted suicide, luckily I survived but I’m still here, Debbie said.

“Oh my God! Which hospital is that! Prisca shouted……………….

The next day Debbie opened her eyes slowly and felt someone was holding her hand, she looked and saw Prisca smiling at her.

“Prisca? She said and started coughing.

“Hey are you okay? Should i call the doctor? Prisca asked holding her.

“No I’ll be fine, thanks for coming, Debbie said holding her hand.

“Why did You Debbie? was it because of him?Prisca asked.

“Him who? Debbie asked.

“OK where is your husband or is he on his way? Prisca asked and the door opened.

“Oh she’s awake, that’s nice, Frederick said approaching them.

“Morning Beauty, this must be the Prisca I do hear of huh? Frederick asked replying the greeting of Prisca.

“I’m still yet to understand why she’s here, Prisca said sitting down seriously looking at her.

‘I’m sure you know by now, Debbie said.

“I know by now? Prisca asked and Debbie began to cough again and they held her.

“When did this start? Frederick asked.

“This morning, she replied.

“I’ll go bring the doctor okay, Frederick said and left.

“Debbie who is he? Prisca asked.

“He’s the hotel manager, he took me here half dead and paid for everything. Trust me when I say I don’t know him from anywhere, Debbie replied.

“That’s by the way, but what devilish thought suggested suicide to you? And how did this happen? Prisca asked.

“I was never married Prisca, everything was fake. The priest, his parents and the love he showed to me was all fake, Debbie said.

“What! So you’re trying to say the ring and your marital status is also fake? Prisca asked.

“Sis the only real thing was the indoor traditional marriage he did, the rest was all fake,Debbie replied.

“That bastard! We need to sue him for this! Prisca shouted.

“I don’t think its necessary. Remember that woman that came to our place pregnant? Thats his aunt and he was getting back at me for everything i did to her home. Honestly sis I felt it, I was hurt when i saw him going out with another lady. On our wedding night he didn’t touch me and he barely stays at home for even a hour. I was frustrated and blamed you, I’m so sorry and ashamed of myself now Prisca. I should have listened to you and my mom, but you both were right about this, I’m so sorry please forgive me, Debbie said and burst out crying and Prisca hugged her.

“That’s enough, you need to live and correct your mistakes, suicide won’t help you do that, prisca said and Debbie began to cough again more seriously and the doctor walked in with Frederik just in time.

“I was afraid about this but i have to be sure first, the doctor said.

“About what doctor? Please do something about her condition, this coughing is getting more serious, Prisca said.

“The result will be out this afternoon, I already did some test on her which i still have to examine her. But for now get this drugs for her, the doctor said writing something and gave it to Frederick.

“Can We see outside please, Frederik said to the doctor.

“Sure why not, the doctor said and they left the room.

“I know you are hiding something from me doctor, please what are you suspecting? Frederik asked and the doctor heaved.

“I am suspecting cancer but i have to be certain first that’s why i’m waiting for the result, the doctor replied and Frederick eyes bulged out.

“Cancer? No that can’t be, It can’t be it, Frederick said.

“You don’t need to be scared, she can be operated anyway depending on the nature of the cancer and drugs will be given to her too to bring down the effect. She can survive with that cancer same way people with HIV are still living, the doctor replied.

“No i won’t take this, it can’t be, Frederik said shaking his head.

“I have to go now, the doctor said tapping him on his shoulder and left…………….


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