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Episode 37.

Frederick walked into the room and saw prisca hugging Debbie, “what did the doctor say? Prisca asked when she saw him.

“Erm nothing, I’ll go get the drugs now, Frederick said and left.

“You’ll be fine okay, is your mom aware of this? Prisca asked.

“No please she can’t know, it won’t be good for her, Debbie replied.

“I understand and you have to get well soon if not she’ll notice it, Prisca said and Debbie was touching her chest.

“What’s wrong? Prisca asked.

“Heat, I’m feeling heat, she replied.

“Heat? I’ll on the fan, Prisca said.

“Its inside of me, i mean its burning inside in a way I can’t explain, Debbie said and Prisca stopped looking at her.

“Heat is burning in you? Ah should I call the doctor back? Prisca asked.

“No no when he comes back I’ll let him know and besides the result is not out yet, Debbie said.

“Let me just switch on the fan for you, it’ll help, Prisca said and her phone began to ring, she checked and saw it was Christian calling.

“Hello good morning, she picked up.

“I’m sorry about yesterday, he said immediately.

“No I should be the one apologizing and your anger was understood, Prisca replied.

“Where are you now? He asked.

“I’m with my friend, she’s sick, she replied.

“Sick? Are you at home with her? He asked.

“No we are in the hospital, she replied.

“Which hospital is that? I’ll meet you both there, Christian said…………….

Gideon went to Kemi place to check on her after she ignored his calls the whole night.

She opened up for him without saying a word as he got in, “what’s wrong baby? Gideon asked.

“What is wrong here? She asked.

“Common stop this, I apologized didn’t I? Gideon asked.

“So if you did? Will it change the fact that I am the other woman? She asked.

“What are you saying? How many times will i tell you that……….. “Everything is fake! Isn’t that what you’ve been saying and what you want to say? Or have you forgotten you did a real traditional marriage which is the real marriage? Fuck the church wedding you messed up, you paid her bride price and that makes her your wife! Kemi shouted.

“Enough of this Kemi, its no longer funny, Gideon said.

“Is it? Go back to your wife, she said facing him and he scoffed.

“Are you okay upstairs? He asked and she smiled..

“You were not okay yourself when you played such foolish game without thinking twice. This relationship is over, I can’t continue in this anymore, Kemi said and Gideon just looked at her shaking his head.

“Its over right? He asked.

“Yes it is, maybe this time is for real, she replied.

“Thanks for making it official now, suit yourself, Gideon said and left before she could say anything………….

Gideon drove straight to his aunt house and helped himself with a bottle of wine while Veronica sat quietly looking at him.

“Hey whats wrong with you? She spoke out when he was about taking the 3rd glass of wine.

“I just want to drink aunt, he said but she got the glass from him and took the bottle away.

“Now speak up what’s troubling you? She seriously asked.

“Its over between I and Kemi now, he replied.

“I thought it was already over? Don’t tell me she was there when you went ahead with the wedding, Veronica said.

“Actually she wasn’t there when I thought about it, but she surfaced anyway and I welcomed her back, now what? He asked.

“Are you asking me that? I should be the one to ask that, She said and he heaved.

“Well she said I should go back to my wife, he said.

“Did you send your wife away? She asked and he nodded.

“I did it for her, everything maltreatment I gave to her was for Kemi because i wanted to be with her, he replied.

“Why did you mess up your life this way because of me? Why should you even carry on with such an idea of getting married to someone you don’t love, Veronica said.

“Aunt I only wanted to teach her a lesson, he replied.

“But it was too far, she said.

“But our union was not blessed or was it? Whatever happened in the traditional marriage was just me giving her mother a gift because she’s a good person. In my own sense of view that wasn’t a bride price, Gideon said and she heaved.

“So now what? You’re neither a boyfriend or a husband, are you happy now? Alcohol won’t solve your problem and you know it, Veronica said.

“I never said it will, I’m not hurt but just angry. So aunt will you expect me to take that lady for a wife? He asked.

“Who am I to make a decision for you? She’s not my concern anymore, as long as my marriage and family is complete and fine I’m very okay, she said.

“Oh aunt I have to go to the office now. Single guy has a lot to do, Gideon said and she smiled.

“Next time listen to me when I tell you to forget about something and don’t be too hard on yourself okay, Veronica said touching him.

“Aunty don’t mind me am fine, see you later, Gideon said giving her a peck and left……………..

“So you think this friendship or relationship is getting too serious huh? Debbie asked after Prisca told her about Christian..

“Ermmm what do you think? Prisca asked.

“With your tone i think you are already saying yes if he will ask you out. Hey please say yes okay, Debbie said and Prisca laughed.

“Oh Debbie please how did you know that? Prisca asked..

Frederick entered with the nurse and met the ladies seriously discussing.

“You’re back? Welcome, they chorused together.

“Yep thank you, he replied and Prisca phone began to ring.

“I think he’s here, I’ll be back, Prisca said to Debbie.

“Owk, Debbie said smiling and Prisca left.

“Who is here? Frederick asked Debbie.

“Prisca friend, she replied.

“Oh, he said nodding and she smiled.

“You thought it was him right? You know he won’t even come here when I’m already a forgotten being to him, Debbie said.

“Please don’t start, sit up and take your drugs, Frederick said.

Minutes later Christian walked in with Prisca and he shook hand with Frederick there.

“You’re welcome, Frederick said to him..

“Thank you. How are feeling beauty? Christian asked Debbie.

“I’m fine thank you, she replied.

“Erm sir, when you left she complained of heat on her chest, why is that? Prisca asked Frederik.

“Heat? Is that why the fan was put on the highest level? Frederick asked.

“Yes i thought it will help, though she’s not feeling it anymore, She replied.

“Let’s just wait for the result and hope its going to be positive. Debbie I hope you won’t catch cold with this because its gonna be a added problem, Frederick said.

“Please put it off, Debbie replied and the doctor walked in.

“Welcome doctor, they all greeted.

“Yea thank you, I’m glad to see full house, the doctor said and Debbie smiled

“I think its a relief on its own, Debbie replied.

“Ahh yes it is, the result is out, the doctor said.

“And? Frederick asked sitting seriously looking at the doctor face but the doctor handed over the slip to him………..


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