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Episode 33

She stopped a cab and traced Gideon parents house.

Reaching there the gateman came out asking who she is and she noticed its a different guy who opened the gate for them last.

“I was here last 3 weeks ago with my husband, can I go in? She asked.

“3 weeks ago? Nobody been dey house. Oga been travel abroad with madam, then me go holiday for village, the gateman said.

“What are you saying? Open the gate I’m the daughter in law of this house and I want to greet them, Debbie said and the gateman looked at her well.

“Madam o, the daughter in law of this house all na oyibo them marry and they no dey here at all sef. If you see them eh, they fine fresh die, very sweet oyibo girls. So where your own daughter in law comot from? Abeg check the next gate no be here, the gateman said and locked the gate before she could say anything.

Debbie stood there for a while not knowing what to do, breaking down in tears will be a shameful thing so she got back home.

She walked drained into the house and met Gideon watching a live match which he didn’t notice her presence.

She stood by the door leaning her head looking at him with tears running down her eyes, Gideon turned and was surprised to see her there.

“Did you get hooked by the door? And lest I forget, did you go to the office to get your flask or what? Gideon asked.

“What have I ever done to you? Tell me what I did that called for this frustrations, tell me Gideon were we really married? Debbie asked.

“What are you talking about? He asked and she went a little closer.

“I went to the church today and guess what, you didn’t invite any of the priest. And guess what again, you told them our wedding was canceled, now who officiated our wedding? Debbie asked.

“What’s bringing……… “Now you stop it and tell Me the truth because I am just coming back from your parents house. I was told everyone traveled there last 3 weeks ago but we were there right? You’re the only child of your parents right? But little wonder there have daughters in-laws who are all white and residing outside the country. What else are you keeping away from me Gideon? What have I done to you? Debbie asked with a shaking lips.

“Are you hurt? I didn’t know you’ll be this smart this soon to find out but I’m glad you did. Yes all of this is true miss researcher, none of the priests came. And also those are not my parents, you’re shocked right? That was the same shock I had when you almost destroyed Kingsley and drained him to the last, that wasn’t enough you came into the home of my aunty I love so much. Do you know the nights my aunty cries longing for the presence of her husband but he was right there in the web of your hold. Did you pity her? Did you even pity her condition? What did you do when she finally approaches you telling you to stay clear from her husband, what was your response to her? And oh didn’t you call her husband up reporting her to him? You made my aunt almost lost her life and that of her baby that night, did you have sympathy at all for her?

You know the essence of marriage yet you broke another up, were you expecting yours to be joyful??

Your friend Prisca was sensible because I approached her so I can use her to get to you, little did I know you were very cheap and easy to get.

You fell without thinking twice and you didn’t respect or listen to your mother, to you she was foolish and didn’t wish you well. Do you think any reasonable and responsible man will see that and take you as a wife? And don’t think I didn’t know about your miscarriage, you’re a big No for me! Deborah, consider this as my simple way of getting back at you and making you feel the pains of how my aunty felt.

You are so smart honestly because i wasn’t expecting it this soon, Gideon said while Debbie stood with her face bathed with tears and her legs shaking.

“So… So… So you mean? I mean what are you trying to……….”we are not married! Everything is fake and nothing but fake. The only real thing was the traditional marriage which I had to make it real just to compensate your poor mother for having a daughter like you, let her take the money and everything as a gift because she tried her best to show you the light but you were foolishly blind. Now since the cat has been let out of the bag, pack your filthy things and leave my house. I’m sure you have enough gist to tell your friends, Gideon said and Debbie fell on her knees holding his legs.

“Please don’t do this to me I beg you, please I’m sorry I’m very sorry, Debbie cried out.

“Sorry for what? All I see is you being scared that your friends will mock you that’s all, because the Debbie I know is heartless and only cares about herself, Gideon said.

“No please, I sincerely love you from my heart yes I do. Its not all about the money……… “And I sincerely and deeply love another who is just by the side waiting i end this game. That’s why I did a hidden wedding making my friends as the priest and made you sign a fake certificate that is not valid. Deborah the game is over and somehow I feel satisfied seeing the hurt in your eyes, its just the same way I do see it in the eyes of my aunt and her little kids. You deserve no pity Debbie and I want you out of my house before I get back, Gideon said taking his car keys.

“No please I’m sorry! Have mercy I beg you, Debbie cried out.

“Don’t let me see you when i get back, sure you wont like what I’ll do, Gideon shouted and she laid weakly on the floor when he slammed the door behind……………

Prisca couldn’t go to school again after what Debbie did, she laid on the bed all day not believing all that happened between herself and Debbie and suddenly decide to visit her mom to ease off some thought.

Going to the road she saw Christian coming smiling at her, “hi, we meet again, he said but she only nodded.

“Yes, please excuse me, she said and was about to walk away but he held her back.

“You don’t look good what’s wrong? Don’t worry you can talk to me, he calmly said and she shook her head.

“I think i should talk to my mom first about it, she replied.

“Look dear, whatever is the case don’t let it get to you this much. If your Mom will ease you from this mood thats fine but I’ll drop you off and please don’t decline, Christian said..

“You really don’t want to give up huh? She said.

“No I won’t, I want that smile back on your face cause it really made my day. Now can we go? He asked showing the way.

“Are we gonna trek? She asked.

“I parked my car down there, i was actually looking for you since you said your house isn’t far, he said as they strolled together.

“Do you really have to do that? Anyway thanks for your help, she said.

“Your welcome and i just hope soon I’ll be the one you’ll come to when you’re down. Anytime I’ll be always there for you, Christian said and Prisca was speechless……………..

It was getting dark and Debbie knew Gideon meant what he said, she cried her eyes out and what made it worst was she couldn’t call or go to anyone to cry to.

She weakly arranged her bags and left the house with a broken heart.

She stopped by a pharmacy and bought some drugs, took a cab and stopped at a hotel to spend the night there.

She sat weakly on the bed staring into space, took her hand bag bringing out the drugs, poured all of it in her palms and gulped it down and she felt like crying again..

“Its over Debbie, everything is over now. Its Better you die and let everyone be at rest, I’m so sorry Mommy please forgive me, Debbie murmured with her lips shaking lips and laid on the bed closing her eyes tight………….


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