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Episode 34….

Prisca didn’t say a word to her mom after she arrived at her place, her mom knowing her too well didn’t bother to disturb her.

A call came on her phone and she saw It was Christian calling, “hello good morning, she picked up.

“Good morning sleeping beauty, I know you’re just getting up from sleep right? He asked.

“Erm yes, my phone was on silence and i just got to see your missed calls, sorry about that, she said.

“Its nothing, I hope you’re fine now right? He asked.

“Being that way isn’t good at all, I just feel hurt that’s all but I’m better now, she said.

“That good to hear, I hope I’ll see you today right? He asked.

“Today? I was thinking of leaving tomorrow, she said.

“That’s no problem dear, just cheer up and be good okay, he said.

‘Okay thanks, Prisca replied.

“You’re welcome, I’ll talk to you later okay, bye, Christian said and Her mom walked in.

“Bye then, she replied and dropped the call.

“The guy of yesterday right? Her mom asked.

“Yes mom, he’s name is Christian, Prisca replied reminding her but she was just looking at Prisca.

“Mommy what is it na? I know what you’re thinking o but he’s just a friend and beside we met just yesterday, Prisca said.

“You met just yesterday still doesn’t matter, remember Debbie that got married just like a joke, her mom said and Prisca was surprised to hear that.

“Seriously mom? What are you trying to say now? Prisca asker.

“No you misunderstood me, I was only trying to say sometimes the people we just met turns out to be the real and genuine friends, you can never tell. Honey i didn’t say you should just throw yourself on them when they come okay, you should understand, her mom said touching her hair.

“I think i understand now, Prisca replied.

“Good, now lets forget about this Christian guy, what’s eating you up? She asked and Prisca heaved.

“I and Debbie had a serious clash yesterday and I’m just feeling bad because of the words we spilled to ourselves. I seriously didn’t want to say all of that, Prisca said.

“Its alright, so is that why you were that sad and sober? I know its not your fault things came up that way so don’t be too hard on yourself, her Mom said.

“Mom i value friendship. yes I know Debbie is not perfect, she has her bad and flaws but I can’t write her off yet just because of her bad sides. I still see and appreciate the good in her and she’s still my friend, this her husband of a person is just a threat to our friendship and I don’t understand what’s going on anymore, Prisca said.

“Calm down okay, I know you two will resolve this soon, no be today Una fight start, her mom said smiling and Prisca smiled at that.

“Thats through sha, I’ll just let her blood go down first then talk to her, Prisca said.

“That’s my girl, now let’s go because I’m beginning to feel hungry o, her mom said.

“Okay I’ll join you soon, I’ll just rush and get refreshed, Prisca said.

“OK I’ll be waiting, her mom said and left………..


Debbie saw herself in the hospital and wondered how she got there, she tried sitting up but a nurse asked her to calm down.

“Who took me here? Debbie asked as she remembered what she did at the hotel.

“I did, what made you try to commit suicide? A man asked.

“Its none of your business, Debbie flared up.

“Its my business because its my hotel, and I have an explanation to make about how it happened. If you really wanted to die should it be in my hotel? That’s so cruel of you, the man said and Debbie was quiet.

“Fine you should have thrown me outside, why bring me here? I never wanted to wake up is this realm don’t you understand! Debbie shouted.

“This is not good for you okay, the effects of the drugs you took is still in you. Stressing yourself at this point won’t do you any good, a nurse said.

“What if I say I don’t care! I don’t need this on my body just get me out of here! Debbie shouted removing the drips on her body which they held her.

“Will you stop this! Do you really think suicide is the best answer for whatever you’re going through now? Please stop it, the man said as she was struggling with him.

“You don’t understand anything okay, its over for me, Debbie said with tears streaming down her eyes.

“Can you leave us for a moment please, the man said to the nurses.

“I’ll inform the doctor about this, a nurse said and they left.

“Can I know your name please? The man asked.

“It doesn’t matter, she replied and he heaved looking at her.

“I really see you’re so hurt and ready to give up, can you please let me know what’s eating you up? I can help you, the man said.

“Please just stop this, I don’t need any of this now. Telling you my problems won’t change or reverse what has already happened, she said.

“But you can make amends. Killing yourself is a act of a coward and no one will respect you for that, no matter what has happened what is expected of you is stand strong and face it. Come out strong and better and make a change, running away from it won’t solve the problem one bit, the man said.

“Solve what problem? What’s there to solve anywhere when I’m the one that lose here, she said.

“That is why you need to tell me what happened, from there I’ll know where I can come in to help you, he said but she sniffed tightening her lips as tears kept pouring out.

The doctor entered immediately, “I heard she’s awake and already talking impressive, the doctor said coming close to them.

“Yea though she’s having difficulties here, but I’m sure she’ll be fine, the man said but she only remained quiet.

“Are you feeling any pains? The doctor asked.

“I don’t know the pains you are talking about, I want to leave this place, she said and the doctor looked at her.

“Look at the time, you’ve been unconscious for the past 3 hours, now you’re awake and you’re thinking of going, Don’t you know the drug effect is still in you? The doctor asked.

“Erm doctor please ignore what she just said, the man came in.

“That I’ll do, the doctor said checking her eyes and did some test on her.

“Anyway she’ll be fine, she just need a lot of rest, the doctor said.

“Thank you doctor, the man said.

“Its nothing, the nurses will attend to you okay, the doctor said but she said nothing to him as she sat with a straight face.

“OK where did we stop? The man asked after the doctor left.

“Just leave me alone I need to rest, she said.

“Dear this won’t help, I know you wish you had a listening ear to hear you pour out your problems, I am offering that to you please don’t reject it, the man said but she only shook her head.

“Trust me when I say its no use now, she said.

“I insist, just give it a try, the man said and she heaved telling him all that happened.

“Now you see I’ve lost it all, I can’t stand the shame out there, in fact i am already a subject of mockery, Debbie concluded.

“That was wickedness, I mean he can’t do that to you, the man said.

“But come to think of it I deserve it, every bit of it and that makes me more shattered. I’ve never been this way before, I think my cup was just filled and this is my punishment, she replied.

“Why are you running away from your punishment then? No you are wrong now, you were to stand and face the truth. Yes you did so many wrong things and has hurt a lot of people feelings, you are to make it right and try to undo some of the things you’ve done. You can’t change the past I know but you can do something about the future and the present which is now. Debbie I see you as a strong lady and I know you can do this, the man said.

“No please i can’t, where will I start from? Is it from my mom, Prisca or who? Debbie asked.

“Start from anybody you see first, stand and admit your wrongs boldly without fear. Yes they will laugh or mock at you but it doesn’t matter anymore, strive for a better you and you’ll see their mouth will be shut for life, The man said.

‘Oh no that looks impossible……… “No you are going to do this and if you need my help I’ll give it out in anyway I can, the man said holding her hand and she slowly nodded.

“Now we are going to make a call to your family, the man said.

“No no, I don’t want them to hear about this, i will visit them myself, she said.

“Now can you forget about that guy, nothing good will come out if you keep thinking about him. You know he was just like a mirage, you need to move on, the man said and she covered her head on her palm……………….


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