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Episode 32.

“Gideon, Gideon I won’t accept this, isn’t it too early to start cheating on me? And why should you cheat on me, am i not attractive enough? Debbie shouted following him behind.

“Will you just leave me alone! And who cares about your insecurities or haven’t you snatched a husband before? Gideon dropped and her eyes bulged out.

“What did you just say? She asked.

“Just get out, Gideon said and wanted to go.

“Who told you that? She insisted but he only gave her a stern look, “let me be, he said and left while Debbie looked scared.

“How did he know about this? Did Prisca told him this because I saw her talking to him on the day of our wedding. She must have told him this that’s why he suddenly changed his attitude towards me, Debbie said in her heart as she stood swelling in anger for Prisca……………

The next day Prisca was just on the road to go to school when a car passed and splashed water on her, “oh my God! She exclaimed and the car stopped.

A guy came out and quickly apologized to her, “please use this to get a new wear, he said giving her cash while she shook her head.

“Its just water not mud, I’ll go change up don’t worry, Prisca said.

“Are you sure about that? OK can I drop you off at home then? He asked.

“My house is just a stone stroll away, don’t worry, Prisca replied.

“I’m so sorry okay, I didn’t see the water there please, he said.

“Its fine okay, I have to go now, Prisca said.

“Christian, i mean my name is Christian, he said and she smiled nodding her head.

“Prisca, she said.

“Nice to meet you, and I’ll hope I’ll see you again, he said.

“If only you won’t splash water on me, she said and he smiled.

“I’ll prefer splashing you with roses, what do You think? He asked and she smiled.

“OK Christian I have to go now, she said.

“Bye Prisca and I’m so sorry for that again, I’ll be careful next time, he said.

“That’s good to hear, bye, Prisca said and walked away while he returned to his car and drove off smiling.

She arrived home and heaved still not believing she’s still smiling, “get over it Prisca you may not see him again. But what if I get to see him again? I’m already liking him… Urgh he’s just too cool, Prisca talked to herself in the room while changing up and she heard a knock on the door.

“Who’s there? Prisca asked and opened up and Debbie walked in with an angry look.

“What’s wrong? Prisca asked but got a slap from her as a reply which Prisca returned it back immediately.

“How dare you! What has come over you? Prisca shouted on her.

“It is you i should ask that you home breaker! What did you tell my husband about me! Debbie shouted.

“Are you mad? Sorry have you reached the final height of your madness? What rubbish question is this and what will I tell your husband about you? Prisca asked.

“Oh just shut up and spare me those pretense! I saw you talking to my husband on the day of my wedding which has made my husband totally change towards me. Was it me that ask you to send him away when he approached you first? What kind of jealousy is this Prisca! Debbie shouted and Prisca scoffed.

“If you think I am jealous of you then you must be joking, by the way your so called husband wasn’t attractive to me that’s why I pushed him away and you desperate and cheap bitch gladly accepted him. Yes we talked but I was only congratulating which he said thank you and walked away, did you see us together for even a minute? And oh so the whole intelligent, hot and sΒ£xy Debbie is having issues in marriage huh in just 2 days? So interesting, Prisca mocked.

“Now look here, don’t think this is over. If I get to know you have something to do with my problems, you wont like it Prisca that’s a promise, Debbie said pointing her finger on Prisca.

“Now if you’re done crying get out, Prisca said opening the door wide for her.

“Like you can pay the rent, broke dumb ass bitch, Debbie dropped and left while Prisca closed the door immediately.

“Damn you Debbie! Prisca said angrily……….

That afternoon Debbie went back to Gideon office, she saw a lady outside and wondered if she has missed his office.

“Sorry ma looking for someone? The lady asked.

“I don’t understand, I was here yesterday and this development…………. “Sorry I was given this position this morning. So are you here for Mr Gideon? The lady cut in.

“Yes he’s my husband, Debbie said and wanted to go in but she stopped her.

“Sorry you can’t just go in like that and last I checked he’s still single and he’s out with his fiancee. So what wife are you talking about? The lady asked getting up and Debbie ears began to get heavy.

She held the lady shirt immediately, “what nonsense did you just say! She shouted.

“Security! The lady shouted and passers by separated them. The lady quickly made a call and 2 men on uniform approached them.

“Can you please escort this fraudster outside, she’s making a scene here, she said.

“Looks like you are mad, I am Gideon wife don’t you dare touch me! We got married just last Saturday, Debbie said and they looked at her shaking their head.

“You’re mistaken here, Gideon can’t get married without inviting us so can you please take your leave now, A man said and the securities led her out.

Reaching the house Debbie developed severe headache as her eyes was burning up with tears when she thought of the embarrassment she was given out there.

“No Debbie this can’t be you, the priest must hear this, she said and left the house immediately.

Reaching the church she met with a priest there telling him her problems which he carefully listened.

“Sorry to ask, when was your wedding? The priest asked.

“Just last Saturday, she replied.

“And we officiated it? Because i remember your husband came here telling us the wedding was canceled. So when did we officiate the wedding? The priest asked.

” no father you must be mistaken. 2 priests were present that day on my wedding, I was joined at the beach so what are you saying? Debbie asked.

“I am so so sorry, I think you should go ask your husband which priest he invited for the wedding, the priest said and another father walked in.

“Or is he the one? The priest asked and Debbie shook his head.

“OK wait here, I’ll bring you a photograph, the priest said and got in while Debbie looked with her mouth open..

He came out shortly with a photograph, “is any of the priest here? He asked but Debbie just looked speechless.

And he heaved “I really don’t know what to say now, what do you think? The priest asked but she slowly got up from where she sat.

“Hey just take it easy okay and don’t forget to pray, may God be with you, the priest said but she only nodded and slowly walked away.

Strolling out many thoughts came on her head, “he refused inviting his colleagues, he told the priest the wedding was cancelled and made the service in the beach saying the priest approved of It when its not true. what is really going on? Why is this happening to me? Debbie thought trying to control her tears……………


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