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Episode 27.

The next day which was a Saturday, Debbie woke Prisca up with the knock on the door, “won’t it be better if you’ll pack your loads and stay there instead? Prisca asked immediately she opened up.

“Sure and that will be soon. Tell me you are not missing me already, Debbie said.

“Whatever, Prisca said and she saw Debbie going to the wardrobe.

“You’re leaving again? She asked.

“Yes, I’ll be seeing my in-laws today. They kind of stay far so we have to be there early enough, Debbie replied.

“Oh I see, good for you, Prisca said.

“Yea you can say that again. Hope you’ve eaten? Debbie asked.

“That shouldn’t be your worry, Prisca replied.

“Sure that’s right. Alright bye and take care, Debbie said after taking what she came for.

“Lock the door behind you thank you, Prisca said…………….

Driving there Debbie sat nervous, “can you calm down please, why are you this nervous? Gideon asked.

“Will you blame me? I just hope they will like me, she replied.

“Do they have a choice? He asked.

“OK I’ll try to be calm, is it still far? She asked.

“We’ll be there soon don’t worry, he said…….

Few minutes later they arrived at a gate and horned, the gateman peeped and opened up letting them in.

“Wow this is big, she gasped looking around.

“Really? Let’s go in, he said holding her hand in.

A woman came down from the stairs smiling at them, “finally he visits, she said as Gideon hugged her.

“Good morning mom, Gideon said.

“Good morning ma, nice to see you, Debbie asked.

“Morning, nice to see you too, she said and they sat down.

“So where’s dad? Gideon asked.

“He travelled, but he’ll be back today. What should i offer you? She asked.

“No mom we are fine, they replied.

“If you say so, who is your guest here? She asked.

“Actually that’s why I’m here. We will be getting married soon and my guest here is by name Deborah, He replied.

“Getting married? Like seriously? She asked.

“Yes mom, that’s why I came to introduce her to you and dad, Gideon said and the door opened.

They turned and saw a man entered which he stood up with Debbie, “welcome dad, he greeted.

“Thank you and what a surprise, you didn’t tell us you are coming, the man said.

“Sorry you know I love surprising people, Gideon said.

“Yes indeed he came with lot of surprises. He will be getting married to her soon, the woman came in.

“Getting married? This is serious, let me have my seat first, the man said sitting down..

“Sorry but I don’t know her, he said.

“Yes dad but you know I and Kemi is done, Gideon replied.

“And how long have you known her? The man asked.

“Dad does it matter? I just know she’s mine and I see no need for procrastination, Gideon replied.

“Young lady how are you? The man asked.

“I’m fine sir thank you, Debbie replied.

“I can see that. What’s your name? He asked.

“Deborah sir, she replied.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful lady, he said.

“Thank you, she replied smiling.

“You’re welcome. So how soon is the wedding? The man asked.

“Its gonna be soon dad. I was estimating it to be in 1 month time, Gideon replied.

“1 month? The woman asked.

“Yes I see nothing wrong with that. But you see that time won’t be favourable for me, I have a business trip in Paris i have to attend to, the man said.

“Sir you won’t make it? Debbie asked.

“It depends if the time will be rescheduled on my behalf. If its in the next 3 weeks I think its fine by me, The man said.

“Common 3 weeks its too short for a wedding, his wife came in.

“I see nothing too difficult in wedding and you know i am a simple and straight forward human being. What’s there getting a priest to bless them? If the church is occupied then we can use the beach, invite our few friends and families and the wedding is done, what’s there? The man asked.

“Dad I agree with you, doing it on the beach makes it more relaxing and simple rather than drawing crowds for nothing but I don’t know if she will see reason with us, Gideon said referring to Debbie.

“Deborah are you that kind of woman who wants her wedding to get to the headlines and the top of the town? A simple wedding will not make your home less but it looks more matured truth be told. So what do you think? The man asked.

“Actually sir I don’t have a large family or people who can make a crowd, what matters is I’ll be married to him and its fine by me, She replied.

“Now you’re talking. I’ll make arrangements for everything to be done in three weeks time. Have you seen her family yet? The man asked.

“Yea I was expecting the list today. By tomorrow I’ll be there to get the list, Gideon replied.

“That’s good, make sure you do the right thing, the man said.

“OK you just arrived and entered the table of wedding committee, come take your bath and have something to eat please, his wife said and he laughed.

“What should i do na? I’ll be back please, the man said and went upstairs with his wife…………..

“Honey i feel like screaming out loud, I never believed they will easily like and accept me the way they did, Debbie said as they drove back home.

“That’s why I told you not to worry, he replied.

“But there’s a problem, how will I get my aso ebi within weeks? How many will be able to afford it and also the bridal train won’t they complain its too soon? Debbie asked and Gideon smiled shaking his head.

“What’s the use of an aso ebi? the way you ladies take wedding to be a big deal is quite surprising, he said.

“Honey not that way but my friends will…….. “I don’t care about them. They should also get married and waste a lot of money feeding people and throwing it around for a day thing, I really don’t care. Its gonna be simple and they can’t change the fact that you’re married to me, didn’t you say that’s what matters? He asked.

“Alright fine. But who is this Kemi? Debbie asked and he rolled his eyes.

“Please don’t start, I’ve never asked anything about your past or have I? He replied.

“I know but……. “Now that’s my past, let’s live in the present and concentrate on the future, Gideon cuts in.

“Do you love me? Debbie asked.

“Debbie please why all this? He asked.

“Because you’ve never told me that, she replied.

“Really? Doesn’t my action tells you more? Is it really by words? Gideon asked and she swallowed……….


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