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Episode 28.

3 weeks later……..

Gideon insisted he wanted an indoor traditional wedding, “I don’t understand, why all this hiding is the money not there? Debbie asked.

“Is the money really there? Is there no life after your dream wedding? If I should spend it all to give you that flamboyant wedding you want, hope you’ll like it if you’ll stay hungry? Gideon asked.

“That’s not possible, I refuse to believe this, Debbie said with a frown.

“Fine, then add your money. I am only doing what I can after all there will be a honey moon, do you know where we will be spending it? Gideon asked.

“Come to think of it, I’ve never asked you about it. Where is that? She asked.

“You see, you were only busy satisfying people eyes forgetting about yourself. We’ll be doing it at Dubai, he replied and her eyes bulged out.

“Wait wait, so you mean I’ll be out of this country, like me Deborah will be at Dubai for my honey moon right? She asked.

“Simple English, Gideon replied and she screamed hugging him.

“You’re a darling, now I know why you are making everything nice and simple. Thank you, she said kissing him.

“That’s better, now don’t question my decision again, its all for our good, Gideon said and she nodded.

2 days later the traditional wedding was carried out indoor while the next day was the church wedding which was carried out on the beach.

It was a simple one with less people who attended which Debbie didn’t bother, after all her honey moon will be at Dubai.

On their wedding day Veronica visited Princess who finally returned back to her husband place.

“I thought you’ll be at Gideon wedding today, Princess said and Veronica sighed which Princess burst out laughing.

“I really don’t know what’s wrong with that boy, he’s just wasting money for nothing and his parents are not even aware of this madness, Veronica replied.

“Hmm I pity that girl o, with all the mouth she always running she’ll be meeting the real deal with Gideon. I am beginning to wonder how devastated she’ll be when it gets to her notice that all of that was fake, Princess replied.

“That girl is dumb and is stupid when money is involved, don’t tell me she didn’t see the green light warning her but she chose to ignore. I wish her a happy married life but not our type abeg, Veronica said and Princess laughed and suddenly felt like throwing up.

“Is there a problem? Veronica asked seeing the way she behaved but Princess ran inside instead which Veronica confusedly followed her.

“You’re throwing up? When did this start? Veronica asked feeling her neck.

“This morning, I woke up with it and pains around my waist, Princess replied.

“Really? Veronica asked looking at her making Princess more worried.

“Is there a problem sis? Princess asked.

“Let’s go, Veronica said holding her hand and they drove out together.

They arrived at a hospital and Princess smiled at that, “sis you always worry too much, I’m sure its nothing serious, Princess said.

“I didn’t say so, oya let’s go in, Veronica said opening the door.

Getting in Veronica whispered something into the doctor ears, “is it possible we will get the result today? Veronica asked loud.

“Yes but not immediately, he replied and a nurse approached them.

“OK ma go with her, the doctor said to Princess who confusedly went with the nurse blank.

“What if it doesn’t come out positive? Don’t get your hope too high, the doctor said to Veronica.

“Doctor I am very sure it is the one, I’m a mother myself remember, She replied.

“Well the result will say it all, the doctor said.

“Can you please do me a favour to call telling me the result? We won’t stay to get it, Veronica said.

“Alright I’ll do that, the doctor replied………………

That afternoon Veronica was at home preparing lunch for her kids when a call came on her phone, “yes doctor good afternoon, she picked up.

“Afternoon ma, the result of the test is out. And yes you were right, she’s 1 month pregnant. You can drop by to get the result yourself, the doctor dropped and Veronica let go of her phone as her eyes welled up with tears.

“Congrats my love, you need to hear this, Veronica said and hurriedly left the house…………..

Though Rachel was put in jail, Desmond parents still didn’t like the idea of him not taking another lady for a wife.

For a while Princess thought that case was over but Desmond mom visited that afternoon bringing it up again which Desmond objected her decision.

“I won’t make that mistake again mom, that mistake almost killed my loving wife and i won’t risk it anymore. Mom I’ll adopt a child for ourselves, Desmond dropped and his mom angrily looked at him.

“Like you are impotent or something? She asked.

“My wife isn’t barren too, we both are medically sound what do you want us to do? Desmond asked and they heard a horn at the gate.

“I won’t tolerate any visitor now that we are having such an important discussion now, his mom said.

“Mom there’s nothing to talk about here, I can’t bring in another woman into this house I’m sorry, Desmond said and she angrily looked at Princess who was quiet all this while.

“Is that all you’ve been feeding my son with? Are you not ashamed of yourself you’ll be adopting a child when your mates are giving birth? She asked.

“Mom that’s enough please, you have to respect my wife, Desmond said.

“will you shut up! How dare you talk to me that way because of this thing! His mom shouted.

“Erm excuse me ma, I’ll go meet my friend outside, princess said and left immediately with her eyes full with tears.

She ran out and met Veronica coming out of her car but she fell on her shoulders shedding tears.

“Hey what’s wrong? Veronica held her back.

“My frustrations are back, I thought I had escaped it for a while Now. Sometimes I wish my mom was still alive…….”hey hey hey just hold it there, let’s go in, Veronica said and held her inside and met Desmond arguing with his mother.

“Sorry for interrupting, but i come with good news here just like the angel did to Mary. Enough calling my friend a barren woman, she’s carrying a baby! Veronica dropped bringing out the test result for all to see.

Desmond got it from her and saw it was positive and he looked at Princess who stood shock.

“Honey you’re carrying a baby? You mean you are pregnant? Desmond asked with tears in his eyes and Princess fainted…………………

That evening Debbie and Gideon got in,

“Finally honey its over, we are married now! She shouted when they got home.

“Yes we are, Gideon said going to the room with a sad look.

“What’s wrong? You don’t look happy why? She asked.

“I am just tired that’s all, in fact I’ll be back, there’s something I need to check, he said and went out immediately before Debbie could say anything.

“Oh my God what’s this? What’s the meaning of this? Gideon! She shouted but he drove his car out……………


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