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Episode 31.

“Did you just slap me? Gideon did you just slap me! Debbie shouted holding her cheek.

“And I’ll do it again and again! What will you say that you left the house without cooking and returned drunk, what kind of a slut are you! Gideon shouted back.

“Now you are the slut here. Where were you on the night of our wedding and where have you been all day? She asked.

“How is that your business? I am the man of this house and I married you, its not your place to question me or do whatever you like. I need my food prepared this minute, Gideon said and stormed inside while tears rushed out of Debbie eyes.

“Seriously, did I really sign for this too? Its Just 1 day Debbie, just one day, she said to herself and left to the kitchen………….

The next day Debbie woke up on the sofa and saw Gideon already dressed up, “don’t tell me you’re going to work? I thought you’re on leave, she said.

“Excuse me? Leave for what? He asked.

“A break of course for us, what about our honey moon? She asked and he burst out laughing.

“Honey what? I have no time for that shit, he replied dressing his tie.

“Wait a minute, you don’t have time for what? You promised a honey moon remember! She shouted and he looked at her sternly.

“What is your problem Deborah? You are married and thats all I can do for you. I know you are only concerned about rich men and all this honey moon shit, take a flight and go there if you want. I am adding no dime in it okay, Gideon said.

“Wait wait wait, why are treating me this way? It is expected we should go somewhere at least. I already told my friends you promised to take me to Dubai that’s why we have a simple wedding and they are looking forward to see me there any time soon. Okay even if we can’t go there, can we just leave this place for a while please, She said holding him with pleading eyes.

“Dear Deborah, I have a lot to do here and I can’t leave. I once told you I don’t care about your friends, don’t bother mentioning them to me so deal with your talkative and boastful mouth okay, Gideon said and left.

“No no no its becoming more crazy now, who is this guy and why is he bent on destroying my life? Debbie thought as she paced around angrily and stormed to the room……….

That afternoon she traced Gideon office and he was so surprised to see her, “what are you doing here? He asked.

“To give you lunch, you didn’t eat before leaving remember, she said keeping a flask on his table while he just looked at her saying nothing.

“Why this look am I not welcome? She asked and saw a bottle of wine with 2 glasses on the table, “oh a guest was here right? Thats no problem then after all I’m your wife, she said.

“My friend look here, this is not my house but an office and you have to respect that. Fine I’ve seen the food, can you leave now? He asked and she scoffed.

“Leave? That quick? She asked.

“How did you know where i work? Who told you this? He asked.

“You’re unbelievable Gideon, so I have no right to know where you work right? She asked.

“Fine can you leave now? I need to concentrate, he said.

“Well not yet after all you were suppose to be with me. I see a lot of people here, little wonder you invited none why? Do they even know I’m your wife? She asked.

“Now can you take your leave? What’s the meaning of this! Gideon shouted getting on his feet and the door opened.

“Oh sorry I’ll come back later then, Kemi said and left immediately.

“Who is she? Debbie asked but Gideon held her hand dragging her to the door.

“Don’t get me angry, just leave now and stop invading in my privacy, now bye, he said opening the door for her and she slowly walked out not believing her ears.

Debbie sighted Kemi going and ran to her stopping her, “hey! She shouted at her.

“Who? Kemi stopped.

“Yes you, why did you just barge into my husband office and who are you? Debbie asked and Kemi rolled her eyes.

“Is your husband aware you’re asking me this? Kemi asked.

“Just answer my question in simple word, who are you? Debbie asked.

“I beg your pardon, this is an establishment and its believed almost everyone you see here works here and should be connected and familiar with each other. Now if your question is answered, Excuse me, Kemi said and walked away while Debbie just looked with her heart beating fast.

“Gideon is cheating on me I know that, but I have to find out who he’s doing it with. Gosh Debbie I can’t believe you’re in this mess! She said to herself touching her forehead…………

Debbie was still around to cure her curiosity when she saw Gideon held hand with Kemi to his car, he opened the door for her happily and drove off while Debbie looked mouth opened.

“Oh my God I was so right, that’s the bitch! Debbie shouted………..

“Guess what, Kemi said while he was driving.

“Baby what’s it? He asked.

“Your….. Should I say wife approached me asking who I was to you, Kemi replied.

“She did what? Oh I will so deal with her, Gideon said fuming up.

“Calm down okay, for how long will you keep up with this? I guess she’s suspecting something is wrong, Kemi said.

“Then that’s good news because I want her to do that quick. Gosh the nerve of that girl! Gideon said biting his lips.

“Its alright, she look stunning, Kemi said winking at him.

“Stunning for who? Oh please she can’t even compare when it comes to you. I hope she didn’t say anything bad to you? He asked.

“Nah not at all, she replied…………..

Debbie arrived home Pacing around angrily trying to control her tears.

“But why? Why should it be the only man I’ve ever loved? Why you Gideon, don’t you know you’re hurting me? Debbie cried and fell on the couch.

She didn’t know when she slept off but felt water dripping on her body and she woke up to see Gideon with a glass of water staring at her.

“Is that the only polite way you know to wake your wife up? She asked and he scoffed.

“You put up quite a drama over there, that should be the first and last woman! He shouted and wanted to leave.

“Who is that lady? The one who barged into your office and the one you held hand so happily with to your car, Debbie asked and he stopped but burst out laughing surprising Debbie.

“So you stayed behind to monitor me? Oh you’re so boring and you deserve the position to be the gateman there so you’ll do your job perfectly, Gideon said and left for his room..

“You haven’t answered my question! Debbie shouted folding her fist……………


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