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Episode 30.

“Good morning darling, Desmond said pecking Princess on the cheek as she woke.

“Good morning, she replied.

“Breakfast is prepared, you just go in there, get refreshed and meet me downstairs okay, Desmond said.

“You shouldn’t have done that, Princess said.

“Its nothing common, after all I got help from My mother, Desmond said and Princess was surprised.

“Tell me you’re joking, she said.

“Honey I know she has hurt your feelings several times, can you please forgive her? He calmly asked touching her.

“Its fine, she just wanted a grandchild and I understand. After all we all need forgiveness, Princess said.

“Thanks darling, so I’ll be waiting downstairs for you okay, Desmond said and pecked her.

Minutes later she went down and met her mother in law, “mommy good morning, Princess greeted but she nodded with her head face down.

“Mommy she’s greeting, Desmond said to her but Princess went closer and sat beside her.

“Mommy you don’t have to feel bad for anything,I wasn’t angry with you either. Our joy is now complete and I think everyone should be happy, Princess said with her hand crossed on her shoulder smiling which she looked at her.

“I feel so ashamed now, she said.

“No its okay mommy, thanks for the meal, it looks very delicious, Princess said laughing.

“Oh common let’s eat, she said taking Princess to the dinning.

The pastor visited and was happy to see Princess in such joyful mood with Everyone.

“You made us scared yesterday, he said.

“Daddy I’m so sorry, I was just sober, sober that I doubted God and didn’t believe wholly on him. When I saw the test, I didn’t know what to do but cry God should have mercy on me, Princess replied.

“So indeed in your unbelief God still visited, remember you told me that, Veronica said.

“Yes he did, and I’m so grateful, Princess said.

“OK I think its time to break the news now officially, Miracle will be going to church! Veronica dropped and Princess screamed happily.

“Awwnn that good news, we will all be there for our baby, Desmond said……………

Lying on the floor crying her eyes out, Debbie phone began to ring. Seeing it was Prisca calling she cleaned her eyes and tried putting herself together, “yes dear good morning, Debbie picked up.

“Good morning, I called to know why the latest couple didn’t go to church, Prisca said and Debbie laughed.

“We wanted to but you see the night was so busy and ermmm…. You should understand, Debbie said and Prisca smiled at that.

“Its alright then, Prisca said.

“I think I’ll see you later today, since i really don’t know when I will be travelling, Debbie said.

“Thats no problem, bye, Prisca said and dropped the call.

Debbie heaved and got up from the floor dialling her husband number but he wasn’t picking up then she dialed her mom number.

“Deborah how are you? Sandra asked.

“If I didn’t call you wouldn’t have asked ba? Wait o are you on the road? Debbie asked.

“Yes na, what should i do there? Sandra asked.

“You mean you are going back to the village? Haba mommy I just got married yesterday and you’re already leaving the next day without even seeing me, Debbie said.

“Ahh you have married na so what remain again? Abi you want orientation on how to live in your husband house? Am I married? Didn’t you said I don’t know anything about marriage? So my dear I am going back to the village o, enjoy your married life, Sandra said.

“Hey God, so the hotel I booked for you at least for a week you’ve gone now wasting my money huh? Debbie asked.

“Deborah I cannot die in cold with all the grass they have been feeding me with. What should I do there for a week sef? Sandra asked.

“At least to see me off at the airport na haba its not fair! Why are you not always happy for me! Debbie shouted.

“See eh, I have done my own part as a mother or if I don’t follow you to the airport will the visa expire? Sandra asked and Debbie saw Gideon car drove in.

“You’re so annoying bye, Debbie said and dropped the call going outside to meet him.

Gideon came out from the car on call and passed Debbie which she couldn’t say anything to him but watched him go in which she did too.

“Any food? He asked after dropping the call.

“Food? Did you ask me to prepare food or did you tell me what you’ll love to eat? Debbie asked and Gideon smiled.

“When you were doing good girlfriend here, when have you ever asked me what i want to eat? He asked.

“That’s because you were a good and loving boyfriend too. What has come over you? Debbie asked.

“Look here young lady, if you are not comfortable with the me now, you can take your leave, Gideon said and suddenly made another call.

“What are you trying to say now! Debbie shouted but he left the house again immediately.

Debbie couldn’t take it anymore, she dressed up and thought of reporting him to his parents but she decided not to,She went to Prisca instead.

Prisca heard the “congratulations” going outside and saw it was Debbie, “you really look good, Cynthia said.

“Thank you, Debbie replied.

“I know you’ll be leaving soon for your honey moon, awwwn Dubai will look so good on you, Another said but Debbie only smiled.

“Thanks for your presence there, I really appreciate. Is Prisca in? Debbie asked.

“Yes i think so, they replied.

“Alright bye and thanks again, Debbie said and left while Prisca opened the door.

“Are you here to pick your remaining bags? prisca asked as she walked in.

“Are you driving me already? Ah abeg o, Debbie said sitting down while Prisca looked at her.

“Were you crying? Don’t tell me the night was that rough, Prisca said and Debbie heaved.

“Saying it was rough is an understatement, She replied.

“Oh my God! You are making me scared now, please stop that, Prisca said and Debbie suddenly lost the guts to say what she came for.

“Not that way but it was instead fun, you need to be there soon you know, Debbie said.

“Yea yea i know i will at God time, so gist me, how is life after wedding? Prisca asked and Debbie rolled her eyes.

“I’m just few hours in it nau Prisca, Debbie replied.

“Actually its a day now and I know you’ll have something to tell me. So I’m all ears, Prisca insisted.

“OK what can i say now….. The feeling after wedding is just so good, i mean the happiness, the oneness and everything is just so perfect, Debbie said and Prisca nodded.

“That sounds sweet, congratulations once again at least you won’t waka waka again, Prisca said and Debbie burst out laughing……………

She left Prisca place disappointed she can’t share her feelings, she left rather to a drinking parlor and made herself company with alcohols.

In the evening she strolled back home and met Gideon wait in for her with a stern look while she walked in drunk.

“Where are you coming back from? He asked.

“What do you care? Debbie replied but got a slap from Gideon.

“When next I ask a question, you’ll give me the right answer! Now where are you coming back from! Gideon shouted on her……………….


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