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Episode 26.

Rachel saw the officers and Desmond coming with Princess free, “what is this wretch doing out here? She suppose to be behind bars! She shouted but Princess went closer and slapped her holding her hair behind and Veronica rushed to hold her.

“How dare you do that! You wanted killing me right but it fell to your mother rather, you had to turn the table on me to make me look like the murderer huh! Princess shouted in tears.

“Honey what is she talking about? She what she’s doing to me despite what she has done, Rachel said.

“Just shut up because we all know the whole truth, is this how stinky you are? How could you do that! Desmond shouted on her while she stood confused wondering what’s going on..

“Do you all have conscience at all?

I lost my mom and this is what you can say? What did this witch cook this time? Rachel said in tears and Princess attempted to hold her for a fight.

“You are so shameless, I don’t know how daft you are that you’ve failed to realise we know the whole truth. We saw the activities of what happened on the CCTV, are you okay now? Gideon came in and her mouth flew open.

“CCTV? She asked and looked around her, the gazes on her was so clear that nothing was hidden anymore and she fell on her knees.

“Please temper justice with mercy I beg you, have pity on me please, she pleaded.

“Take this trash out of my sight! Desmond shouted when Rachel attempted to touch him and the officers quickly handcuffed her taking her away.

Veronica couldn’t believe her ears when she heard the whole turn up of the story and she hugged Princess who was crying uncontrollably.

“Its okay darling, everything is over now, Veronica said.

“I never knew there was a camera in that house, he never told me anything about that. Now what if it wasn’t there? Or what if her mom didn’t come around? By now I would have been a dead person right? Princess asked in tears.

“God forbid! That’s why he gave the cup back to them to drink from it, if death is that good let her taste it herself, Veronica said.

“Aunty I’ll drive you home, your husband still have something to settle with the officers, Gideon said.

“No I am not going back to that house, the thought of Susan dying in that house is what I can’t bear, Princess said.

“I understand, where will you stay? Gideon asked.

“Can you stay with my mom? She’s been worried sick about you though she had to stay with the kids, Veronica said.

“Is it okay with her? Princess asked.

“What are you saying? Have you forgotten we are family? Common let’s go, Veronica said taking her to Gideon car……………..

“Reaching the house Veronica kids ran and hugged Princess as she alighted from the car, “oh my daughter, God indeed is gracious! Theresa said coming out and hugged princess as she forced a smile.

“I can see you’ve gone through a lot, it is well okay, Theresa said touching princess chin while she nodded.

“Please let’s go in, she need to take a warm bath and rest, Veronica said.

After resting Princess remembered something, “Gideon was it really you we saw at the boutique or someone else? She asked.

“Me? What boutique? Gideon asked.

“We can’t be mistaken it must be you, we saw your car but the way you behaved when you saw us made it all confusing. Is it because of that lady? Veronica asked.

“Yes, and thanks for covering up, he replied.

“What are you cooking Gideon? I hope you are not doing anything funny? Veronica asked.

“Aunty trust me, i’ll be fine. I have to go now, Gideon said.

“Thanks for everything dear, I’m grateful, Princess said and the kids escorted him out.

Soon Matthew returned from work and was so surprised to hear the story that took place, “and no one cared to let Me know? Matthew asked not happy with what he heard.

“Your wife took care of everything, Princess replied.

“Still I have the right to know, i would have helped with something at least, Mathew said.

“I’m sorry, but everything is fine now that’s what is important, Veronica replied and Princess phone began to ring.

“Your husband right? Theresa asked and she nodded picking it up.

“Where are you? You’re not at home, Desmond said.

“Sorry I don’t think I’ll go back there anytime soon, she replied.

“Common what are you saying? Yes I understand everything is my fault because i brought this to you but please I’m begging you don’t do this, Desmond said.

“I’m not running away okay, I just want to cool my head. I almost had shock today I hope you understand, Princess said.

“Can I at least know where you are? At least to meet you there, he said.

“At sis place, from here I’ll be leaving to her mom place, Princess replied.

“Can I bring anything for you as I’m coming? Desmond asked………….

Gideon arrived home and was so surprised to see Debbie lurking by, “you didn’t go home? He asked checking the time to see its past 8pm.

“What do you expect me to do? You made me worried sick, you were not picking up my calls…….. “And I told you I have a very important Case I am handling, is that too hard to understand? Gideon asked.

“Yes its hard to understand because I can’t help myself anymore, I love you don’t you understand? Debbie asked back and he heaved.

“You love me? He asked.

“What kind of question is that? Isn’t it obvious? Now tell me should I stop worrying about you? Debbie asked and he held her.

“I’m fine okay you should not worry, let’s go in, he said opening the door and they walked in.

“How was the Case? Is it solved? Debbie asked.

“Yea I’m glad it over though it was a difficult one but a divine help came through, he replied.

“Okay I can see you’re so famished, I’ll massage your back and get you something to eat, Debbie said smiling at him.

“Sounds good, he replied.

“Yea, remember we are going to see your people tomorrow, I was scared this urgent case will make you postpone it, she said and he smiled.

“I didn’t forget about it don’t worry, he said and she pecked him and left.

Gideon peeped at her and called his friends, “hey, we have been trying your line all day, he picked up.

“Sorry i was attending to a case, what’s up? Gideon asked.

“It’s done, they replied.

“We can come tomorrow right? He asked.

“Yea, they replied.

“Alright please make sure its perfect, she can’t suspect anything wrong. OK we’ll talk later, Gideon said and dropped the call.

“Honey, the bath is ready, Debbie said coming out to meet him.

“Thanks baby, Gideon said smiling at her…………


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