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Episode 21.

Minutes later Veronica came out with Princess and Desmond was surprised with what he saw.

“Wow, he said getting up from Rachel mouth opened.

“What’s the problem? Princess asked.

“You look so stunning and better dear. Thanks Veronica, Desmond said.

“I didn’t do anything, Veronica said.

“But I think your presence did, she looks like the Princess I use to know can’t you see? Desmond asked.

“Yea my friend will be fine, just give her some time. We’ll be going out and we need your permission please, Veronica said.

“Its okay there’s no problem. Bye honey, Desmond said giving Princess a peck and watched her leave with Veronica smiling.

“You can eat her up with your smiles okay, go ahead, Rachel angrily said to him.

“What’s wrong with smiling at my wife? He asked and she scoffed.

“Here we go again with the my wife my wife blabbing. Bullshit! Rachel said and left for her room.

“Did you just say bullshit! Desmond shouted on her…………….

Debbie was silent in the car as he drove, another call came on his phone and he picked it up, “yes, Gideon said.

“Yes I’m just back from seeing her mother, I noticed its going to be simple because her father is dead and she has no uncles. I’ll get the list from her mom next week but the preparation for the church wedding should be on, Its gonna be in a month time, He later said.

“Yes make it simple but unique, I’ll call you back, bye, Gideon said and dropped the call and looked at Debbie who looked away.

“I’m sorry okay, I didn’t mean to shout on you, Gideon said but Debbie was quiet.

“Honey I said I’m sorry, that call was from an annoying dude I am trying to avoid. You know I’m driving and there are certain calls i shouldn’t attend to avoid mood swings, He said and she looked at him.

“Then you should have just told me rather than shouting on me the way you did, she said.

“That’s why I’m apologizing, seeing the call already got me angry and I couldn’t control it, he said.

“Its alright, at least its a dude calling and not a lady, she said with a frown which he laughed.

“I knew that was what you were thinking, you ladies will never change. OK to make my apology sweet we are going out, I’ll get you some wears okay, he said touching her chin while she smiled………….

Rachel dressed up and left the house while Desmond just looked at her saying nothing.

Reaching her place she called her mom bitterly complaining to her, “that woman is cooking her charm hard mama and I think her friend is helping her out, Rachel said.

“What charm again? Her Mom asked.

“Earlier today i told you she pretended to be sick so she can have him. I played my own part and I had him for myself but then her friend visited, few minutes later she came out shining and more beautiful like nothing ever happened. Look at the way Desmond was so foolish when he saw her, ah mama I can’t stand her o her charm looks strong, Rachel said.

“You are a very stupid girl. You and princess who is more beautiful and sΒ£xy? Instead of you to dress up too and look beautiful you are here complaining rubbish. My friend cook your own charm strong too and win him, rubbish girl, her mom said and dropped the call.

“You must be joking o, looks like You are no longer interested in me getting married to him again. Don’t worry I won’t ask for your help anymore, I’ll do it my own way, she said and drove out………………

Veronica took Princess out to her favorite boutique while Princess just shook her head not interested with what she’s seeing.

“Honey You are dulling my hand o, what’s the problem? You don’t like the clothes? Can we go for another? Veronica asked.

“Nothing sis, clothes is not my problem I tell you the truth. You know very well I can go shopping anytime I want to, but in this case things are different. I so much appreciate you are trying to light up my mood or make me win my husband from from lady. But it won’t change the fact they will still get married when once my mother in law comes down, this clothes, makeup and seduction won’t help anything let’s just go please, Princess said.

Veronica heaved and paid for the few wears she bought and Princess helped with the bags.

Going out of the boutique they met with Debbie holding hands with Gideon.

“Erm Honey can you wait for me inside i’ll be back soon, Debbie whispered to Gideon who nodded and got in.

Debbie walked up to them as they were about entering their car, “I can see you have finally delivered the bastard that made you almost kill me, and oh I was so right you had something to do with what happened to me because i can clearly recognize this bitch! But don’t worry I’ve let your half baked and shameless husband for you because I’ll soon be getting married to mine who is far better than him. Have fun and know that I’ll get back for you two, Debbie never forgets! She shouted and left while they just looked at themselves.

“Isn’t that Gideon? What is he doing with her? Princess asked while Veronica just shook her head and got into the car…………….

Veronica got home and soon Her husband car drove in. She heaved and dropped her boy upstairs and came down to see her daughters helping Matthew out of the car with a crying face.

She rushed out immediately and held him, “what happened to him? She asked.

“We were eating and he suddenly said his stomach hurts, Joy replied.

“Should i take you to the hospital? She asked him but he shook his head.

“Take me in first, he slowly said and she called out to the gateman for help.

“Uncle can you please check in the car there’s something there, Joy said to the gateman and he quickly left to check it out.

“I’ll get you a glass of water then, but are You sure you are fine? Let’s go to the hospital please, Veronica said scared.

“Please just say you love me just one more time, he said.

“What are you saying? I’ll call the doctor immediately, she said and wanted to leave but he held her.

“Please just do it, he slowly said with his eyes closing.

“Mommy please say It, her children chorused while she looked at them confused with such a drama.

“OK fine i love you Matthew, can i call the doctor now? She asked and Matthew smiled getting on his knees and brought out a rose flower he hid at his back.

She turned to see her daughters laughing at her as she stood surprised, “so this was a big joke huh? She asked.

“I love you too sweetheart, please I want to want renew the vows we did again, I broke it at first but i am ready to start over to show how much i love you. Please forgive me sweetheart, I’m sincerely sorry Matthew said……….


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