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Episode 25.

“Sir you’re welcome, Veronica said getting up for him to sit.

“Thank you, tell me what I’m hearing is not true, Princess how did it happen? The pastor asked.

“I don’t know, I can’t explain myself. I don’t know the crimes I’ve committed that God is punishing me this way, haven’t I suffered enough? Princess asked.

“Don’t say that and such statement won’t get you out of here. What exactly happened? The pastor asked and Gideon walked in which he hugged his aunt immediately.

“Aunty what happened? He asked princess after greeting everyone.

“She was just about to tell us what happened before you came, the pastor replied.

“OK I’m all ears, Gideon said sitting down seriously and Princess sniffed.

“I was at home when Susan came, she asked about her daughter and I told her she left this morning. She called her up and told her to meet her at home immediately, I decided to be hospitable and asked if she’ll eat anything which she said yes. I went and scooped the jellof rice I cooked for myself and my husband which he ate this morning and he’s still alive before he left for work. She asked me to prepare fresh juice for her which I did but she refused it saying its not her kind of fruit and asked for a soft drink instead. Immediately I was done serving her, my phone rang inside which I left her to answer it and it was my sis here that called asking if I can come around because Theresa wants to see me. I told her I won’t be able to leave Susan at home alone but as soon as her daughter arrives I’ll meet them there soon. I stayed back to check out my wardrobe to see what I can pick out but I heard a fell, I ignored it as first thinking its nothing serious but then she screamed which I ran out to meet her struggling to breathe. I ran out immediately to call the gateman but her daughter arrived just in time and we rushed her to the hospital. That’s how I am being called a murderer, Princess narrated.

“The food did you taste it? I mean the one you prepared for you and your husband? Gideon asked.

“Of course I can’t cook without me tasting the food. I didn’t want to cook that food but I had to seeing Rachel and my husband had a little fight. I knew she won’t cook so I decided to do that, the food left in the pot was mine which I wanted eating that, Princess replied.

“What time was that and why didn’t you eat the food earlier? Gideon asked.

“My husband ate before 7:30a.m and she arrived by past 9a.m. why I didn’t eat the food early is because I’m on fast, she replied.

“Who was at home when you prepared this food? Gideon asked.

“my husband, Rachel and i, she replied.

“But you said she wasn’t at home, Gideon said.

“She left that morning before my husband left for work because they had a little fight again, she replied and Gideon heaved.

“Then who poisoned the food? I don’t want to point accusing fingers now because this case is quite difficult, Veronica said.

“No we can’t point accusing fingers now. Is the police investigating on this? Gideon asked.

“Yes they left to the house already to get samples from the food and also the doctor gave them some samples from Susan Stomach, Princess replied…………..

That afternoon the result of the test came out confirming the food to be poisoned. “Hey I said it! Oh God what wrong did she do ooo! Rachel shouted crying and someone took her out.

“Sorry sir your wife is the number one suspect here, a police officer said and Desmond nodded.

“I know but I don’t think we should conclude on my wife to be the suspect here, we don’t know who poisoned her, Desmond said.

“Then we need to question her, after all its so obvious. The sample from the hospital and the food is the same and she was the one who served her and there was no one at home except her, then who poisoned her? The officer asked.

“That we will know but there’s something i need to tell you, there is a CCTV camera in my house and the kitchen is not an exception. We will know the whole truth there, Desmond said and the officer nodded.

“That’s a good one, what are we waiting for then? Let’s go there immediately, The officer said.

Going out they met with Veronica and Gideon coming, “where are you all going to? Veronica asked.

“We will let you know later, Desmond replied.

“Can I at least know as Princess lawyer? Gideon asked.

“Fine let’s go, please Veronica stay with Rachel, Desmond said and they hurriedly entered the car.

They arrived home and alighted from the car, “what are we doing here? Gideon asked.

“There’s a CCTV camera in the house, that’s our only hope now to show who is responsible for this, Desmond replied as they got in.

“I questioned your wife and she told us Susan came here at past 9 and she served you before 7:30 right? Gideon asked.

“I ate before 7:30, Desmond replied.

“Before then was Rachel at home? Sorry I’m asking, Gideon said as the officers were concentrating on the cameras.

“Yes actually she was at home because she passed us to the kitchen to get a glass of juice. When she came out we actually had a little misunderstanding which she left before I left for work, He replied and Gideon nodded.

“But why are you asking? Desmond asked.

“Please can I have your attention here? An officer said which Desmond and Gideon went nearer.

“At 7a.m your wife was done cooking and served you. Okay Rachel entered at 7:18…….. Jesus Christ what did she just do! The officer shouted.


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