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Episode 23.

The next day Gideon woke up with a knock on his door, he opened up to see Kemi standing looking at him.

“What do you want? He asked.

“Won’t you let me in at least? She asked and he shook his head while she made her way in.

“What are you doing here? He asked after closing the door.

“Was it that easy to replace me? She asked.

“I don’t still get it, how did you know? He asked.

“I know everything, she replied.

“Wow that’s good you do, now why are you here? Do you want to be officially invited huh? He asked and she smiled.

“You and I know you can’t get married, even if you do it won’t be this early or quick when we just recently broke up, she said.

“Is that really what you think? I can settle with anyone I want to and that shouldn’t be your business, he said.

“You know you are wrong, in fact everything is wrong. I didn’t do what you are accusing me of and I can’t kill myself to prove to you that I am innocent. I thought you knew me too well, but sadly you cheaply fell for the lies and I had to let go. Seeing you getting married soon is quite shocking but I can see you’re serious about it, well I think I should wish you good luck, Kemi said while Gideon just looked at her saying nothing.

“Well I just came to say good luck and happy married life in advance since you can’t say anything, bye, she said and wanted to leave but he held her back.

“I’m not really getting married as you think, but I have to do this, he said.

“I don’t understand, she calmly said.

“Yea somehow you won’t because its complicated, and I don’t want to back off now, he said and sat down covering his head while she sat beside him.

“You know you can tell me what’s going on, I may help, she said touching him.

“You know Deborah did something unforgivable to Kingsley who relocated to another city, despite all that guy did for her yet she dumped him badly. I wasn’t concerned with that anyway, but she became the reason for my aunt maltreatment in her home. Her marriage was almost gone and you know how much I love my aunt, that fell when we started having issues and in that anger I decided to use her as an escape goat to ease my pain. I went to her friend first hoping I can use her to get close but fortunately for her friend she didn’t fell but Debbie cheaply did.

She’s just a foolish human being and I want to teach her a small lesson, she didn’t think twice getting married to a stranger despite her mom and friend advice because she’s blinded with money. Its crazy right? He asked.

“Indeed it is, you’ll be tightening a knot for a revenge course? Common Gideon there are better ways to handle this, Kemi said.

“I am tightening no knot with her, everything will be nothing but fake and she won’t notice it. For her she’s married but for me we are not because it will all be fake, when she gets to realize this and taste the pain she put my aunt in, it will be too late for her that’s it, Gideon said.

“That is too heartless, what will people say? Kemi asked.

“Who cares about what people will say? He asked.

“Of course I do! You can be arrested for this, Kemi said and he burst out laughing.

“Seriously? Me arrested like you don’t know my dad? Oh please say something better besides this is all a game to me and I didn’t force her in it, he said.

“Gideon you know I won’t agree to this, if you want this revenge there are ways to do it without you getting married falsely, she said.

“You seriously don’t know this girl, I want to break her wings to the last and make her forever broken. Imagine she saw my aunt yesterday and I heard what she told her, that gave me a better reason to go on with this and I am not backing down, He said.

“Is there anything i can do to make you change your mind about this? Or are you doing this out of anger because of what happened to us? Your aunt is back to her home right? please drop this, it will still hurt her, Kemi said.

“She won’t learn a lesson Kemi, I have read her like a book and I know how strong headed she is. She broke up with my aunt husband and she fell for me the next day like nothing happened, if I call this off trust me she won’t feel it. I want to break her to the last, he said.

“What If you eventually fall in love with her? Kemi asked.

“Fall in love? Do I look like I have a heart now? Don’t even go there, he said getting up from where he sat.

“So what about us? Sorry I don’t need to ask that seeing your quest is this hectic and you don’t have a heart now as you say, but I can’t tell how long this will last or will it be forever? Kemi asked and he heaved.

“Can you give me a little space, I wasn’t given time to think straight when I ventured into this. But the truth still remains that i miss you, Gideon said and she smiled.

“That’s a relief you know, she said and hugged him.

“Just bear with me for now, I’ll come back for you okay, he said to her.

“I will, now just take care and be careful okay, she said but he nodded and kissed her.

“Does that mean we are back? She asked.

“Take it as you want, I think you have to go now she’ll be on her way here, he said and she rolled her eyes.

“Yea yea I understand, but don’t forget to hint me about the date okay so I’ll get a gift for you, she said going out and he laughed.

“I’ll be expecting a new car from you then, he replied…………………….

Princess woke up quite early and prepared something for Desmond seeing that he had a fight with Rachel last night.

“Thank you, but you shouldn’t have bothered you know, Desmond said when she served him.

“Its nothing, just hurry up and eat and solve whatever differences you have with her. Its too young to start having a fight you know, Princess said and Rachel passed them without saying a word to them and Desmond heaved seeing that.

“I’ll be in the room, Princess said and left.

Rachel went to the kitchen and saw the food Princess prepared, “this must be the one she kept for herself, she whispered and poured in the substance the old man gave to her last night.

She came out with a glass of juice and attempted to pass but Desmond called her which she stopped.

“Though we had a fight, courtesy still demands you should give me that respect at least. Is this how You are going to behave when we get married? I have never been disrespected this way, Desmond said.

“You were busy with your wife and I didn’t want to disrupt your discussion with her, she replied.

“A good morning won’t disrupt any discussion, I thought you had manners, he said and she looked at him.

“That’s enough please because its too early for this. Good morning Desmond and I’ll be leaving for my place soon, I think i dropped my manners there, she said and left while Desmond shook her head………………

Veronica saw the gate opened and was so happy when her mom car drove in.

“Joy, Marvel grand mom is here, Veronica shouted on her kids who ran down immediately.

Matthew got up but Veronica stopped him, “go ahead with your food please, you’re running late, she said.

“No please let the food wait, let’s go, he said and they went out together.

“Oh my God you two are looking so big! Theresa said carrying her grand children up.

“Yes grandma, daddy and mommy has make up finally, Marvel reported and Matthew calmly greeted her which she nodded.

“That’s good to know, she said and Veronica hugged her.

“Welcome ma, i thought you’ll never reach here again, Veronica said.

“Is there anything that can separate me from my children? Please let’s go in joor, Theresa said laughing as Matthew helped with what she came with………………….

Rachel left the house before Desmond could finish eating.

Few hours later her mom arrived thinking she was at home.

“Where’s my daughter? Why are just driving her away this way? Susan asked ignoring Princess greeting.

“Ma I didn’t do anything to her, she left on her own, Princess replied but she took her phone and called Rachel to meet her immediately at home and dropped the call before Rachel could say anything.

“What will you like to take ma? Princess asked.

“Give me food, can’t you see i am hungry? Susan asked and Princess nodded and left to dish the food she left for herself……………..


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