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Episode 24.

Rachel hearing her mom is at home hurriedly left the house panicking, scared of what might happen to her.

Princess scooped all the food she left for herself and served her on the dinning.

“I need fresh juice, Susan ordered.

“Now? Princess asked.

“Are you now deaf? Hurry up I want to drink that before I eat, Susan said and Princess swallowed and left to get it done.

Minutes later she came out with a jug and glass but Susan hissed.

“I don’t like this juice, don’t you have a Better fruit? Susan asked.

“Erm I don’t know your kind of fruit, Princess replied.

“In fact forget it, just give me soft drink, Susan said and Princess heaved and left to get it.

She came back and gave it to her and heard her phone ringing.

“Enjoy your meal ma I’ll be back, princess said but Susan ignored her.

Princess saw the missed call of Veronica and called her back, ‘hi sis, she said.

“Yea babe where are you? Mom is at home and she wants to see you, Veronica said.

“Really? I’ll love to come but my husband fiancee mom is at home now, i can’t leave her alone, Princess said.

“Where’s her daughter? Veronica asked.

“She’s on her way coming back, maybe when she arrive I can leave. I’ll be there okay, Princess said.

“Alright and I’ll be waiting love, bye, Veronica said and dropped the call.

Princess smiled and stayed back checking her laundry to see what she can wear to go out. Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group

Few minutes later Princess heard a fell in the house, she ignored it thinking something probably just fell from Susan hands but a scream followed which Princess ran to check it out.

Princess found Susan on the floor struggling to breathe and she stood confused looking at her.

She let a scream and ran out to get help but saw the gateman opening the gate and Rachel drove in.

“Fine you came just in time, I don’t know what’s wrong with your mother, Princess quickly said to her.

“What did you do to my mother! Rachel shouted and ran in with her……………

Desmond arrived at the hospital and Rachel ran to him which he held her, “whats wrong? He asked.

“Please help me ask your wife the kind of food she gave my mother o, please ask her for me o, Rachel cried.

“What are you saying? Has the doctor said anything about her condition yet? Princess asked.

“You tell me why my mother should suddenly slump while eating your food, Rachel said and the doctor came out which they went to him.

“Doctor how is my mother? Rachel asked.

“I’m sorry, we tried our best, the doctor replied.

“I don’t understand, what best are you talking about? Please what happened to her! Rachel shouted and fell on him.

“I don’t understand, what’s the cause of the sudden death? Desmond asked.

“Its suspected food poisoning, the poison is a kind I’ve never seen before. The effect is too Dangerous within minutes her liver was already rotting, there was nothing we could do to save her. We will be taking some samples from her stomach to examine the kind of poison it is, the doctor replied.

“Hey! I am finished o! Rachel shouted while crying.

“I don’t understand honey, how was she poisoned? Desmond turned to Princess who was speechless already.

“I..i..I can’t explain what is going on here. Yes she was eating the food I served her, but its the same food I dished for you this morning and you’re still alive. I don’t understand, Princess said almost crying..

“Don’t you dare shed those crocodile tears here after what you’ve done, who was with you in that house? Or is it me that poisoned the food? What wrong did she ever do to you nah! Rachel shouted.

“This must be a very big misunderstanding, the food left was for me because I know you won’t eat it. Would I have poisoned my own food? Princess asked.

“Yes because you’re insane! Ever since I came into the picture you’ve been acting strangely yes or no? You starve yourself don’t you? Rachel asked.

“Please calm down we’ll get to the bottom of this, Desmond came in.

“No way you won’t because she’s your Darling wife. My mom’s death must be revenged, I won’t let this go! Rachel said.

“Can you just calm down please, we can’t jump into conclusion now this case is not investigated. She may have eaten this poison somewhere……

….. “Go ahead and cover up for your wife crimes, bring up justifications to clear her out of this, Rachel cut in.

“No that’s not what I’m saying, if truly the poison is from my wife food, then i have no choice than to hand her over to the law, Desmond said and Princess gasped.

“I have nothing to do with this please, why can’t anyone believe me? Princess said in tears and Rachel made a call immediately.

“What are you doing? Desmond asked.

“I want this woman behind bars till that food gets tested. And if she turns out to be the murderer, sorry for you, Rachel replied……………..

Debbie was with Gideon at home and a call came on Gideon phone.

“Hello aunt, he picked up.

“Gideon where are you? Princess is in trouble, Veronica said.

“What? What happened? He asked.

“Her husband fiancee mother slumped at home after eating her food and its suspected to be food poisoning. The police has taken her to custody while the case will be investigated, please come do something as a lawyer you know Princess can’t do that, Veronica said crying.

“Its okay aunt I’ll be there, please stop crying I’ll see what i can do, Gideon said and dropped the call.

“Is there a problem? Debbie asked.

“Yes, i have a case I have to handle now, we’ll see later okay, he said.

“Okay should I wait for you to get back? She asked.

“No don’t, I’m not sure when I’ll be back. I’ll drop you off okay let’s go, he said taking his car keys…………..

Veronica held Princess hands as they cried together, “you know I can’t do this sis what is really happening to me? Princess cried.

“It’s okay, Gideon will be here soon, you know he’s a good lawyer, Veronica said.

“Its not about being good, this case is strong. What if the food is truly poisoned? Princess asked.

“But you are innocent, will you be forced to admit something you didn’t do? Princess asked and her pastor entered…………


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