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Episode 18.

Desmond went into the room to have a word with her but Princess took her car key and left immediately.

A long journey was ahead of her and she was grateful she left early.

Hours later she arrived at a compound and knocked on the small gate twice but didn’t get a response. She pushed it slowly and went in but heard children laughing at the back of the house.

“Aunty are you looking for someone? One of them asked when they saw her.

“Erm yes is your mother in? She asked.

“Mommy! Mommy! The boy shouted going in.

“What’s the problem? A voice was heard inside.

“Aunty is looking for you, the boy replied and came out.

“She’s coming, he said to Princess and held his sister hand running with her else where to play while Princess smiled at that.

A woman Came out and Princess greeted her immediately, “yes your face looks familiar, she said.

“Yes it is ma, we were once neighbours, Princess replied and the woman nodded.

“What do you want? The woman asked remembering her.

“Please ma I came to talk to you and……… “I don’t want to talk to you, now leave my compound, the woman said and Princess went on her knees.

“Forgive me ma I was young and foolish then, I didn’t know what I was doing. We heard so Many negative things about you and we believed it, I won’t deny the fact my mom was a troublesome person and I thought it was right but I’m so sorry ma, please forgive me, Princess pleaded with a teary face.

“I don’t get it, after so many years why are you here? The woman asked.

“I can remember all the bad things we have been doing to you despite we were leaving in the other building and separated with a fence. I..I…I called you a barren woman and so many names which you cursed me. Please ma have mercy, I won’t say I lived a loosed life that took my womb or I’m not fertile because I am medically fine and its five years gone. Please ma have mercy I’m begging you, Princess said and burst out crying which the woman children stood looking at her sad.

“What made you think I’m responsible for your condition? The woman asked.

“Something tells me it has to do with you but nevertheless I want to ask for your forgiveness, Princess said.

“Please get up stop doing this in the presence of my children, the woman said lifting Princess up.

“Pleaseeee have mercy, Princess whispered.

“Its okay I’ve forgiven you. It was 7 years ago I was able to conceive after all those years of mockery, now am a proud mother of two and I can understand what you are going through now. My Case was different, I wasn’t barren but I was stigmatized with the name until I believed I was. My husband drove me out of his house which you know about it, and I had to return to my father house which I suffered so much from your mother hands. I didn’t want to get married anymore because to me its no use but then I don’t know how it happened, just a little fun I had with a man who was interested in me for a long time I got pregnant, I was surprised thinking it was magic. But I came to find out my husband was the fault and the wife he married after he divorced me got pregnant else where and made him take responsibility which cost my marriage.

Please I am begging you, never in your life mock a woman who is unable to give birth, no one can imagine the pain she’s going through, and may God have mercy on me if I had cursed you, with my whole heart it is lifted, the woman said and Princess hugged her tight.

“Thank you, thank you God bless you, Princess said while she cleaned her tears.

“It will be well okay, how is your mom? The woman asked.

“She’s late, she passed out last year, Princess replied………………

Debbie visited Gideon and found him kind of sick, “why didn’t you tell me you’re not feeling too well? She asked.

“You are not strong yourself and I didn’t want to bother you, he replied.

“I thought we are friends? And what should friends do? She asked.

“I’m sorry okay and thanks for coming, I was just thinking about you, he said.

“Really? She asked smiling and he nodded.

“I’ll get you something to eat then, she said and wanted to leave but he held her hand stopping her.

“Tell me about your boyfriend, he said and she rolled her eyes.

“I’m single, what were you thinking? She asked.

“Seriously single? He asked.

“Yes I am single, but why are you asking? She asked.

“Because I’m interested, he said and her eyes lit up.

“Interested in me you mean? She asked and he stood up still holding her hand.

“If I say you should marry me will you say yes? He asked and she gasped.

“This can’t be possible, I mean you barely know me, she said.

“Does it matter? Look i can know a Lady for years but won’t still know all about her and its not an assurance that our relationship will reach its height. I just love you Debbie, you’re straight forward and bold and I love that, so tell me will you say no? Or are you thinking of what your mother will say about us? He asked and she shook her head.

“I can handle my mom but I’m not sure you mean what you are saying now, its still hard to believe, she said and he Kissed her.

“Do you believe me now? Will you marry me? He asked again looking into her eyes.

“Yes yes, she said and hugged him……………….

That evening Debbie took him home to meet Prisca, “I’m engaged to him, she happily said showing her the ring and Prisca smiled.

“You can’t be serious right? She asked.

“We are, and we’ll be getting married as soon as possible, Gideon replied.

“Who the hell are you and what prank is this? Prisca asked.

“Enough okay! You should be grateful am informing you about this, with this jealousy and hatred in your heart i am getting scared of inviting you to my wedding. We will be getting married and my mom will be informed about this tomorrow, deal with it. Honey let’s get out of here, Debbie said holding Gideon hand and left with him while Prisca heaved not believing her ears…………………

Princess arrived home late and saw Desmond waiting for her outside with an angry look, “and where are you coming back from? He asked immediately she stepped down from the car.

“Why didn’t you call my line to ask where I was? She asked back and he brought out her phone.

“You left this at home okay, he shouted but she heaved and went in saying nothing.

“You won’t tell me you were at the church because I was there, now where are you coming back from? He went in meeting her.

“Somewhere I can cool my head and give you the chance to be with your darling wife. I’m getting shocked up here okay and I want to breathe Desmond let me be after all she’s there for you and Princess is not needed anymore! Princess shouted and wanted to leave but he held her back.

“You think so Princess? He asked.

“Just let me go and I don’t care if you’ll spend the night with her today, you’re free, Princess said but Desmond closed her lips with a kiss.

“This isn’t easy for me too, I’m so sorry for everything my love, he said and kissed her again taking her to the bedroom.

Minutes later they laid unclad on the bed with Desmond cuddling her, “how are you feeling? He asked her.

“I’m cool, we’ve been occupied with a lot of things that we haven’t had time for ourselves anymore, I just wish we’ll continue to be this way just us, Princess said and his phone began to ring.

“Erm I’ll take this call please, Desmond said sitting up on the bed.

“Honey robbers, they are attacking our neighbourhood and I’m so scared, Rachel said and Desmond heard a gun shot which she screamed.

“Your house is properly secured, just be calm I’ll call the police to arrest the situation there, he said.

“We have done that countless times but I don’t want to stay here, please come else I’ll die with shock, she said and he checked the time to see its past 9.

“Fine I’ll be there but try to be calm okay, he said..

“Please be fast, she said and hung up while Princess looked at him.

“You’re leaving again? She asked.

“Please I need to go, I’m sorry, he said getting up wearing his trousers.

“Like seriously! Princess shouted angrily.

“Earlier before you left I wanted telling you Rachel…….. “Will be staying here from tomorrow Meaning you’ll be taken for a week till she finally have full control over you and I’ll be the mistress instead! Princess shouted.

“I am entitled to marry more than one wife Princess, why is it difficult for you to understand that i am not divorcing you or getting married to another because i don’t love you, Stop this madness! Desmond shouted taking his shirt and left the room while Princess ran to the shower in tears………………..


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