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Episode 16.

Matthew went outside and his kids opened the door and ran to him while Veronica was still in the car.

“Welcome my angels, welcome home, he said hugging them and slowly went to the car and opened up for Veronica who came out saying nothing to him.

He wanted giving her a hug but she gave him a stop sign, “I’m sorry sweetheart, when will you ever forgive me? Matthew asked..

“That I don’t know, I am only here because of my children, She replied and left to carry her baby which Matthew couldn’t do anything about it.

“Honey where’s your bag? He asked Joy.

“At the back, she replied and he carried the bag inside.

Veronica got in and saw some few changes in the house which she looked like a visitor, “erm are you going to get in and dress up? I prepared something delicious for you, Matthew said.

But she ignored him and left with her kids to their room, getting there the children screamed with what they saw and they ran down to meet him, “daddy the room is beautiful, they happily said.

“Do you like it? He asked.

“Yes yes thank you, they replied.

“You’re welcome darling, go dress up and join me here okay, he said and they ran back to their room.

Minutes later Matthew saw his daughters holding Veronica hand bringing her down while he stood up and drew the chair backwards for her to sit Down.

“I am not hungry, didn’t we eat at mom place before coming here? Veronica asked the kids.

“But mom that was grand ma place, at least taste what daddy prepared for us, Joy said and they heard the baby crying..

“Go ahead and eat then, she said and went back……………..

“I was thinking you’ll be resting by now, Gideon said.

“Me too but I have no peace in that house, everyone is just against me, my friend has turned my mom to something else, Debbie replied.

“Is that how your friend really is? Seriously such attitude doesn’t pay, Gideon said.

“I am just tired seriously, look at my condition yet they are treating me this way. Imagine the way they embarrassed us which is not fair at all, Debbie said faking tears.

“Its okay alright, don’t cry its not good for you. Erm do you have anywhere in mind we can sit out? He asked.

“I don’t want to sit out but rest my head, my head hurts very bad, Debbie said.

“Oh no where could that be? I mean where are you going to rest your head? He asked.

“Don’t you have a house? She asked and he smiled.

“I wasn’t expecting you’ll accept to go home with me especially when you don’t know me, He said.

“Please I’m not like them and besides I trust you that’s why, but if You are not comfortable taking me home its fine, Debbie said.

“I never said so, let’s go home then, Gideon said………………

“Do you really think starving yourself will solve the problem now? Princess husband asked when they got home.

“I am not starving alright, why wont you just leave me with my believe huh? Princess asked.

“And watch you starve yourself? He asked.

“That shouldn’t be your problem okay, go ahead with your business and let me do mine, she said and left for her room.

“What business are you doing with that Man in the name of prayers that you left your home to go stay with a man huh! He shouted and Princess looked at him surprised..

“Are you kidding me? She asked..

“I don’t want to see you with that man whatever, I’ve heard of many women raped in the name of f**ken prayers, you won’t see him ever again, he said.

“And if I do what will happen? You do no shit and I won’t stop going to him, now you back off from my business and don’t you dare approach that man else else else you’ll hate me, Princess sternly said.

“Is that a threat? He asked..

“A promise, she replied and left for her room………………….

Prisca arrived home and met Sandra in a sad mood, “what’s wrong ma and where is Debbie? She asker but she only heaved and folder her hand where she sat.

“Ma please talk to me what’s wrong? Prisca asked.

“She left with that guy of today, she replied.

“What? Leaving you alone here? Prisca asked and she nodded.

“Now I understand why Debbie suddenly turned this leave, my best friend told her about my past, the words My own daughter told me today is the most painful words I’ve ever heard, Sandra said with tears gathering in her eyes.

“Oh no please don’t do this, Prisca said holding her hand.

“This is my punishment Prisca, I thought I had enough of it when I was suffering with her but why is it that the suffering is never ending? Sandra said and burst out crying.

“Ma please don’t do this to yourself, Prisca said consoling her…………….

Night came and Veronica was with her kids who played with the toys and slept off on the floor, Matthew went into the room and found her br**stfeeding which he slowly went to her scared she might send him away.

“What do you want? She asked but he heaved and carried the children on the bed covering them with the blankets.

“He’s handsome, can i please carry him? He calmly asked but she was silent.

“Please, he added but she dropped him on the bed and left the room.

Minutes later he came down and met her in the sitting room, “aren’t you going to bed? Don’t worry I’ll watch over the kids, Matthew said.

“Are you done in the room? That will be my room from now on so don’t bother okay, she replied.

“Veronica please I am begging you, can you please put everything that happened behind you and let’s make things right, Mathew said.

“Should i remind you that i am only here because of my children and not as your wife, Good night, She said and left immediately…………………..

“Debbie isn’t back yet and she’s not picking my calls either, for crying out loud what is she doing with a stranger till this time, Prisca said pacing around and saw a car parked.. “I think she’s the one, she said to Sandra.

“Thanks for today, Debbie said.

“I hope you’re feeling better? Gideon asked..

“Yes better enough to give me strength to what i will face there in that house, she said.

“In case anything goes wrong you know where to meet me right? he asked.

“Sure i will, she replied.

“Good night, he said and pecked her while she smiled leaving the car and waved at him till he drove off.

“Hi, why this face? Debbie asked them but no one replied then she laughed.

“Oh I know you thought i was kidnapped or what? please I had my fun today to the disappointment of you two sorry, Debbie said.

“Do you realise you are speaking to your mom and you owe her an explanation where you went to, Prisca said and Debbie scoffed.

“I won’t let you ruin the happiness i came back with, I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear that, Debbie said going in.

“Do you know that…….. “Just hold it Prisca and don’t even go there you are not my mother! Debbie shouted.

“Do you even respect your mother? Prisca asked.

“Stay out of my business Prisca, Debbie said to her face.

“Its okay, I’m happy you came back safely at least, Sandra calmly said.

“That’s better, Debbie replied and fell on the bed.

“Won’t you take your drugs? Sandra asked but she ignored her………………….

Princess was in the room having her prayers when her husband rushed in taking his car key, “where are you going to? She asked him.

“I got a call that Lydia is feeling sick i have to take her to the hospital, he replied.

“But anyone can take her to the hospital why you? Princess asked.

“Please just stop this, she needs me now and i need to be there for her, see ya okay, he said.

“So you’re leaving me here alone? Is this how its going to be when you get married to her? Princess asked.

“Gosh will you stop this, bye, he said and left the room before she could say anything………………….

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