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Episode 17.

Desmond arrived at Rachel house that night and met her on a nightie, “I rushed here as fast as I could, what’s wrong with you because you look fine, he said.

“I’m good I just wanted you to be with me that’s all, she replied.

“You mean you were not sick like you sounded on phone? He asked and she nodded.

“But what’s the big deal there, please stay with me tonight please, she said holding his shirt.

“Look I told my wife you are sick and I left her………… “So what am I huh? I can’t be with you when I want to like am a stranger huh? She asked.

“No not that, he said.

“Then call her up and let her know you’ll be spending the night with me, I’m sure she’ll understand. I was about using the bathroom care to join me? She asked smiling while Desmond heaved and called Princess up.

After two rings she picked up, “erm I call to let you know i’ll be sleeping over here tonight, Desmond calmly said.

“Why are you telling me this? Bye, Princess said and dropped the call on him cuddling herself on the bed with tears.

She called up Veronica immediately, “hello dear how you? Veronica asked.

“Sis I can imagine what you were going through now, I can’t take this anymore, Princess said.

“Calm down and tell me what the problem is, Veronica said.

“My husband isn’t with me now, he left me to go spend the night in her house, is this how my life will be? Princess asked.

“Oh dear please calm down and take it easy, Veronica said.

“But this isn’t fair, God isn’t fair in fact nothing is fair at all and I give up! Princess shouted.

“why are you saying this Princess? You are a strong lady and I am not happy seeing you broken down like this, reject that spirit coming on you and know you will sail through this well. I thought you were praying, are you now loosing faith? Veronica asked but Princess was only crying.

“Baby girl I know you can do this, remember you do tell me this too forgetting you have your own issues to face yet you were thinking about mine. I’ll pray for you and God will see you through this okay, please be strong, Veronica said.

“Thank you thank you sis, I’ll see you tomorrow goodnight, Princess said and dropped the call then called the pastor…………………

The next day Debbie saw Cynthia and went to her seeing the way Cynthia was avoiding her, “good morning, what’s the problem are we fighting? Debbie asked pretending.

“Hmm not at all, she replied.

“But I don’t get your attitude anymore, anyway I came to say thank you for what you did for me that day, Debbie said.

“Its nothing as long as you’re okay, she replied.

“Yea thank you, Prisca refunded your money back right? Debbie asked and she nodded.

“Yea she did, she replied.

“OK thats nice, bye, Debbie said smiling and left while Cynthia was still scared thinking she’s not yet properly healed.

Debbie went in and saw her mom arranging the small bag she came down with, “where are you going to? Debbie asked.

“Going home, I can see you are healed and fine I have to go home so I won’t inconvenience you and prisca, she replied.

“So you are going just like that? Or did Prisca complain to you? Debbie asked.

“Debbie i think I’ve lost my place as a mother in your life and I accept it with good fate. I was never perfect myself and I did made a lot of mistakes, while I was carrying you I was angry with you, angry you refused coming out despite all i drank to flush you out. But when i gave birth to you, I felt a new life and beginning came to me. I was determined to love and take care of you till the end, I didn’t mind anything else but you because I saw you as an avenue to wipe my tears and correct my wrong. But its a shame that my past is still haunting me even when I’ve turned a new leaf, but I’m praying for you my child you won’t go into the face of harm. There’s still chance to stop this so you won’t put me in my early grave because I’ll die if anything happens to you, Sandra said in tears.

“What are you saying mommy? Don’t worry mommy I will take care of you, don’t mind the way I am behaving you know very well I love you so much. Soon you’ll be very proud of me I promise you okay don’t be afraid, Debbie said holding her.

“Please in begging you, Sandra said……………….

Desmond car drove in and Princess looked through the window to see him cross his hand on the lady waist as they walked together.

She folded her hand looking at them as they walked in, “hi how was your night? Sorry he was with me yesterday night and the night was so good, Rachel said smiling but Princess was quiet looking at them.

“I’m sorry I should have let you know but I couldn’t leave her that night, her temperature was Indeed high, Desmond came in but Princess slowly Left.

“Is this how she’s going to behave with me here? What’s all this? Rachel asked.

“Its okay I’ll talk to her, Desmond said.

“There’s no need for that, I’ll be staying here for a week and its starting from now, Rachel said.

“What! You didn’t tell me about this, Desmond said.

“Must I tell you? She need to get used to me so I am helping her out, She replied.

“She must know about this first and approve it, you can’t come in like that, Desmond said and she scoffed.

“Excuse me, are you talking to a stranger here? Rachel asked.

“No you don’t get me……… “Of course I do, is she the one telling you everything you should do huh? Then I don’t think you need me, I’m leaving, Rachel said.

“What are you saying? You should understand she’s my wife. Okay fine I’ll talk to her today, tomorrow you can move in okay, Desmond said holding her.

“Your attitude sometimes makes me feel bad, why do you keep reminding me you have a wife, am I then your mistress? Rachel asked.

“You’re getting me wrong, tomorrow you can move in alright, baby understand with me please don’t make things more difficult for me, Desmond said kissing her and Princess saw them which a tear dropped in her eyes and she quickly left for her room………………..

Matthew met Veronica sitting sad and slowly sat beside her, “what’s troubling you? Care to share please? He asked but she was quiet.

He sighed and held her hand, “I remember I’m always the first person you do tell your problems to, I don’t know if those times are gone but i sincerely miss them, Matthew said.

“Its good you know its gone and I don’t know if anything can bring it back again, She replied..

“I believe we can still do this love, for the sake of our kids. I’m sorry believe me i am, Matthew said going on his knees.

“That’s not necessary, I’m just thinking about my friend that’s all. I feel lucky having her as a friend that despite her marriage was shaking, she was interested in mine. She was more concerned about mine forgetting hers, now I feel so useless i can’t help her when she needs help, Veronica said.

“You mean princess? What’s wrong with her? He asked.

“Her husband is taking another wife, I know my friend and the thought of another woman sharing her man is what she can’t bear, I clearly understand her because I’ve been in that shoe, Veronica said and Matthew bowed his head.

“Excuse me, she said and left……………….


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