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Episode 15.

Prisca arrived home and saw Debbie was already home and Gideon was gone, “what was the meaning of that Prisca? What’s all this! Debbie shouted standing on her way..

“What rubbish is this? You really think I run after any guy that goes with four legs huh? I am not you okay deal with it! Prisca shouted back.

“Is that what is paining you because he snubbed you right? You stink with hatred and jealousy and it sucks! Debbie shouted.

“Oh please I have better things to jealous about, certainly not you and will never be you, Prisca said.

“Enough of this! It shouldn’t be because of one stupid guy you both will be shouting here, Sandra said coming between them..

“Look here Debbie I think I’ve had enough of all your rubbish, if your nose smells and crave for attention on guys that drives on cars take me out of it, face your broken face for once and forget about guys! Prisca shouted and turned to leave.

“Damn you bastard you jealous jerk! Debbie shouted back and Cynthia went in to check on them hearing the voices coming out from the house.

“You bitch you’ve come to take more pictures of me right! Debbie asked pushing her down and attempted to fight her.

“What is wrong with you Debbie! Sandra shouted holding her.

“Leave Me alone, she’s the one that linked out my pictures so I’ll be mocked, Debbie said.

“What are you saying and is this how ungrateful you are? I brought in help here to take you out of here, how will I know someone took pictures of you? Why blaming it on me? Or is this how you can repay me? Cynthia said and Debbie looked at her breathing hard.

“Please my daughter I am very sorry about this, she’s not in her right senses, the hit on her head affected her medulla. Just give her some time she’ll come around okay, I’m sure she will be completely healed, Sandra pleaded cleaning her clothes.

“No ma don’t do that, its okay I actually came to see her but it seem I came at the wrong time. I wish her a quick recovery then, Cynthia said and left while Debbie sat down on the bed ignoring the way her mom looked at her.

“Yea go ahead and scold or shout on me stop looking at me that way, Debbie said.

“Are you not ashamed of yourself? Look at the way you pushed that girl, Sandra said.

“Calling me a mad person in her presence is that not enough huh? Debbie asked.

“But thats the truth, you need to check yourself now before its too late, Sandra said and she sighed going to the pot to get something to eat.

“Isn’t that the food Prisca your enemy prepared? You still shamelessly want to eat it ba? Sandra asked folding her hand to look at her.

“If she doesn’t like it that way she can go to hell for all I care! Debbie dropped………………

“Mommy isn’t aunty coming anymore? Marvel asked.

“Uhm let’s go dress up, she won’t be able to make it, Veronica replied.

“But I thought she’s coming, she promised to get me something today, Joy said..

“Maybe next time, let’s go, Theresa said taking the kids to prepare them.

Minutes later Veronica came out with the kids while Theresa held a bag..

“When you know the house is in peace you can come pick the rest okay, Theresa said.

“Are you not coming with us? Joy asked.

“Don’t worry honey, I don’t want to see your father yet, stay safe okay, Theresa said pecking her grand children.

“But you’ll visit soon right? At least for our sake please, Veronica said.

“Don’t worry I will, drive safe okay, Theresa said putting the children in the car and placed the baby bed properly at the back..

“Look after your brother okay, and please drive slowly, Theresa said and closed the door while they waved at her……………..

Princess husband noticed his wife absence at home and got a call from the pastor to meet him in church which he did.

He was told everything but he only laughed at them believing nothing, “do you think this funny? Princess asked.

“I can’t believe you can do all of this to believe one kind of prophesy or whatever just to stop the arrangements going on. You can’t do anything about this okay now stop this madness and come home, He said.

” you really think this is a joke and you don’t care about this at all right? Gosh I shouldn’t have let you know in the first place, Princess said.

“I want to see you home immediately, every fasting or prayer whatever ends now, don’t keep me waiting outside! He said getting up and left while the Pastor only sat quietly watching the show..

“I’m so sorry about this pastor, he doesn’t believe in all this things, Princess said..

“It obvious and such things will sound stupid to him, what are you going to do now? He asked.

“I won’t back down now, I’ll continue this prayer at home. I only wanted to do it here so I wont be distracted, she said.

“God can still answer your prayer anywhere, you can call me on phone so I’ll pray with you, he said.

“Thank you so much I’ll do just that, she said taking her bag and left………………

Veronica arrived and horned at the gate, Paul looked at Matthew, “are you expecting someone? He asked and Matthew shook his head.

“I’ll go check who it is, Paul said and left while Matthew continued with the dinning he was setting with his heart beating fast.

Paul opened the gate and the car drove in while Matthew peeped to see who it was, his heart leaped when he saw his wife car drove in.

“They came back! He said and hurried out…………


Prisca arrived at her mom place with a long face, “what’s the problem? Esther asked her.

“Mom I’m just tired of everything, that girl is pissing me off every moment, Prisca said.

“Has it come to that? Esther asked and she heaved.

“Any food please? She asked.

“Yes go serve yourself, her mom replied.

“Thank you, Prisca said going to the kitchen……..


After eating Debbie began dressing up and a call came on her phone, “he’s here, she said happily to her mom and picked up.

“Hello dear, she picked up.

“Yea am almost there, I’ll give you a horn, Gideon said.

“Alright see ya, Debbie said laughing happily while Sandra folded her hand looking at her as she applied a little make up and wore a face cap.

“At least I’m good to go, how do I look? She asked her mom.

“You are going out Deborah? No rest? Her mom asked.

“You people don’t want me to stay in this house peacefully so let me go out where I’ll see joy, you can call your Darling Prisca to keep you company, Debbie replied.

“Don’t regret this o because I know you will, you don’t even know that guy, Sandra said..

“Does it matter? Same way I don’t know my father but I haven’t died right? just leave me alone to do my thing! Debbie shouted on her.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Sandra said.

“Same way your parents always warned you, you think I don’t know about your history huh? Your best friend told me everything so swallow it up and let me be, Debbie said shocking her mom and Sandra stood up from where she sat and held her.

“That may be true but will you go the same way I did? What use did it do to me Debbie? I learnt My mistakes and I’m warning you to stop this lifestyle, Sandra said and Debbie smiled.

“I am not going the same way you did mom, you went after village small small boys but I am going after rich men capable to take us out of poverty, now that’s the difference between us and I can never be like you. At least I didn’t drop out in secondary school, Debbie said and they heard a horn outside.

“OK bye, Debbie said and left while Sandra watched and began to shed tears………………..


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