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Episode 20.

“Honey let’s go she’s sleeping, Rachel said holding Desmond away from her.

“What do you mean? I have to be by her side, He replied.

“To do what? Common let’s go have something to eat, she said dragging him.

“I am not hungry okay just leave me alone, Desmond said taking his hand off from her and looked at Princess sadly while Rachel stood looking at him and left the room.

Princess slowly opened her eyes, “you can go I’m fine, she calmly said.

“Is there anything you want? Can I bring a cup of coffee for you? Desmond asked.

“Don’t worry I’m fine, am on fast and I haven’t forgotten about that, Princess said.

“What’s the meaning of that? Look at you and you’re here talking about fast, who does that? Desmond angrily said.

“Can you please stop worrying about me, I just said I’ll be fine, Princess said and closed her eyes back which Desmond shook his head and left the room..

He met Rachel in the kitchen trying to get lunch prepared, seeing him she purposely let the knife slide through her hand and let a big shout which Desmond ran to her.

“Why were you not careful? He asked while washing the wound.

‘Is that all you can say? The cut is deep can’t you see? Rachel asked.

“Of course i can clearly see that you need to be careful next time, he said taking her out to give her a first aid treatment.

“When are we getting married? Rachel asked.

“Why are you asking this? He asked.

“I have every right to know, engagement isn’t marriage and you know that, Rachel said.

“Are you thinking I won’t get married to you? He asked.

“You haven’t answered my question, we are not kids and I don’t see why this should take time okay. I don’t feel secured in this relationship seriously knowing right now I can be called your Mistress, Rachel said and he looked at her.

“What’s bringing all this discussion? You’ve forgotten I am waiting for my mom to return from the states to witness our wedding, now why all this? Desmond asked.

“I’m sorry, Rachel slowly said.

“That’s better, now will you let me treat this injury in peace? Desmond asked………………..

Matthew returned from work early as he promised and found Veronica helping the kids with their books.

“Daddy is back! Matthew shouted and they got up to welcome him.

“Thanks darling, you all need to dress up for we are going out, He said.

“Really daddy? Is mommy coming also? Joy asked.

“No, Veronica replied.

“Mommy why? They chorused.

“I can’t take your brother to anywhere now, he’s still too tender for that, She replied.

“Are you sure you’ll be fine here? He asked.

“Just make sure you bring my kids in one piece, she replied and he heaved.

“Dress up and meet me downstairs okay, I’ll be waiting, Matthew said.

“Okay daddy, the girls chorused.

Minutes later they came down and Veronica escorted them outside.

Driving the car out of the compound Veronica heaved and called up Princess line again but it was still switched off.

“What’s wrong with my friend? Her number has been off since morning, Veronica worriedly said to her self, went in took her baby and drove out to her place.

She got in and met another woman cuddled with Desmond on the sofa laughing happily, “sorry can we help you? Rachel asked seeing Veronica.

“No dear she’s my wife friend, Desmond told Rachel getting up.

“Congratulations Veronica, sorry I’ve been too busy to visit, awnnn he’s so adorable, Desmond said getting the baby from her.

“Thank you. Sorry is my friend in? Veronica asked.

“Yes she is but she’s a little bit sick and please can you help me talk to your friend? Desmond asked.

“I’ll try my best, where is she? Veronica asked.

“In the room, please go in, Desmond said and Veronica nodded getting her baby from him and left.

She knocked on the door twice and opened up to see Princess covered up with blanket.

“Honey what’s wrong? Veronica asked standing by the door and Princess turned and saw her.

“You came? She asked and Veronica walked up other.

“Is this the Best way to handle this? You’ve lost hope already honey look at you, Veronica said and Princess smiled.

“I’m fine sis believe me, she replied.

“No you are not don’t say that, i can barely recognize you and with this attitude you’re giving that lady a broad way to take your husband from you, Veronica said and Princess scoffed.

“For the first time in my life sis my hands are tied, she has full control over my husband and I can’t do anything about it and that is killing me more. But i’ll be fine, Princess said.

“Honey you are more than this, loosing hope wont help you at all and I am beginning to wonder how she’s going to use you now you are this weak, Veronica said but Princess stretched out her hand and got the baby from her.

“Given him a name yet? Princess asked.

“I know you want to divert from this important issue, Veronica replied.

“I just want to ease some boredom away, you know I have so many names I planned to give my children so in case you don’t have names i can help you with one to call my handsome sweetheart, Princess said smiling at the baby.

“But I know you will surely name your kids those names, Veronica said.

“What should i offer for………… “Stop this doubts Princess, if you don’t have faith then what are you praying for then? Common! Veronica shouted and Princess countenance fell.

“Its not that I don’t have faith, but when I try building it up I fall to the lowest degree of it seeing my present condition. Can’t God just do something even in this my state of unbelief? Princess asked as her eyes welled up with tears.

“Don’t let that tears drop, I want you to cheer up and put on the bold and lively Princess I use to know. You will surely get through this okay, Veronica said……………………

“When are you taking me to your parents? Debbie asked on their way home.

“They don’t base here, he replied.

“OK but you will inform them about us right? She asked.

“Of course I will, he replied.

“I don’t understand, why do you want us to get married in one month time? there isn’t enough time for the preparations, Debbie said.

“Debbie I understand you have so many plans and dreams of how you want that day to be, I’ll give you any amount of money you want and everything will still be taken care of, Gideon replied.

“But can we take it slowly? Its like we are rushing it, she said.

“Does it matter? I just want to get married that’s all or don’t you like it? He asked.

“Its okay, she replied and his phone began to ring which he ignored it.

“Aren’t you picking the call? She asked after the 3rd ring.

“I don’t pick calls while driving, he replied.

“But you do…….. “Its okay Debbie, I’ll call whoever it is back alright, Gideon cut In and she swallowed.

“I’ve been wondering, will your parents accept me or will they behave like my mom did? she asked.

“My family can’t be like yours of course, but where is your father? He asked.

“His dead, she lied.

“Sorry about that, he said and she nodded which the call came again.

“What if its important? Debbie asked and he angrily looked at her.

“Are you this stubborn? I said the call can wait till i get settled okay! He shouted shocking Debbie…………………

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