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Episode 11.

“Daddy! Marvel shouted inside the car which made Matthew got up from where he sat, Theresa heaved and stopped the car while Mathew slowly approached it with a sober look.

Theresa came out looking at him, “I don’t want trouble ma, I just want to talk. I’m terribly sorry for all I’ve done, I’ve regretted it but please I’m begging for just one more and last chance to make things right. Please don’t take my family away from me, Matthew said going on his knees with his head bowed while Theresa nodded at Veronica in the car.

Veronica heaved and came out from the car giving the child to Princess, “I know its your children you want, don’t worry I won’t take your prostitutes away from you, Veronica said and he raised his head.

“Please its my family I want not just children, I don’t know what made me say those things but I am terribly sorry. They mean a lot to me I swear, Matthew said and a tear dropped from his eyes.

“I don’t know that but I won’t drag my children into this mess I am having with you. We will go back, but that won’t be my home anymore, Veronica said.

“Please I’m begging you, I have nothing to do with that lady anymore………. “If I had done same will you Have forgiven me? Its so easy to say forgive me like you would have done same to me. You want your children, and you will have them but you will never take them away from me! Veronica shouted with tears gathering in her eyes.

“I kneel guilty please, I’m sorry I did all of that hurting you and insulting your personality. Please forgive me, Matthew said and wanted to hold her hand but she shifted backwards and the kids came out of the car.

“Daddy please don’t cry, Marvel said cleaning his tears and he hugged her which Joy went nearer.

“Forgive me my girls, it won’t happen again I promise, Mathew said.

“We forgave you already but mommy is still angry with you, Joy said.

“Daddy did you know we have a brother? Marvel asked and he nodded but couldn’t say a word as he looked at Veronica but she got the child from Princess and went inside in a Hurry.

“Don’t worry daddy you’ll see his face very soon, Joy said.

“Thank you, now i want you to take care of him and mommy alright, Matthew said.

“Are you not coming in? Marvel asked.

“OK thats enough girls, let’s go in, Princess said taking the girls hands.

“Bye daddy, the girls said waving at him while he only waved back still on his knees.

“Its okay sir, at least you’ve heard they will be coming home, his gateman said to him.

“That’s not enough, I’ve lost my wife, Matthew said.

‘I don’t think so, as long as she’s coming back to the house you both have shared so many memories, with your change of heart you will gradually have her back, let’s go sir, The gateman said.

“I have to do something, let’s go, Matthew said getting up……………..

The next day Prisca was feeling very reluctant to go visit Debbie in the hospital remembering the attitude she displayed last night.

She dressed up to go to school rather and on the way the car of last night parked again and Gideon came out smiling at her.

“We meet again right? He asked.

“You followed me last night don’t lie, Prisca said.

“Common don’t be this way, Gideon said.

“What do you want? Prisca asked.

“Are we fighting? I just want to be friends is that a big deal? Gideon asked.

“Yes it is and I don’t want to be friends with you, don’t make it a big deal and stop bugging me. Excuse me, Prisca said and left……………….

“Your friend hasn’t arrived yet what’s the problem? Sandra asked.

“I don’t care, Debbie replied.

“Why are you like this? after all that girl has done for you, Sandra said and she scoffed.

“Done for me? Mommy Prisca hasn’t done anything for me rather I am the one doing it for her. You know my problem with her, she’s always acting like a saint, thou good and perfect girl and that sucks! Let her go to hell, Debbie blurred out.

“Debbie Debbie! Change o, because I don’t see that girl that way, Sandra said.

“That’s your problem, if you like see her in a saint and virgin Mary way I don’t care. She was busy attacking me and giving me stupid advises but that advises couldn’t help her mother when they were thrown outside. It was still this Debbie who had love and helped her out, will she have done same for me? Debbie asked.

“See your mouth running as if you went out there to hustle like your mates are doing then you used your hard earned money to help her. Did she send you to snatch some body husband? If you did it willingly why are you blaming her? You don’t have shame at all and i am beginning to wonder the kind of dog that licked it from your face, Sandra said and Debbie heaved.

“Oh so i am the only one that fit to hustle, why didn’t she do that as a good daughter she is? By the way When are you going back to the village? You came to see me right? Not that you even carry any money to pay for my bills all you are doing is pouring insults on me like you are even better. I am fine as you see now please you can go back, Debbie said and Sandra laughed clapping her hands.

“You can’t do anything Deborah neither will your anger cook any yam for me to eat now. I will go back anytime I like if you wish you can break the remaining side of your face, rubbish, Sandra said and left the room while Debbie hissed loudly………………………..

There at school Prisca was getting her things done same with Debbie’s own.

A course mate of Debbie sighted Prisca and went to her, “hi how’s Debbie now? She asked.

“She’s getting better, Prisca replied.

“That’s good to know, I heard it was because of the lecturer wife she was beaten that way, we saw the picture off had on our group chat. So shameful, the lady said and Prisca looked at her.

“Did you approach me to ask about Debbie or did you come to me so you can gossip her? And who said its because of the lecturer wife she was beaten? Why not you and whoever posted that rubbish do something better like minding your business since you all don’t want to graduate but engage in gossips! Prisca shouted on her.

“Shuuu why are you taking it personal? She asked.

“She is my friend and it wasn’t yet confirmed it was the lecturer wife that was responsible for what happened to her. The best you all can do is to visit her and show her love rather than speculating fake news about her. By the way who posted the picture when no one has ever visited her? Prisca asked.

“You have no right to know, the lady replied.

“Your department sucks! Prisca shouted and walked away from her…………………..

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