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I closed my office door and walked away to the conference room to meet my dad, anything he has to say must be quick cause I don’t like staring at his face.


I walked briskly to the conference room, getting there the door was half closed and my dad was making a phone call. I didn’t really want to eaves drop on his conversation because I know it will be one of his stupid girlfriend, ever since the day I learned that my dad had been having an affair with different women. I hated him cause it’s not like my mom is dead or something, and when she finally found out she just couldn’t do anything, nothing.. .


I pushed the door open and walked Inside, seeing me he quickly end his conversation and turned to me.


“sit” he told me .


“I know what to do” I harshfully remarked and he adjusted his collar.



“can we just get over with this I’m missing my lunch break too with everyone’s” I said and he nodded.


“we have a problem, after doing some research I found out the cloth sales department aren’t having any progress at all, but they have the newest designs of different attires but I just don’t have any idea why it’s not working out” my dad explained.


“That’s because it’s hidden, to make it sell you have to show it to the costumers in a graphic way” I said. and his eyebrows arched.. He didn’t understand.


“we need models dad, someone who would wear them, and then we’ll take pictures of them and put them in magazines and that way people will see it and boom we’ve hit” I said.


He smiled and nodded.


“so you’re getting it now” I asked and he nodded and replied,


“yes I have, but where are we going to find models ? ” my dad asked. “Anywhere, what we need to have is enough money for everything.” I said and he rubbed his neck.


“yeah, money is actually the problem.”


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My dad started laying his complains. He was already pissing me off, I know he has a lot of money, not a lot, he’s stinking rich, but doesn’t like spending it. He’s just being a stingy ass hole.


“Don’t start shits with me dad” I yelled.


“seriously, I’m not lying.. ”


“you know what dad just leave it to me I’ll see what I can do about it, you can go on and spend your money on those worthless whores, while I deal with my company, ” I said through my teeth and he tried to hide his stupid smile..


I walked out of the room angrily and adjusted my collar, I needed to some food since that old man had made me hungry.


As I walked in the cafeteria I spotted Sarah and Owen, I walked close to them but they didn’t See Me, because of the building pillar, dividing us..


“I’m sorry I barely even know you. I can’t really tell you my life story ” I heard Sarah say.


“I know I understand, but since you know me now, let’s be friends” Owen said and


Sarah nodded




This Owen is seriously something.



I have to tell her soon enough that I’m Zack, I can’t take this Shit no more, I can’t believe she really didn’t recognize me, did I change so much? This is bullshit..


I walked away to another food court, I needed to give her space..







Owen escorted me back to my office, (Mr Zachary’s office)


“so lunch again tomorrow” he asked.


“wouldn’t miss it” I said and he nodded and walked away but still turning back, glancing and smiling back.


I entered the office and sat down on my chair I was so full.I brought out a book from my bag which I actually call my idea book, it’s where I wrote down my scale of preference , and got the most needed, and today all my need is for a car which I thought was coming after three months time.. Or a year after saving up for my pay at this company..


I drew a shapeless car at the middle of the book and wrote coming soon. Under it and also the reason why I needed to buy it.


I immediately put the pen in the book and closed it as Zachary walked inside


“hey how was lunch?” he asked.


“great, it was great.” I said and smiled..


“I see you’ve been hanging around with owen now” he asked.




He walked over to his seat and sat down “you know him” I asked, of course he does.


“yeah I do I know everyone here in marbella ” he said and I smiled and said “well actually Owen is just a friend”


“okay” he said and moved his hair backward and I almost lost my mind of where I’ve seen those sparkly eyes before. I hit my head to stop falling for the boss, my boss


“are u okay ” he asked


“Huh?, yeah! Why? ” I rushed my words.


“you just hit your head with your hand” he said.


“did I? ” I whined



“okay.. You’re acting weird” he said and laughed and goodness I could swear that it’s like I’ve known him before..


“okay so Sarah I want to make a request ” he asked “go on” I replied


“look, our clothes sales department aren’t progressing at all and I need a model to, you know what models do” he rushed his words and stroked his chin. “Are you asking me to be a model for you?” I asked stupidly.


“not for me though, the company, and please I really need it, we need it and seriously the pay will be huge trust ” he said.


“I don’t even have any qualities of a model. ” I said.


“you do, you’re tall slim.. And also you don’t want me to describe all or. You’ll slap me. ” he said and smiled and his manly dimple made a hole. he’s adorable.. Wait. What..


Wait a minute






Money equal to, ‘car’


“I’ll do it” I said and his eyes widened.


“really.. ” he yanked and I smiled.


And nodded.


“well tomorrow it is” he said and I noded.


I can’t wait to share this good news with mother..


“oh and please I just finishes with this, can u help me give it to Ken, his office is right under mine” he said and gave me some written documents and I collected happily and walked out the door..


Zack’s POV



Yep.. She’s just a sweetheart she didn’t change at all, still the helpful and nice Sarah I know..


I glanced at her table and saw an unfamiliar book I took it and it suddenly opened which seemed like a pen was stuck in, and when it did, I saw a shapeless car, she drew yeah she’s bad at drawing.


I looked below the car and saw coming soon. She wants to buys car, a car,


I red all her reasons and smiled …


a)To take Valery to school.


To get to work faster


To stop meeting strange people at the bus


To stop catching up with expensive taxes.


I laughed and stared at the shapeless car. Maybe it’s time to make this really










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