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What Anastasia did made me angry, I gave her a look and she smiled and said “I did it for you”


I sighed and hurried outside so I could find Sarah and apologize to her for Anastasia’s naive character…


I ran outside looking to and fro for Sarah,until I saw her under a shady tree behind our school building she sat on a log crying, I slowly approached her and sat beside her.


“hey”i said slowly and she swiftly turned to me and cleaned her tears


“what are you doing here” she said timidly. “look I’m sorry for Anastasia’s attitude earlier ” I said while she frowned and said “you’re not Anastasia so why are apologizing to me” ..


“well Anastasia is kind of my friend and so are you… So please it’s okay” I said


while she slowly smiled and said thanks, “so are we going to the party or not” I


said while she smiled and said “we are” we both stood and she strangely hugged


me which made me kind of happy..







We both got inside the party again and immediately taylor quickly walked up to me and said “are you okay ” I replied her a yes and turned to Zack mouthed him a thank you.


He walked over to his friends and I had a feeling he was staring at me which made me uncomfortable..


The music went from hip-hop to slow music and immediately someone tapped me and when I turned it was Zack ,”care of a dance” he said.. “wouldn’t miss it” I said while he smiled and placed his hands on my waist and I placed mine on his shoulder.. And we began to dance, staring into each others eyes which felt totally kinda weird to me but I didn’t ruin the moment.. …………



After the dance an hour later the party went wild with everyone drinking except me and Taylor and a girl called Avril.. We stood in a corner and I watched as Zack’s friend make him drink and I smiled to my self they all got drunk but not as Zack.. the party finally came to an end, as Taylor was parking her things like phone and lipgloss I remembered I forgot my phone outside, I quickly went out and took it from under the shady tree.. Going back to meet Taylor I heard footsteps I couldn’t see clearly cause it was nighttime and everywhere was dark.. Suddenly two guys held me “what are you doing” I asked nervously they laughed and I recognised their voices, Samuel and Ricky, Zack’s friends suddenly more came out including Zack.. Cuz I heard his voice he was saying “what were you guys going to show me” ..suddenly they started ripping off my dress “what are you guys doing let go of me, ” I said struggling and freeing my self but instead they covered my mouth I tried to scream but I couldn’t. Thats when I got the idea that I was about to be raped and worst of it they’re going to make Zack do it..


That’s why they made him drunk , I tried to free my self from them but I couldn’t,


Zack came closer to me his mouth smelling like liquor, “Sarah it’s good you’re here


I’ve lusted for your body for weeks now.


You’re too beautiful to resist which is why my friends came up with this idea of me satisfying my self” he said slowly and drunkly staggering..


I bit Samuel’s hand that was on my mouth and said “Zack please don’t do this to me ” ..


“but Sarah.. It won’t hurt”..they ripped my dress off and I cried for help.. But no


one came and that was it. That was how I was raped by Zack that night they all left


me and ran away, it was the night I wouldn’t forget..and till life time I’d never


forgive Zack..












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