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Sarah’s POV


( continues)



After Zack was ‘done’ with Me his friends took him away while I sat down on the floor and cried,I was shocked, lost confused and devastated , it was like my whole world had tumbled, just then I felt a light touch on my shoulder and flinched..


“it’s okay it’s just me” I heard Taylor’s voice as she walked up in front of me and bent down..


“what happened why are you sitting on the floor half naked what happened ” she said but I just cried even more .


“Sarah what’s wrong ” she asked her voice breaking “he.. He.. P.. Planned.. it.. ” I cry and shivered.

“talk to me Sarah what, who planned what” she queerer


“he raped me ” I finally said and gasped then broke down in more tears..


“oh my goodness who” Tay said and I cleaned my tears..


“Zack” I said,


she became suddenly speechless


“that son of a bitch” she said and quickly raised the arm of my dress and tucked my hands inside them and zipped the zipper.


“come-on stand up you can’t stay here it’s too cold I’m taking you home. I’m calling Avril to get ready with her car” she said then helped me up but I felt a sharp pain in my uterus and shrieked..


“oh my god ” she said and held me tight with one of her hand and used the second one to operate her phone before placing it on her ear,


“A.v you need to come out here stact, under the shady tree and be fast it’s an emergency ” Taylor yelled Into her phone and seconds later a car came screeching in front of us and the front light shining directly at us… The Pain came and went. I felt like I should just kill my self , I held stomach with my hand to prevent the pain but it didn’t stop. I felt so weak..


“what happened ” Avril came down from her car and said running up to us and suddenly gasped seeing me.


“oh my goodness is that blood ” she said her eyes streaming down my dress


“just help me get her in and drive her home” Taylor said and Avril didn’t hesitate to hold me, I couldn’t even walk, I mean I can but I couldn’t ..



She drove me home quickly and the drive was about me explaining and crying what had happened.. And Avril couldn’t stop cussing Zack and his stupid friends..


Finally we got home and Sarah ringed the door bell and my mom opened it, while Avril helped me get out of the car,


“Taylor? why are you guys home early it’s just ten thirty ” I heard my mom say “we have bigger problems Mrs Sydney ” Taylor said


“problem? What problem” my mom asked and then Avril and I got down from the car with Avril holding me and my mom Gasped seeing me.. “what in the name of..


“she got raped ma’am ” Avril said..


“come-on help me get her inside we’ve got to clean her up and take her to hospital and then you’ll tell me who’s responsible for this mess” my mom said and the both of them nodded..


Two hours later, I was sitting at the back seat of Avril’s car with Taylor beside me my mom Is sitting on the seat beside the driver’s seat and the driver’s Avril.. I was in my normal clothes and my hair was in ponytail but still I felt like,… I felt like I wasn’t me anymore I wasn’t the Sarah Sydney everyone knew. I felt like I had changed, Taylor narrated the whole story to my mom and all she did was keep quiet..


“pullover ” I heard my mom say and Avril did. we got to the hospital where my mom took me inside and Taylor and Avril trailed behind her..


A doctor immediately attended to us. A familiar Doctor Who is actually my mom’s high school friend


“hmm Rebecca how are you? what bring you here?” doctor Lucas asked and my mom explained everything.


Few minutes later I was lying on the bed after taking some shots, and my mom,


Avril and Taylor walked In. They were still in their prom dress.. Lucky me!


“so, baby how are you feeling ” my mom said and I shrugged she turned to the


doctor and asked


“is she okay”


“yes she is, I’ve given her treatments and everything’s fine” he said and my mom breathed .


“is she going to get pregnant or something ” Avril asked



“good question girl, I did check the status for that, she’s not pregnant.. Yet, but still it’s 99% sure that she’ll get pregnant soon Like maybe a week or two” doctor Lucas said and my eyes went shut, no way, I can’t get pregnant for that filthy basterd, no way, no f**king way,.. Tears filled my eyes as I took it a deep breath..


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“so is there anything I can do” my mom asked.


“no, just leave it all to me Becca ” the doctor said and my mom smiled and thanked


the Doctor.




After thanking Avril and Taylor, my mom shut the door and helped me to my room, I was still In tears, I sat on my bed gently and she sat beside me “honey please stop crying you’ll make it worse ” she said but I gave no reply.. She also broke down in tears and coverd her face with her palms but removed it and held my hands


“look honey you have to be strong, you have to overcome all this, who knows maybe this can be the best thing that ever happened to you” my mom said and I turned to look at her is she serious


“like they say every disappointment might be a blessing” she said “M-might?” I asked


“no.. Every disappointment ‘is’ a blessing and yours might be one so cry no more honey, okay” my mom said and hugged me as I cried on her shoulder..


This was the worst day of my life, an eighteen years old girl got raped on her prom


night… Worst night ever..








I sat down on my bed on a Sunday morning, searching the internet for the best company I can find and work I just got fired from my last company, yeah I don’t want to explain that.. My eyes have rings under it and my hair was itchy and sweaty.


I haven’t taken my bath.. After searching and searching I finally found one and filled in the application form for the job then closed my laptop, this Is bullshit, I hope I get in..


I looked at the time, 7:30am, I quickly took my bath and changed before going to the living room, I saw my mom with candies and I sighed “mom are you giving Valery sweets again” i asked


“yes, because she asked for it” my mom said


“mom.. You know. She’s just five years old ” I said and my mom rolled her eyes “and so ”


“you’re spoiling her ” I yanked


“I gave you sweets when you were young and now are you spoilt? ” my mom


asked while I rolled my eyes..


“where’s Valery..


“mommy mommy look” I saw Valery running out from the kitchen with something in her hand


“what is it sweety” I asked


“my tooth came off” she said and showed it to me.. “oh really ” I said and turned to my mom


“hey it wasn’t my fault” my mom defended taking a lemon candy in her mouth , “you know what Valery, why don’t you put it under your pillow tonight for the Tooth Fairy to come and exchange it for money ” I said while Valery jumped in happiness.. And walked away


“so you’re going to borrow a dollar from me now right” my mom said and I smiled at her, and she rolled her eyes..


I told her about the job and she wished me good luck and said I’ll get in. And I hoped so, Valery came out later saying she just put her tooth under her pillow and I smiled at her, she’s my world my daughter and my heart but it pains me so much that she had to look so much like Zack she even inherited his dimple and smile.. But any f**king ways she’s still my baby..


That day passed so quickly and when I woke up the next day I received a notification on my phone, I screamed happily seeing it I just got in, thank goodness that all my searching for where to work didn’t go in vain, the name of the company was “the marbella” I shared the good news with my mom and quickly had my bath, I made sure I had straightened my hair properly, added some light makeup on my face then put on a simple yet responsible clothing..


I headed out to the living room and saw my mom wearing Valery her school uniform..


“so I’m off mom” I told her.


“safe journey honey ” she replied .


“Valery, sweetie see you after school and give mommy a kiss ” I told her and she pecked me.



“mom look the Tooth Fairy visited me last night and dropped this, ” Valery said and showed me a dollar..


And I smiled remembering how I took her teeth and put the dollar there..


“but I’m going to give it to you mommy cause you’re the best” she said and I took it and kissed her forehead before heading out..


Finally I got to the marbella and my heart start pounding but still I had hope..












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