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Season 2 episode 5



Amelia POV


We got back home tired and exhausted, thank Goodness, we bought some food cause I am too tired to cook right now.


Alex dished the food while I set the table. We all gathered to eat while Violet kept looking at I and Alex strangely.



I shrugged it off. After dinner, everyone retreated to their rooms but I stayed behind with Violet.


“You want to tell me something?” I asked.


“Yeah, let’s go to my room” Violet said and I followed her to her room.


“What happened?” I asked curiously.


“Rosa is planning on ruining things with both you and Alex so she asked me to join hands with her and I told her it’s okay” she started.


“Why would you say that?” I asked.


“We have to play her game, you would have to go meet Alex and tell him about the plan then tomorrow morning yell at him for going into Rosa’s room” Violet added.


“Did Alex go to her room?” I yelled and she covered my mouth.


“No, that’s what Rosa asked me to do. We just have to play along with her till she fails in her own game” Violet said.


“Okay, let’s play this game then” I said.


“Thanks Violet, for standing with me this time around” I said and hugged her.


She patted my back. “It’s okay” she said and I smiled.


“Good night” I said and waved Violet good night.


I got into the room and met Alex sitting up.


“Why aren’t you sleeping yet?” I asked.


“I was waiting for you” he replied and motioned me to come lie beside him which I did and snuggled up against him.


“Good night, I am tired, let’s talk tomorrow morning” I said and slept off.



Emily POV


That wicked lady that’s always making mum and Dad sad. I have to do something about her.


What should I do? I thought about it and finally decided on an idea.


I got a cup of coffee and added chili powder and salt in it. She should have a taste of this, wicked woman.


I took a pen and scribbled on a note.


Take this coffee, be good


From Alex.


I placed the coffee and the note on her doorstep then knocked on the door.


“Who is that?” She asked and I ran away to my room.



Rosa POV


I opened the door and saw a cup of coffee and a note.


I checked the note and was overjoyed by what I saw. I guess this is the work of Violet.


Seeing results so soon, that girl is a genius. As I walked back inside, the coffee spilled.


Ohh, no. The coffee given to me by my darling Alex is gone. Well, that’s no big deal, I got the note.


The next morning


I heard different shoutings and got out of my room. It was Alex and Amelia yelling at each other.


“You bitch” Amelia yelled on seeing me.



“Alex, I can’t believe you did this to me. I thought you truly loved me but I was wrong” she cried.


“Amelia, you are the real devil here. You know what you did but I won’t expose you in front of Emily” Alex yelled back.


“Alex why is she yelling?” I asked and moved closer to him.


“Alex, I am staying here and that’s my final decision. I, Emily and Violet are staying here with you in this house” Amelia said and walked off to her room.


“I hate this aunty” Emily said and walked away.


“Alex, calm down. You don’t need those bitches, I am here for you” I said.


“Thanks” he muttered.


“Please go buy me some food” he pleaded.


“Okay, I will go right away” I said and ran to my room.


I took a quick bath and opened my wardrobe to pick what to wear.


I picked on of the long dresses that was still manageable and rushed out to buy the food.


Amelia POV


“I did really good right?” Alex asked.


“Yeah, we all did well” I replied.


“I bet Rosa is so damn happy right now” Violet said and her phone rang, she smiled.


“Adrian” she whispered and ran out. I am sensing something between those two.


“So what do I get for doing well?” Alex asked.



“Nothing” I replied and walked out




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By Authoress Juliana



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