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Season 2 episode 9


‘Can I sit beside you?’ I texted her and she looked at me.


‘No, did you forget about the plan?’ She texted back.



‘I don’t care about that silly part that requires us not to sit beside each other’ I texted and walked to her seat.


I sat beside her and she hit me lightly. “Stand up,get back” she said and I saw Rosa coming down the stairs.


“You! Bitch! You were chatting with another man, is he your new lover?!” I quickly yelled at her.


“And who gave you the right to peep into my phone” Amelia said and stood up.


“Alex, it’s okay. I have told you severally to send them out” Rosa said and hugged me holding me.


I smiled at Amelia, and she gave me a thumbs up.


“Hello” Someone said, I looked back to see the doc.


I smiled and walked towards him.


“Welcome sir, have your seat” I said and he looked at Amelia, Rosa then at me.


“Alex, what is he doing here?” Rosa asked.


“To run a test on you, you said you don’t like the hospital. So it’s been done in the comfort of our home” I replied.


“I am not doing a pregnancy test” she said.


“Why?” I asked.


“Alex, if you really love me. Then you will send this doc away” She said.


“Sorry but we still have to run this test,why are you afraid? What are you afraid of?” I asked.


“I am not afraid of anything” she said with a smile,a fake smile.



“So doc get to work”


“Dad!!” Emily yelled running to me.


“Dad?” Doc asked.


“Yes, she’s my daughter” I replied.


“Wow, Alex when did you get someone pregnant and gave birth?” He asked.


“I will tell you everything later just get to work now” I replied and walked into my room with Amelia and Emily.


“I hope she’s not pregnant” Amelia said.


“I know she’s not or why else won’t she want a test?” I said hopefully although I still had some doubt.


“Mum, that woman, I don’t like her at all. She is wicked and I know that she’s not pregnant. She’s a liar” Emily said and I held her cheeks.


“Don’t worry about it, mum and Dad are going to take care of it all” I said and pecked her forehead.


Few mins later


“Alex, I will be going back to the hospital now, I will text you the results” Doc said.


“Thanks” I replied and bade him bye.


“Alex, I want to go to visit my mum” Rosa said.


“Just relax for today, we are going to go visit them together later” I said and she nodded with fear written all over her face.


Rosa PO



I have to find a way out of here as soon as possible, I looked around, before I leave, I have to do something to get money.


I hurriedly made coffee and added some sleeping pills. I sneaked into Emily’s room and dropped the cup of coffee on the table.


I dropped a note along with it.


‘Drink, things must have been stressful for a while’ Mum


I smiled and sneaked out again, Emily, you are my only way. Just please drink this coffee.



Emily POV


I jumped onto my bed and my eyes caught a cup of coffee, I drank it. It tastes a bit weird.


I laid back on the bed and after a while, I dozed off.



Alex POV


“Amelia!!”I yelled happily.


“Yeah?” She replied.


“Rosa isn’t pregnant” I said.


“Really? That’s incredible” Amelia yelled and I carried her and spinner her round.


“Is that true?” Violet asked.


“Yes!” I replied.


“Now, to deal with that bitch” Amelia said.


“I will go get Emily” Violet said.




“Rosa is gone” Amelia announced.


“Emily too, she’s not in” Violet said.






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By Authoress Juliana


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