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easy careful ‘ Penelope said as Veronica lifted one leg after another into the extremely big and beautiful mansion. She was still a bit weak from the accident but her body is surely responding to treatment and she is getting better day by day.


‘Here ,get some rest,i will have lunch sent to you later’ Penelope said as she made Veronica lay on the bed.


‘Ummm mum ‘ Penelope was about to leave before Veronica stopped her.



‘Yes my daughter ‘ she answered as she sat down at the other end of her bed to listen to what her daughter has to say


‘William Morgan and i … he said something about marriage, i really can’t remember anything about agreeing to get married to him ‘ she said and Penelope smiled


‘You see Chelsea, it so sad that you do not remember William Morgan anymore, but he is the man you love a lot more than words could explain and you just couldn’t wait to get married to him . You see ,we use to live with London but we moved back to New York because his grandmother agreed to you two getting married ‘ she said and Veronica nodded


Penelope said she loved william alot but why does it feel so wierd hearing that ,she doesn’t feel like the type to love and beside if she had trully loved William, she was suppose to feel some kind of spark the first time she saw him.


But there was nothing at all. Everything it felt so empty like there was nothing at all. All she felt for him was extreme irritation and maybe a little bit of hatred.


‘You see ,Chelsea promised me in the past that you would get married to William Morgan no matter what ..i am sure you will still keep that promise right ?’Penelope asked as she place her hand on Veronica and looked into her eyes . She really cannot remember this woman and who she might trully be to her but right now ,she does not have the heart to say no to this woman . Her instincts keep telling her that william Morgan isn’t the right one but a big part of her stronger than the sudden hatred she had developed for William doesn’t want to disappoint this woman


‘If i made such promises, be rest assured that I will fufill it ‘ she said and that brought a warm smile to Penelope’s face


‘Thanks dear’ she said as she kissed her on the forehead and walked out of the room. Veronica eyes scanned the entire room ,nothing about this place reminds her of who she was . It like she had never been in such Luxurious room or had the opportunity to sleep in such Luxurious bed. She began to doubts the people



surrounding her ,are they really who they claimed to be ,because absolutely nothing around her feels familiar at all .


The following day ,Veronica woke up early in the morning and had her warm bath


.she was feeling much better than the previous day . She walked down the stairs and saw the chef preparing breakfast and decided to help out


‘Can i join you guys ‘she asked while one of the maids bowed her head slightly immediately she saw Veronica


‘Ma’m ,just give us some minutes and breakfast will be ready ‘ she said while Veronica focused on the dish they were preparing


‘i would like to help ‘


‘Waw ma’m we are sorry but we simply cannot allow that ,i mean you are like the boss around here . Mrs Meyer wouldn’t hesitate to get us fired if let you work with the helps’ she told who Veronica who simply turned her back to leave . She went outside and decided to water the gardens. It just feels really wierd for her to seat and Lazy around without helping any of the maids


‘Chelsea, what are you doing will get your hands dirty ‘ Penelope shouted as she walked towards Veronica


‘I just wanted to do something ‘


‘Since when Chelsea and besides that you never wake up so early..why are you suddenly waking up as early as 6:30am and watering the flowers’


‘I just felt like mother’


‘This accident must have really affected so badly ..come with me ‘ Penelope said to Veronica who followed her without arguing any further. After breakfast that day , Veronica was lying in her room when one of the maids walked towards her with a phone



‘Mr morgan wants to speak with you ma’m ‘She said as she handed over a cellphone to Veronica. She rolled her eyes in disgust at the mention of his name




‘Do not forget you are suppose to meet me at my house today, i have something important i want to discuss with you ‘


‘Okay ‘ i answered as i disconnected the call and gave it back to the maid politely.


‘Ummm,am sorry ..but do you mind directing me to mother’s room?’ She asked and the maid nodded


‘Ofcourse ma’m ,i will ‘


‘Thank you ‘ she appreciated as the maid directed her to Penelope’s room


‘No problem just tell the driver to take you to his house,but first put on something nice ?’


‘Nice ..but i look okay’


‘Waw ,you have really changed always want to look your best when you Visit William but if this is what you want to wear ,won’t pressure you ‘


‘Thanks ‘ she said politely as she walked out of the room. The driver took her to Williams house


‘Ma’m,you are here?’ One of the maid said as she walked towards her. It was obvious the maid knows her very well but she isn’t exactly familiar with her face.


‘Where is William?’ She asked


‘Upstairs ‘she answered . His house was really big and a lot fancier than theirs . The maid told her to go upstairs but she just couldn’t figure out which of the numerous room is William’s. ‘Is this a house or a hotel?’ One of the room door was opened and it totally skipped her mind to knock just before she barged into the room



The first thing she saw scared her so deeply that she screamed and turned around abruptly to disrupt her attention from such awkward view


William Morgan quickly grab his towel and wrapped it around his waist ‘you ..ever heard of knocking’


‘Who walks around his room naked by 2:00pm in the afternoon ‘ she asked as she bit her lower lips in fraustration, cursing William mentally for letting her see such horror


‘This is my room, i do whatever i want and one of the maids poured coffee on me ,that is why i had to take her shower and walk around my room naked ..why am i even explaining this to you anyway?”


‘I deserve an apology and who knows i might even get you arrested for indecent exposure’


‘In my house are you kidding me .. i should get your eyes arrested for indecent view and maybe your brain arrested for not telling you to knock before entering a mans room…you can turn around now ‘he said while she slowly turned her head . He was already dressed in a sweatshirt and joggers


‘You disgust me William Morgan, i curse myself for coming here in the first place ‘Veronica complained while she folded her arms


‘Hey, hey disgust me just couldn’t control yourself till our wedding night .you stripped me of my dignity by viewing my body which by the way is a work of art before our wedding night …i wonder why i agreed to this marriage in the first a mess ‘


‘Ah ah ah ..really funny’s a newsflash, you ain’t exactly my type either’


‘Says the desperate girl who never misses an opportunity to throw herself at me ‘



‘I must be out of my mind then ..i will rather throw myself at the wall or maybe into a lagoon but at you. You should have taken me to the asylum cause i was definitely crazy if i trully threw myself at you’


‘You know what am done arguing with you ..take this’ he said as he stretched out Veronica’s hand and slammed a ring case in it


‘And this is?’


‘A ring ,what does it look like dummy’


‘Oh this is your way of proposing, what a gentle man you are’ she said sarcastically while William smirked


‘I see this accident really changed you ,your attitude level is definitely over the peak ‘ he said in his normal calm way .He isn’t the lousy type and he suddenly feels like this conversation with the so called Chelsea is the longest he has had with someone in his entire life. Just like Veronica, they are both cold humans who has a very sad past.


‘Atleast am better than the rich Psychopath who makes a proposal look like some charity event know i feel like throwing this at you but i already made a promise to someone so i won’t. You disgust me William Morgan, i refuse to breathe the same air as you ‘ she said as she held her breathe and walked away


‘Well how about you run out of air and slowly die that will make me happy ‘he said but Veronica ignored him and walked away


One thing about Chelsea feels strange to him . The former Chelsea wouldn’t miss an opportunity to seduce him into going to bed with her or something even though he had resisted her so much time. She never misses an opportunity to get close to him and throw herself at him but this one over here is really rude and has high self esteem unlike the Chelsea he grew up to know .


‘Is this one of her many she up to something or perhaps, she is not the real Chelsea ,i will have to find out very soon’








Tale of Veronica Hathaway







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