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‘We have a warrant to search this house ‘a Cops said showing me the search warrant


‘Come in ‘i said to the police man who walked inside and checked the whole house


‘She is not here ‘ i said and the police focused on me


‘And why do you think we are here to search your house ?’he asked and i smirked and folded my arms


‘You came to look for Veronica, she isn’t here..she left three days ago without informing me ..i think it has something to do with this murderer case ‘i said and he arched his brow ‘



‘but we received news that Veronica was seen entering this house just yesterday ‘


‘Then there must have been some kind of misunderstanding ‘i said with so much confidence so they won’t figure out that i am lying.


‘Okay then ,good bye ‘he said as he left with the other cops that accompanied him


I let out a breathe of relieve as i hit my chest lightly to control my heart that was beating rapidly out of extreme fear


I really hope Veronica doesn’t get arrested . She really doesn’t have to tell me before i know she is totally innocent. I am sure there is some kind of misunderstanding somewhere.




‘Pull over ‘i said to my driver who stopped in front of a jewelry shop ‘now i am forced to buy a ring for that girl …no problem i will buy an extremely cheap ring for her ‘


‘Sir why here ‘ My P.A asked


‘I prefer this place..i will go get a ring myself since that what my grandmother wants ‘


‘But sir ,this place doesn’t really suit your status, i mean if you want you can have a diamond ring made personally for you from paris ..but why do you want to buy a ring for your fiancee at such cheap store and moreso why do you want to buy it yourself..everyone knows you ,you are too influential for this ‘ she said


‘Leave it chloe ,i can handle this ‘ i said as i got down from my car and walked towards the jewelry shop. For certain rich people it was a very expensive jewelry shop but for my standards, it way too cheap.


Everyone focused on me as i walked into the store. They started whispering stuffs in their ears . They probably know i am the famous william Morgan already



‘Waw sir, you William Morgan ‘ one of the sales attendants stated the obvious as he walked towards me


‘Ummm’ i replied in a rather arrogant way . I happen to be extremely arrogant and also have a big inflated enormous ego


‘Please seat sir ‘he led me to a big soft couch as i gently sat down on it ,adjusted my suite jacket and crossed my legs


‘I must confessed ,we are really pleased to have you in our store ..please make yourself comfortable, will you have some coffee?’ He asked


‘No ‘i answered ‘give me your best ring’


‘You came to the right place sir ‘ he said as he showed me different sets of rings


One of the rings caught my eyes as i picked it up and focused on it .It was pretty ,very pretty. But for some reasons i do not want to buy pretty stuffs for Chelsea. I hate her so much and now i am being forced to marry for my grandmother’s sake


My grandmother believes she is the ideal woman and i really can’t bring myself to forgive chelsea after all she has done to me .. i can not forgive her and besides that i only agreed to this marriage so i can ruin her life


‘How much ?’ I asked


‘Fifty thousand dollars ‘he answered and i stared at him


If this is so cheap ,i wonder how much their store cost


Just fifty thousand dollars .. Chelsea deserves cheap stuffs anyway or cheaper stuffs cause that just what gold diggers like her deserves.


‘Have this packed for me ‘i said and he nodded with a smile


The news came up and i focused on the television . It was about some girl named Veronica who mudered a business woman called Beatrice Alfred. Have heard



about her though. She worths a couple of millions and made a name for herself in the business world. I was absolutely shocked when the girls picture was displayed on television


‘Chelsea ‘ i muttered as i arched my brow. I had a puzzled look on my face . I am extremely confused, why is Chelsea and the murderer Veronica the same person. Chelsea and Veronica are the same person . Waw. The only difference is the length of the hair




I walked on the street with my head bowed under my big Coat . I seem to be the hot new topic as flyers of me were distributed everywhere and i appear on every television


I was walking while looking left and right just before i bumped into someone and my wig fell off


‘Jeez you peasant ‘he said angrily


I know i am suppose to be running from the police right now but i just saw an angel ,i seriously can’t ignore this man incredible Visual ,he is absolutely perfect from his head to toe . I have seen him before ,isn’t he William Morgan , a very popular and rich Business man


‘Chelsea’ he called but all i could do was stare at him


‘Look that her ‘a Cop shouted as he pointed towards me ‘oh no ‘i said as i ran as fast as i could inorder not to get caught by the police




‘What up uncle..yea am at the mall now …yea am on my way home ..okay …yea sure… William Morgan is around this place …a jewelry store..probably getting me a ring …yea will drive there now’ i said as i opened the door to my car and got into it


I am so happy to get married to William Morgan, have been in love with him since i was eight and now i am finally getting married to him . I am so happy .



I felt someone open the back door and got into my car while i turned my back and was absolutely shocked to see my look alike


‘You ‘





‘You’ i said as i arched my brow ‘who are you ?’i asked as i focused on her . It like looking into a mirror and just like me she was absolutely shocked


‘Who are you ? ,why do you look like me I asked as she focused on me


‘I should be asking you that question…wait , i know who you’re…you Veronica Hathaway, the murderer ‘


‘I am not a murderer ‘


‘Ofcourse you are ,everyone knows ghat ‘Chelsea said


I looked at my back and i saw the cops getting closer to the car ‘you know what ,i am a murderer, and if you do not want to be killed next this car’


‘What no ‘


I showed her a knife to threaten her ,’i really do not want to do this but i have no choice but to do this ‘


‘Okay fine i will drive ‘she said as she ignited the car and started driving .i sighed when the police was no longer on out trail ‘who are you and what do you want from me ?’ She said while looking back


‘Shut up ,face your front and drive ‘


‘But i still want to know why me ,first you look like me and now you in my car threatening me with a knife …how cheap..’


‘Hey ,look alike or should i call you doppelganger shut your mouth and focus on the road ‘



‘How can i focus on the road when there’s a crazy woman behind me or should i say a muderer threatening me and you me to be calm about this shit …well slap my as* and call me sally ‘


‘Focus on the road girl’


‘I mean how can we look so alike ,you twenty one ,am twenty one. The only difference is the length of our hair ‘


‘Focus on the road ,stop staring at me ,am not going to harm you . I promise ‘


‘I just want you out of my car like right now ‘


‘Please girl just focus on the road ‘


‘No i am going to pull over now so you can get the f**k out of my car ‘




‘ shut up’


‘Foc…..Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ‘I screamed when our car was about to crash


into a Truck






Chelsea turned the car aggressively to the left inorder to avoid crashing into the truck and instead the car tumbled down the hill and veronica immediately lost consciousness after hitting her head on something very hard while tumbling down the hill. While Chelsea also lost consciousness after being injured badly .








Tale of Veronica Hathaway










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