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I just have to keep my cool till I graduate from the university, just few more days will be a graduate,andonce I do that, I will get a good job and hire a good lawyer that will help me fight for what really mine


The only reason am staying in this house is to get what rightfully mine and when I do that, then it adios to Loren and hera mother. Right now I can’t sue my aunt cause I can’t afford a good lawyer to fight my case right now. My aunt is rich so she will definitely hire the best lawyer and when this happens, I am done. The only option is follow her condition till I c her graduate, get a good paying job and a great lawyer to get me my property



I really want to have my revenge but for now, I won’t let her get to me, i really must not let her get to me.. I just have to calm down and have my revenge on her later


‘You got yourself suspended ‘ my mum shouted as she barged into my room


‘Oh hey mum’


‘Do not hey mum me ,you were rude to your teacher and you got yourself suspended ‘my mum has not been around since the previous day and now that she is here ,i am a hundred percent sure that she will not stop nagging me about this like i just committed the world biggest offence


‘Next time knock mother and beside ,i wasn’t rude because i wanted to be ‘i said as i sat down on my sofa


‘You know what ,you grounded ‘


‘What ,you can’t ground me ‘ i shouted as i stood on my feet abruptly


‘Keep your voice down young lady and i am not going back on what i just said ‘


‘But mother ….’


‘Argue with me and you will be triple grounded’


‘Triple grounded, now you are just being ridiculous ‘


‘Okay that it ,you are triple grounded ‘my mum said as she stormed out of my room refusing to argue with me any further


Sometimes i just hate my mother and find her extremely annoying. But atleast i do not hate her as much as i hate Veronica but i still can’t tolerate her.


A week passed and i was able to go to school just after my mum spoke to the principal about lifting my one months suspension


She is one of the schools biggest investors so they will surely listen to her


‘It so good to have you back has been so boring without you’ Juliet said as she followed me to my locker….i opened my personal locker and loaded my


backs in it while i closed it and rested my back on it…it was closing hour so i will be goinv back home very soon anyway


‘This is all your dumb cousins fault…men do i hate her ‘juliet said as she also folded her arms and rested her back on my locker


‘Hey loren ‘Derrick greeted as he walked towards me


‘Oh hey derrick ‘ i greeted with a smile on my face trying to act as friendly as possible


‘Well can i talk to you privately ?’he asked


‘Yea sure you can ‘i answered


‘Ummmm,i will just excuse you guys now …be waiting in the car’ Juliet informed as she walked away. I tucked my hair behind my ear as i smiled at him


Maybe this is finally the time he asks me to be his girlfriend..i am so happy i can’t wait. I am finally going to be known as Derrick’s girlfriend, my popularity level going to be high


‘I was going to ask if you can…..’


‘Can be what ? ‘I asked as i blushed slightly..he is going to ask me to be his girlfriend


‘I was going to ask you if you can fix a date between your cousin and I?’


The smile on my face immediately disappeared as a frown crept up my forehead


‘What…you want me to fix a date between you and my cousin? ‘


‘Well yeah ‘ Derrick answered


‘You like my cousin?’i asked ..


‘Well ,i just couldn’t stop thinking of her since the first day i met her ,i mean she is like really pretty and hot …she is in college, she is like the whole package for me’


I just couldn’t believe what this guy is saying


Derrick likes Veronica


‘You know she is like two years older than you right ‘


‘I know she is Loren ,but the age doesn’t really matter .. will be really glad if you can do this for me ,trust me i think i really like Veronica and i want to get close to her ,maybe in the future we can be a thing you know ‘


‘Oh i see ….well i will see what i can do ‘i said while he smiled at me


‘Thank you loren ‘he said as he walked away


This time ,this time around, Veronica really crossed the line … tears rolled down my eyes as i wiped it off with the back of my hand..i definitely wouldn’t forgive her after this ..she stole Derrick from me ,i hate her so much





It was only a matter of days and that little news about me being a stripper actually died down ..everyone went back to minding their business, but the thing am actually concerned about is jessie, she hasn’t been talking to me ever since i reprimanded her for standing up for me


Well it probably for the best, i do not really need any friends ,i enjoy being alone .. and beside my final exam is closer than ever ,i will just have to focus more on that for the main time


My lecture soon finished for the day and i went straight to the library to study some more, later in the night i headed straight to my house and into the attic room i have been forced to live in since we move into this mansion..i kissed my mother and father’s picture and also arranged my book neatly on the bed before lying down on my bed and staring at the ceiling


‘YOU RUINED MY LIFE ‘ loren shouted as she barged into my room


‘Oh what is it now ‘ i grumbled as i sat down on my bed


‘YOU STOLE HIM FROM ME ‘she shouted as she glared down at me on the bed


‘Anyone ever teach you to knock beford you enter someone’s attic room ?’i asked as i stared at her coldly


‘You stole Derrick McPhee from me ‘


‘What are you yammering about anyway ‘ i asked as i ran my hand through my hair clearly unbothered about whatever she has to say


‘You stole Derrick from me ‘


‘The f**k is a Derrick ‘i asked


‘Oh don’t you try to play innocent with me you whore ,you stole Derrick from me and i hate you for that’



‘Look cous ,i do not know who this Derrick is and i totally do not want to be bothered by you ,so when you done with your nonsense, that the door overthere ..get Lost ‘ i said as i lied down on the bed and closed my eyes


‘You know what, let make this fair …you take something of mine ,am taking away something that belongs to you ‘ she said as she picked up my parents pictures on the table and walked out the room with it


‘What the f**k ‘i mumbled as i stood on my feet and ran really fast after her


‘Loren ,come back with my stuffs right now ‘i shouted as i ran after her. I tripped and fell on the floor twisting my ankle and quickly rose on my feet, a knife fell from the table and i quickly picked it up and placed it back on the table. Before i could get to Loren, she had already set the Last memories i have left of my parents on fire right in the living room


‘Put out the fire ‘she told one of the maids who brought a fire extinguisher and put out the fire right after it had burned my parents pictures


My eyes glistened with tears as i fell to the ground No ,i will not cry


‘What going on Veronica, are you about to cry ,you told me that just as the smile left your eyes ,the tears also left your eye …i told you never to cross my part ..this is how i will treat you for the rest of your sorry lives ‘


I stood on my feet and gave Loren a deadly glare


‘What wrong ,you look so angry, just like i burned the memories you have left of your parents, trust me when i say i will be more than happy to burn your pride along side ….you cheap ,worthless whore…’ the next sound that filled the air was


the sound of me hittting loren in the face ..yes i just slapped her really hard and it made me feel happy ..’i have always wanted to do this for years and you have no idea how glad i am to finally do this ‘


‘VERONICA, HOW DARE YOU ?’ my aunt Beatrice shouted as she walked towards me angrily



‘You shameless little whore dare you hit my daughter ‘she shouted as she lifted her hand to slap me but i held her hand


‘Not today aunt ‘i said as i let go of her hand by pushing it aside ‘you won’t hit me today …i thought i could tolerate all this just in time to finish school and get my parents property but this time around, i can’t tolerate anything anymore…i am leaving this house for good ‘i said as i climbed up the stairs to pack my things leaving my aunt and loren absolutely stunned


I came back downstairs shortly with my bags


‘You are not leaving this house Veronica, you are my maid ,you are a slave under me and one of my stripper, so you are not leaving this house…camille, take her bags’ she ordered one of the maids who walked towards me to take my bags


I quickly pick up the knife on the table to threaten them ‘if anyone tries to stop me ,i swear i wouldn’t hesitate to deep this right into their hearts ‘ i threatened while they all moved away from me


‘Mum just let her go ‘loren said


‘You be quiet ‘ Beatrice shouted while i walked towards the door and dropped the Knife on the small flower vase table


‘I promise i will be back to take what mine from you Beatrice alfred ‘i said as i locked the door




‘We are doomed Loren ,doomed ‘my mum shouted as she walked into my room


‘What do you mean by that ?’ I asked


‘This is all your fault, you just had to pick a fight with her didn’t you ?’my mum asked as she threw her arms in the air dramatically


‘Mother what going on’



‘I didn’t tell Veronica about this neither did i tell you that once the court realizes that she has left the house ,every luxury you see and enjoy will be taken from us ‘ my mother said and i was absolutely shocked …i really can’t go back to living a small house and a simple life with cheap clothes and food ..and also the thought of taking the bus instead of my own personal car yeishhhhhh


‘What do you mean by that mother, i thought you were the legal owner of this property ‘


‘Oh do not be ridiculous, this property originally belongs to Veronica, am just a simple caretaker…i was giving this property on the basis that Veronica stays with me without getting hurt ,she must be totally safe…i was planning on tricking her to sign the property permanently to me but you ruined that..i didn’t tell Veronica that this property is still legally hers because i fear she would use it to her advantage but now that she has left the house it only a matter of time before the court realizes this and everything you see and love will go away …you ruined everything’


‘Oh no, what are we going to do ?’










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