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“You better stop what you doing now before it is too late” Veronica warned as she struggled with the chair she was tied to


“What is going to happen if I do not stop?”


“You will probably die or rot in jail for the rest of your miserable life”


“Do you know how long the policy has been trying to get me but they haven’t?”


Veronica glares at Pablo while be smirked “Dear Veronica Hathaway, I can never be caught in matter what… Do you want to know what my plan is?”




“William Morgan is coming here to give me the evidence, and guess what I am going to do after that. I am going to kill both you and your miserable husband”


“No, no you won’t that… He is not a fool like you”


“What can he possibly do? Oh, you think he will submit the evidence to the police and come here empty-handed. He can’t. I have my eyes on him… I know each move he takes and he will never try to do something stupid”


“You bastard” pablo smacked Veronica hard across the face leaving red hand print on her face and blood at the side of her lips


“I will not allow a crazy bitch like you talk to me in such manner…shut your mouth or else”


“Do your worst you motherf**ker” she yelled while pablo smirked and looked at his men. One of them walked towards Veronica as he pulled out his belt from his jeans and folded into two before hitting Veronica continuously with it.




“What are you saying to me?” Catherine asked Chelsea with utmost disbelief



“The truth Catherine, all I did was play you. I made you believe that Veronica is the one who killed a grandmother and she has no feeling for William but the truth is I was the one who killed her” Chelsea confessed while Catherine lost balance and held the chair for support


“You killed my grandmother”


“Yes,” tears rolled down her eyes as she cleaned it with her hand ” I loved William too much and that call blinded me to do stupid things. I didn’t do it deliberately. I ran over her by mistake that day. I saw Veronica talking to her and I wanted to get a closer view of what is going on that day… It all happened like a dream, I ran over her by mistake”


“You killed my grandmother and blamed it on Veronica… I made Veronica’s life hard for nothing?”


“Yes you did and that is all my fault. I did not mean to, I was scared I did not know what to do and that was why I blamed it on Veronica… I am madly in love with William and that prompted me to do all this and when I found out that Veronica is my sister. I was shocked, I was so guilty”


“You are a criminal that should spend her life in jail… I am calling the….”


“No need to call the police, I have already done that,” Chelsea said and coincidentally, the police walked in at that moment. Chelsea stretched out her and the police immediately put handcuffs around her wrist”


“Chelsea Meyer, you are under arrest for the murderer of Ella Morgan”


“I am so sorry Catherine” she apologized as she walked away with Catherine


Catherine quickly wiped her tears as she picked the phone to call Veronica “what is going on, why is she not picking up” Catherine asked rhetorically as she dialed Williams number on her phone





“William, I have been trying to reach Veronica but I couldn’t…please tell her that I want to talk to her…..what!…what are you saying….veronica has been


kidnapped….I am on my way” she said as she hung up, picked up her purse and ran


out of the room




After about 30 minutes of driving, William finally arrived at the dark warehouse that Veronica was held captive


“Hello he called” as he looked around the dark warehouse. The light suddenly came up as he was Veronica tied to a chair with her eyes closed


“Veronica” he whispered to himself as he ran towards her. William bent down in a squat before her as he stares at the red belt sprints with blood stains on her skin.. He clenched his fist just before removing her gag


“Who did this to you?”he asked


William you should be here they will kill you” “Who did this to you?”


“Behind you”


William Morgan turned to his back and saw the guy that beat up his wife


“It nice to finally meet you wi…” The sound of the gun interrupted his words as William sent a bullet right through his head. The man slowly fell on his knees before falling on his face. More of pablo’s henchmen appeared out of nowhere in an attempt to kill William but he wasted no time in finishing them off.


“Did you come here to kill my man or give me the video” pablo asked as he pointed a gun at Veronica’s head “get down on your knees and drop the gun” he commanded while William slowly dropped the gun and went down on his knees



One of pablo men wasted no time in tying Williams hand behind his back as he kicked him really hard in the stomach


“Where is the video?” pablo asked as he cocks the gun he was pointing at Veronica in an attempt to send a warning to William


“It is in my pocket” he said while one of the pablo’s men reached for Williams pocket and pulled out a USB Drive.


“Play it and make sure it is the original”


“There was no way he could have changed it sir, we had our eyes on him the whole time remember..


you can not trust someone like him…..he managed to kill ten of my men in just 40 seconds, you think he can not do something so little like changing the USB?”


“We had our eyes on him the whole time”


“Except the time he was in his car”another one of his henchman spoke while William smirked to himself


” what do you mean by that” Pablo asked looking confused


“We bugged his house, his place of work, everywhere he could possibly be except his car.. We could not put a camera or a tracker on it, it had some kind of tight security…so we just had one of our men follow his car to make sure he does not branch anywhere”


“But did you see what he wAs doing inside his car?” Pablo asked


“No sir”


“You fools” he shouted as he slapped them hard across the face “test the drive and finish them off… The police are probably on their way here as we speak”



“Okay sir” he said as he put the USB Drive in the computer and apparently it was the real one


“It is real sir”


“Good now finish them off”


“Before you do that” William said as he stood on his feet and removed the rope that was used to tie his hand “I wonder why you are such a dangerous criminal when you are the biggest fool i know….yeah that is the real drive, but let me have


you know that I made other copies of that… You kill me your secret will still be exposed”


“Shoot him” Pablo ordered while William quickly grabbed of pablo men and used it as a cover as they shoot at this man continuously instead of William


William quickly grabbed a gun from the floor as he started shooting at them just then, the police and Catherine walked in while pablo tried to run away but William fired at him stopping him from escaping.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from



The police cleared the remaining men and arrested those who surrendered.


William ran towards Veronica and untied his weak wife that was already tied to a chair. “Veronica you are okay, the ambulance is here”


“William I am fine, my baby” she said as she held her stomach afraid she might have lost the child due to the beatings


“Veronica you are fine and the baby is”


“Are you sure” she asked while touching her stomach


“I am sure, the baby is fine” Veronica hugged William who wasted no time in hugging her back



“Veronica” Catherine called as she walked towards them but stopped when she saw the Pablo they assumed to be dead picking up a gun while lying on the floor and pointing it at William who had his back facing pablo


“William!” Catherine screamed and that was when Veronica who was still hugging her husband noticed this.She immediately switched position with William by turning William to her former position while the bullet hit Veronica instead of William.


William stood still as he looked at Veronica who smiled lightly at him … He reached for her back not willing to believe all of what is happening right now is reality but he was even not fully convinced when Veronica fell on the floor.


“Veronica” Catherine shouted as she ran towards Veronica lifeless body and tried to wake her up “Veronica wake up” she shouted while William stood there, his brain and heart still not willing to accept reality














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