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Kyle smiled lightly to himself just before he asked “are you ever going to stop drinking?”


She smiled at him and gulped down the entire content in the glass “another glass ” she demanded as she slammed the glass on the counter


“No, no don’t give her any other glass”


“I want one more glass” she whined as she folded her arm across her chest childishly.


“Linda you have already had enough for one night”


“No, I need one more drink”


“You need to leave,” he said as he grabbed her by the arm, but Linda jerked her hand off his grip


“I said I am not leaving until I have another drink,” Linda said


“Hey will you let go of her,” a huge looking man said as he came out of nowhere and punched Kyle across the face making him fall on the ground


“Hey how dare you hurt him, get lost now” Linda shouted



“Yeesh I was just trying to help,” he said as he walked away while Kyle stood on his feet and wiped the bloodstain off his lip. He glared at the man as he walked away and he decided not to cause a scene, the man was not at fault. Linda was the one at fault and he must have thought he was harassing her


“I am sorry, but can I at least have one more drink,” she asked while he sighed and walked towards the bar


“One more tequila,” he said to the barman” and your check please”


“Okay sir,” he said as he offered Linda the Tequila and gave the check to Kyle


“Why are you drinking so much?”


Linda looked at Kyle and smiled sheepishly “have you ever seen the person you in love with hold, kiss, and touch someone that isn’t you”


Kyle stares at her before saying “you like William don’t you?”


“I do not just like him, I am in love with him… And I have loved him ever since I was a little kid and did I make it that obvious ”


“I just have my way of figuring things out ”


Linda smiled and said” I am trying to convince myself that Veronica is now with William and I will never have him…I feel like I will never find love”


“You are beautiful, talented and yeah maybe you have a terrible attitude but that something that can still be dealt…you isa perfect woman”


“You think so?”


“Yeah I am sure about that”

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“You only saying that to make me feel better”



“No. I say the truth…I am not nice enough to say things others that make them happy”


“Okay, well never the less that is the nicest thing you have ever said to me”


I know right,” Linda said while smiling at Kyle just before she puked on her white dress


“Ewwww gross” Kyle made a grimace with his face.




Linda opened her eyes the next morning as she looked around trying to figure out where she was


She sat up straight on the bed and held her head when she felt a sharp headache in


it “oh that hurts ” she rubbed her temple trying her best to remember what happened the previous night


“I see you awake” a manly voice that made Linda flinch a little said as she raised her head to look at Kyle who was buttoning up his shirt. He was handsome and very hot no doubt about that, but he was definitely not her type


“You, what are you doing here and what am I dressed in?” She asked as she looked at the oversized shirt she was wearing


“Oh that is my shirt”


“Your shirt” she used the bedspread to cover her legs as she glares at Kyle


“What happened, why are my in your room and dressed in your shirt?”


“Can’t you remember what happened?”


“What happened?” She asked while Kyle just stares at her. She immediately remembered what happened as she widened her eyes in shock “oh now I remember what happened…so embarrassing” she said as she ran her hand through her hair and looked elsewhere unable to make eye contact



“Why drink so much when you know you can not handle it”


“Well, It not really my fault okay…i, I, it none of your business…who changed my clothes ”


“I did ”


Linda expression immediately changed as she wrapped her arms around her body”


you saw everything”


“Well I did but….”


“Did, did, did you do something?”



“Wait what, ewwww no” he said as he grimaced



“Phew” she sighed in relief as she lowered her head but remembered something and raised her head to look at him “what do you mean by ewwwww”


“I mean, come on you are not my type”


“Well you definitely not my type either” she said




“You know you are the rudest, most arrogant man I know…i mean what the hell”


“Can I have my shirt back now…now I will have to consider burning since someone like you wore it, you have no idea how expensive it is”


“Fine have your shirt” she said as she started unbuttoning the shirt but remembered she was wearing nothing underneath except her underwear. She stopped what she was doing as she glares at him


“What, weren’t you about to give me my shirt back?” He teased


“Fuck you” she said as she covered herself with the cover cloth


Kyle sighed and said” here is a dress, I got it this morning from the mini shop on the island.. You can put it on and get the hell out of my room”


Kyle sat down on his sofa while Linda stood on her feet and walked towards the dress.


She looks beautiful, and very sΒ£xy too.. She was physically perfect but in terms of behavior, not his kind of woman”


Linda took the cloth and walked into the bathroom, she came out a few minutes later dressed in a white dress “you pervert, couldn’t you have bought something longer”


“You love short dresses don’t you”


“Yeah I do but I do not want you to buy them for me”


“No need to worry cause I am not going to buy you any dress in the future anyway”


“What happened to your lips?”she asked looking genuinely concerned


oh don’t you remember, I got punched across the face yesterday and it all thanks to you”


“Oh no” she looked around for something before opening the wardrobe and bringing out a first aid kit


“How did you know there is a first aid kit there”


“They have first aid kit in every wardrobe of this resort…mine was in my wardrobe so I assumed yours should also be there”


“That makes sense”



“Yeah seat” she said while he sat down on the sofa, she bent down before him as she slowly cleaned his wound while her hand slowly brushed his lips


Kyle stares at Linda who was very focused on treating his wound. Linda on the other hand was having this strange feeling but she decided to control it as she continues what she was doing


“That enough” he said as he held her wrist, stood on his feet and walked away


Linda let out a high sigh of relief as she rolled her eyes”thank God he stopped just in time, why did I offer to do that? Talk about awkward situation.. Being so close to him was so weird”




“William you can’t have wine it way too early for that” Veronica said as she snatched the glass of wine from him


“Oh you are not fun Veronica”


She rolled her eyes and asked


“what do you want for breakfast?”


“No need to bother yourself about food, I do not want any kind of stress for you..the hotel will bring us breakfast unless they all want to get fired”


“But I want to make breakfast”


“Okay, fine…do whatever you want…i will have whatever you make me”


“Okay I was thinking Sausage, bacon and….” Veronica stopped talking as she


started making weird vomiting sounds. She covered her mouth with her hand as she ran to the bathroom and emptied the whole content in the toilet


Veronica washed her face with water as she turned to see Williams who was staring at her suspiciously


“Veronica are you…?”


“No I am, I am not just a little sickness”


“I am not convinced”


“I am a woman, I will definitely know if I am expecting a child…come on, I think you should order breakfast, I don’t think I can prepare anything right now “she said as she walked past William who still looked a bit confused


could Veronica be lying to me?” T.b.c









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