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Episode 6


The next day, out of the blue, Sarah got a call from Francis, She almost collapsed due to shock but when she received the call, she comported herself and sounded



normal. They talked for a long time and they agreed to see each other again that evening at a very popular but fancy spot in town and then he hanged up.


Sarah called Florence up immediately to give her the news and her friend was so excited, Florence was a true friend, Who had advised Sarah to never rush into marriage or she would rush out, “Love is in air” Florence teased her while she blushed.

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“What if Francis is already Married, please I don’t want to raise my hopes up for nothing” Sarah said Calmly .


“You are going on a date with him tonight, that’s an opportunity for you to Find out important facts about him, don’t just assume, please enjoy this moment, I wish you all the best my friend” Florence said and then they hanged up.


Later that evening, . At exactly 7:00pm, Sarah arrived at the popular spot as planned – It was a fancy restaurant, Francis waved to her, the moment he saw her walk into the restaurant and then he


smiled. Sarah walked closer to him. When she got to the table, Francis hugged her and then she sat down.


“Its so nice to see you again ” he said and she smiled . They placed their orders and at first Sarah felt nervous, She had never went on a date with Francis, When they dated in secondary school, all they did was to send love notes to each other, hide to meet each other and exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day.


In few minutes, the Food they ordered was served and they ate as they talked about everything, thier past and present


On the date Sarah was amazed at how comfortable they were, having not spoken for so long, Francis and Sarah talked non-stop that night, it was obvious that they missed each other so much. That evening, everything between them, just felt right


Sarah had been fighting within herself, she was looking for a perfect timing to inquire about Francis’s love life but on a second thought, that evening she had stopped herself.


“I don’t want to give him the impression that I’m still interested in him” She thought


But on the other hand, Francis was really happy to met Sarah again.


And was wondering If Sarah feels the same, Francis wants a relationship with Sarah and was thinking if she would say yes.


“I don’t even know if she is in a serious relationship or not, I would have to find out before I make a fool of myself” Francis thought.


He took a deep breath, he had been staring at Sarah the entire evening, Sarah was looking enchanting and attractive that he couldn’t stop himself from staring. Sarah was taking a sip from her drink, when he finally said


“Sarah, you have always have a special place in my heart, that when we lost contact, I was broken, I looked for ways to get in touch with you but it was futile, I always prayed to God to bring you back to my life and I’m glad God answered my prayers, all my previous relationships had always been unsuccessful, I guess Its because I always compared you to the girls I dated, you are my first love and my purest form of love”


Sarah stared at him, Francis had indirectly answered the Question that had lingered in her heart all this time.


“Francis is not in any serious relationship, wow what a great relief” She thought as she reminisced on their past and how much they meant to each other. She remembered thier first hugs, cuddles, sweet whispers, long drives, late night conversations, and romantic strolls they had together. The beautiful memories of thier once-in-a-lifetime experience had always lingered in her heart and mind.


Francis held her hands passionately and Sarah smiled as it was obvious that they were both overtaken by thier emotions and feelings of love. They both talked about thier past. They smiled to themselves as they both realized how much they both have grown


We’ve both grown up a lot” Sarah said calmly and Francis nodded in agreement and there was silence for a while and then Francis broke the silence.


“Sarah, Are you in dating someone?” He asked softly


Sarah took a deep breath and said “why do you want to know?”


“Sarah, I want you back in my life, I know that we have been away from each other for so many years but seeing you again, triggered old memories and feelings. And I know that I still love you” Francis said calmly and lovingly.


Sarah was speechless, she was feeling the same way for him.



But at the same time, she wants to be careful not to appear desperate or rush into another relationship.


“I still love you Francis but I need time to digest the whole situation, you just came back into my life, after 7 years, please let’s not rush things, let’s enjoy our little reunion and gradually we will see what life has in store for us” Sarah entered and Francis agreed with her.


That evening, they had a nice time and after the date, they went on so many dates nights together before Sarah finally agreed to date Francis again. Thier relationship was beautiful, everyday, they loved each other more. Francis was just a gentleman and he knew how to treat a woman. It’s not like they don’t have disagreements, most times they do but Francis was not like Mark who was always violent and selfish, he always looked for a way to express how much he loves Sarah. Sarah was so glad that she didn’t settle for less with Mark. She was so grateful to God for saving her from an horrifying future with Mark. Francis and Sarah dated for 2 years.


One look at Francis and one could suddenly tell that Francis was special and alot different from Mark. Francis was not just Sarah’s first love, he was her best love and the love of her life


on Sarah’s 30th birthday, Francis knelt down on one knee with an expensive engagement ring in the presence of her family and popped the Question, “Will you marry me?”


Sarah was extremely excited as she yanked him off the floor and screamed a big β€œyes!”, Sarah kissed him and they cuddled each other.


A week later, Francis decided to introduce Sarah to his family. Sarah drove to Port Harcourt with him, to see Francis’s parents and to Sarah’s utmost shock, Mark was there, Mark and Francis were cousins. Mark was older than Francis.


At first, Sarah was terrified, She had dated Mark for Two years and had aborted five pregnancies in those years and the worst was that She almost ended up with him.


But to Sarah’s utmost surprise, Mark was happy to see her and he did not mince words in telling his cousin that he made a good choice though Francis’s parents were curious to know how Mark knew her. “Sarah was once my colleague” Mark lied but everyone else bought the lie. Sarah was not surprised that Mark came up



with a brilliant lie. She knew that he was a blatant liar. At the same she almost died of guilt.


End of Episode 6


To Be Continued











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