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“I think I will have to excuse you guys now” the doctor who was now beginning to think she should not be there at that moment said as she walked out of the room.


Veronica lowered her head in shame as William stares at her in utter disbelief


” Why did you do that?”


“You said you didn’t want kids”


“I admit I said I was not ready to have kids but do you remember that I told you that if you are truly pregnant, you can tell me. I told you not to mind what I was saying at that moment, didn’t I? You told me that day that I would not be happy if you are pregnant and I clearly said anything that comes from you will make me happy. You should not have kept this from me”


“I didn’t keep it because I want to okay, you made me do this. You created doubts in my mind so do not act like I am at fault here”


“I am not blaming you,u, Veronica. The only thing I did was say my mind. I was being open with you”




“When we were going to start our new beginning. We made a promise to each other, no secrets. Does this pregnancy secret have anything to do with your deal with Catherine”


“Yes it does”



“That is just great and guess what. I am not interested in the deal anymore, I am telling everyone including the media that I am already married and we are expecting our first child”


“You will do no such thing William ”


“Just watch me,” he said as he grabbed the door knot ready to leave the room ” and yeah pack your things, we are going back home”




Two weeks passed since they arrived home and William was still pretty upset with her about keeping the pregnancy. He did exactly what he wanted to do by announcing the truth to the entire world and social media.


“Here’s your diet for this week, I already hired a personal chef to make sure you have all this, and also you have to exercise every morning and drink lots of water. You are not allowed to eat anything besides what is on the list and no junk food” Veronica stares at William as he explained everything to her with a cold expression and attitude.




He stopped talking as he looked sideways to avoid eye contact.


“Will you please just look at me once”


William turned to look her in the eye while Veronica cupped his face in her hand “I am so sorry please would you at least forgive me”


He sighed and pulled her close for a hug ” it is okay, you should know I can not stay mad at you for too long”


Williams phone rings while he gently pushed Veronica away to pick it “Hello…reall. Okay I will be right there”


“What is wrong”



“My private investigator finally got something to proof Pablo guilty of killing the Alfreds”


“Really that is excellent.. That means I won’t have to go to jail again”


“Yes, you won’t…. I will be right back” he kissed her on the forehead, grabbed his


coat and ran out of the room.




“So your deal with Veronica and William is over” Kyle asked Linda as they both sat down on the bench in the park while starring at the moon light




“So what are you going to do now?”


“I am going back to Paris, apparently my whole life still awaits me in Paris”


“That is good, I wish you best of luck”


“Yeah” Linda said as she stares at Kyle, some part of her wishes he could say something else, something that is way out of friendship. She shares a very weird relationship with kyle, it is neither friendship or love.She can’t just seem to find a name for their unusual friendship


“So when are you leaving for Paris?”


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“Yeah tomorrow, why you do not want me to go yet. You seem to enjoy my company way too much this days Kyle”


“Why should I have a problem with you going, it is your life do whatever you want with it”


“Come on Kyle, no need to be so rude. I was just pulling your legs”



He looks at her for a while before asking” will I get to see you again”


“It depends, if you can come to Paris. I think I will be coming here again in the next five years”


“Well, it was great having you around Linda”


“Yeah I feel the same way too, and you are not totally as annoying as I thought you were ”


Kyle smiled lightly while Linda widened her eyes in surprise “who knew you could smile?”


“I smile all the time” she but her lower lips as she stares at him


“So how do you feel about Veronica now?”


“I have been over Veronica for awhile now. I just moved on with my life since she already belongs to William, how do you feel about William”


“Same I am not even hurt about him being with Veronica anymore… I also think I have moved on”


“That is great..Good for you ” He beamed


“I will allow you do it, just tonight”


“What?” he asked


“Come on, I know what you want and I am going to allow it just for tonight.. But do not get the wrong idea, you are definitely not my type”


“I still don’t know what you are talking about” he said acting completely clueless



“Okay. I will be on my way then” she said as she stood on her feet ready to leave but Kyle grabbed her by the wrist, and made her sit back on the bench just before he cupped her face in his hand and engaged their lips in a deep kiss.


This is definitely more than just friendship




“This is perfect, with a video like this pablo can definitely go to jail for his wrong doings” William said as he watched a video of pablo getting really and confessing to his trusted sidekick that he was behind the death of Alfred Beatrice and that his secret must not be exposed no matter what therefore they have to kill Veronica and her husband


“How did you get this video…how did you film pablo saying all this?”


“Trust me sir it was not easy.. I originally sneaked into his house disguised as one of his newly recruited assassins. I happen to overhear his little conversation with his sidekick and decided to get it on tape”


“That is perfect, I will pay you triple your price for this. Now we just have to…..”


his phone rang and he stares at it with puzzled expression as an unknown number wants to video call me


“You should pick it, might be important” his Private eye said while he nodded, picked it and pablo immediately appeared on his screen


“Hello William Morgan”




“I see you are not happy to see me. I am not surprised. You see just like you have been keeping your eyes on me, I have also been doing the same thing”




“That little evidence you have against me. I want you to give it back or else”


“Or else what pablo.. What are you going to do?”


“I am glad you asked. Say hello to your beautiful wife” he said as he pointed the camera at Veronica who was struggling to get free from the chair she was tied to. William immediately panic as he saw this


“What the hell do you think I am doing? If you so much as lay a finger on her I will kill you ” William asked absolutely furious


“Holding your precious wife Captive. If you do not bring your pathetic little


evidence to the address I am about to send you.. I will start mailing you body parts of your wife.. I will start with her eyes. You have two hours and remember she is pregnant. It will be sad if all of my men decides to have their way with her once don’t you think so?” Pablo asked while William clenched his first trying to control his anger “you have two hours” he said as he disconnected the call while William angrily smashed his phone against the wall as he held his head tight in frustration.


“Sir what are you going to do now? That man is a maniac, he will kill her if you do not hand it over”


“He won’t have the opportunity to do that, I won’t let that happen”








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