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“Doctor how is she” Catherine asked the doctor immediately he came out of the operation theater


“She is out of danger, it is really a miracle”


William who was lost in his thoughts rose to his feet abruptly and walked towards the doctor” really Veronica is fine”


“Yes perfectly fine”



A smile finally appeared on his face as he wiped his tears with the back of his hand “Can I see her now?”


“No not yet, you can see her once she is out of the ICU unit”


“Doctor, what about the baby” Catherine asked while Mr and Mrs Meyer, Veronica original parents arrived at the moment.


“The baby is also safe”the doctor announced while Catherine, William and the meyers sighed in relief simultaneously.


“Thank God she is safe” Catherine said as she folded her hands and looked up like thanking God for keeping Veronica safe


William sat down on the chair in the hospital as he roughed his hair with his hand. For a moment or two there, he thought he had finally lost Veronica forever but that is not the case at all.


He is just really grateful that such a thing did not happen.




Veronica slowly opened her eyes and smiled lightly when she saw Williams staring at her.


“Hey handsome”


William moved his chair closer to her as he slowly grabbed her hands and kissed it “Good thing you are awake”


“Yeah, Good thing”


“I thought I lost you forever”


“I guess you thought wrong”


“Why did you do that?” William asked while Veronica closed her eyes and Inhaled deeply



“I love you too much to lose you William”


“And you decided to be selfish?”




“Did you stop to think for a while what would have happened to me if something bad actually happened to you”


“All I could think about then is the fact that I would gladly taken my life if something had happened to you”


William stares at Veronica for awhile before he a smiled lightly


Veronica stared at the door and saw her family and Catherine standing by the entrance


“Why are you all standing at the entrance please come in” Veronica said while they all smiled lightly and walked in




“Mum…please do not apologize to me, You are not at did what any mother would have done. I was never angry with you, I just find it hard to accept the truth back then”


Penelope smiled lightly as she wiped her tears “you called me mum”


“You are my mom and you are my dad” her parents smiled as they hugged each other lightly


“Veronica, I am so embarrassed right now…i really…”


“Catherine please do not apologize to me…. I am sure you not longer angry with


me, I finally proved myself worthy of Williams”


“You were willing to sacrifice your life to save my brother, if that is not love I


don’t know what is. And never do that again please ”


Veronica smiled and looked around”where is Chelsea?” She finally asked


All of them suddenly kept quiet while Veronica arched her brow in confusion “can somebody please answer me, where is Chelsea or does she still hates me?”


“No, no she doesn’t” Catherine said


“But mum and dad is here, why isn’t she here?”



Penelope suddenly started crying as she hugged her husband


“Mother, why are you crying…william why is she crying”


“She is crying because Chelsea is in jail” Catherine said as she narrated the entire story to her


Veronica sighed as she closed her eyes “when am I going to be discharged”


“In a few days”






“Chelsea meyer, someone is here to see you”


“And who is that?” Chelsea asked


“Me” Veronica said while Chelsea smiled lightly






“Hey” Chelsea said as they opened the cell gates for her.


“Chelsea Meyer, you are free to go”


“Really how? What?”


“A little investigation was carried out and it was proven that your car brakes failed that day. Pablo men tried to kill you thinking you were me” tears rolled down Chelsea eye as she wiped it off


“Veronica I am so sorry, I am really so sorry for everything I ha…..”


“Enough” she said as she hugged her” it is ok… No need to apologize, I forgive you.. I am sure we can all live together”


“Yes, we can” Chelsea said as she hugged Veronica” I finally got the sister I have always wanted”


Chelsea said while Veronica smiled







Veronica checked out herself in the mirror as she placed her hand on her big belly






“Chelsea told me that I have grown fatter, I do not think I am fat… That crazy twin of mine had the gut to tell me that I eat a lot , how dare she”


“You fatter, do not be ridiculous. You are just perfect”


“Why are you lying to me?”


“But I am not saying you are fat, you are just perfect”



“Perfect, you use to call me slim before and now you can not even call me that… You can’t stay I am slim, I am just perfect to you now”


“No Veronica that is not it”


“I can’t believe you think I am fat, you did this to me” Veronica said as she sat down on the bed crying


William rolled his eyes and bent into a squat before her. Veronica has been really impossible ever since this baby started growing. The mood swings, the unnecessary crying, the impossible food cravings. There was a time she cried just because she spilled shampoo on the floor or the time she cried just because she accidentally cut a string of her hair or is the time she cried because William arrived home 6:45pm instead of 6:44pm. Don’t let me even get started on the weird food cravings. She either wants fried water with burnt toast or spaghetti with hamburger buns or pizza with chocolate spread. It has been really impossible and William can only wish this baby comes to the world soon before he totally loses his life.


“Veronica you are the most beautiful woman I know and I am sorry if I made you cry”


“Really ”




She smiled lightly and crossed patted her cheeks” okay now I want Ice cream”


“Ice Cream, now”


“Yes now”


okay, okay.. I will get you ice cream” William said as he walked towards the entrance but stopped when Veronica suddenly screamed


“Hey what is wrong?”he asked


” I don’t know, I just feel some kind of…oh shit there is it again”



“What is wrong?” William asked looking concerned


“I just feel some kind of pressure here it hurts so much”




“Arghhhhh” Veronica screamed as she grabbed William tightly ” I think the baby is coming”


“Wait now”


“Yes now” Veronica said in a very scary manner that made William flinch in fear just before he carried her in his arms.




“Madam I need you to push one more time”


“I knew I shouldn’t have ate too much during pregnancy, this baby is so huge it is killing me” Veronica joked while William forced a smile.. For some reason he was allowed into the labor room


“Is this really the time to joke?” He asked as he held her hand while she smiled as beads of sweats ran down her head


“Ma please just push one more time it is finally here”


“I can’t do it anymore..i can’t ”


“Nica just try can do it, I know you can” William begged while she smiled lightly and pushed one more time.




3 years later


“Where is mummy?” Lola asked as she folded her arms



“Come on lola will you have your chocolate” Chelsea pleaded as she offered lola chocolate

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“No I want to see my mummy”


“Seriously, I look just like your mum and for some reason you do not believe I am her….how is that possible”


“Mummy is prettier”


“Really? Well at least I am cuter than you” Chelsea joked


“You wish” lola said while Chelsea mouth fell wide open in shock


“Hey Lola” Veronica called and the little girl smiled and ran towards Veronica”mummy”


“Hey my little angel”


“Where is daddy?”


“I am over here” William said holding a big doll in his hand ” daddy… Is that for me?”


“Yes it is yours” Williams said as he gave her the doll while she smiled and hugged him. He knew what is in for him if he does not buy it.. She is just like Veronica, very stubborn


“Nanny please take lola away” Veronica said while her nanny smiled and took Lola away


“So how was the wedding party?” Chelsea asked


“Perfect, after all this year Kyle and Linda finally got married”


“I think you should be prepared for another wedding guys”



“What wedding?” Veronica asked as she stares at William who was sitting on the couch looking just as confused as Veronica


“Well guys, he proposed” Chelsea shouted as she showed Veronica her engagement ring


“O.M.G, you can’t be serious”


“Hello don’t you see the ring?” Chelsea asked while Veronica smiled and hugged her


“I am so happy for you sis”


“Me too I am so happy for myself”


“Congratulations” Williams said while Chelsea smiled


“Thanks William”




Veronica stood on the balcony while she felt Williams arm around her waist as he slowly kisses her on the neck


“William, why are you trying to seduce me?”


“You seduce me all the time and today it is my turn”


Veronica turned to face him as wraps her arm around his neck “oh really”




“You know I can’t help but think about something”


“And what’s that?” William asked


“Four years ago we use to be mortal enemies, faced a lot of difficulties and now look at us ”



“Yeah, I never thought I will be able to smile but you made that possible for me” William said with a smile


“I gave up on life, there were many occasions I thought of killing myself but I couldn’t. I never knew life wanted me to meet someone like you. I thought I will never Smile again until you came into my life. I guess you brought back THE SMILE THAT LEFT MY EYES”


“And you are also brought back THE SMILE THAT LEFT MY EYES” he said with a light smile on his face as he kissed Veronica



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