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I sat down on the floor in my room as I brought my knees close to my chest and placed my head on it crying


The people I believed to be my parent all these years were not really my parent



Turns out my real parents were Penelope and Zack Meyer, not Ruth and Collins Hathaway


“Veronica, what going on…why did you?”


“William, I do not want to be here, for now, I just do not want to be around them…let just go elsewhere please”


“It okay Veronica, whatever you want,” he said while Veronica gently sobbed in his chest


William walked down the stairs as Penelope immediately stood on her feet and walked towards William


“Where is she I want to see her,” Penelope said


“She really doesn’t want to talk to you right now, I know Veronica well and you can’t really force her into doing anything…I will talk to her, just give her some time please”


Penelope stared at William for a while before she nodded and turned to leave with tears in her eyes


Chelsea wait behind as she looked at Williams




“I can’t believe I hate my own sister so much,” she said as she turned her back to leave


“You do not have to hate her, it all depends on you”


“But she is after what is mine, what can I do?”


“Don’t you think you should give up, especially when what you think is yours can never be yours”



Chelsea stared at him for a while before nodding and turning to leave




Penelope turned her head towards the moving car window as tears fall freely from her cheeks


“Mum” Chelsea who was sitting next to her called while she cleaned her tears and turned to face her with a smile on her face


“Oh Chelsea”


“I am sure Veronica will come around eventually”


“It just really hard Chelsea, I was such a fool I mean it was so come I did not realize that Veronica is your sister…I mean my heart keeps telling me that she is my daughter, but my brain keeps convincing me that my daughter died years ago”


“Mother I understand, Veronica listens to William..i am sure she will convince him and she will come back to us”


“But you do not like her right, you hate her”


“Before I realized she is my sister, I hate her because she stole William from me but now, I don’t know what I feel”


“I cried so much the day I thought I lost her…I was so happy when I was told that I have Twins, I wanted to see you guys play together, I really want you guys to be close…I was going to raise both of you in a way that you will love each other so much… I guess I failed in that aspect”


“Do not worry about that mother, everything will be okay” Chelsea said as she hugged her mother.



“Is this yours?” Veronica asked immediately they got to the airport. She stared at the private jet with a smile on her face


“It is not mine, it is ours,” he said as he grabbed her hand and made her walk into the private jet


“Hello” Linda greeted Veronica while Kyle just sat down there with a smile on his face


“Kyle, Linda…O.M.G”


“So I realized I can’t really go on a vacation without bringing Linda, you know media and all.”


“I understand, I have no problem with her coming,” Veronica said with a genuine smile on her face


“So Kyle, how did William convince you?”


“Oh he said you might need a friend whenever he and Linda have to pretend to be together for the media,” Kyle said


“Oh” Veronica smiled lightly, she has no right to get jealous since all this was her plan in the first place.


“I am a little surprise William Morgan can trust me with his wife,” Kyle said


“No, I trust my wife completely…not you and besides that, if Veronica likes you, then you must be a good person”


Kyle smirked as William walked away with Veronica


“Of all people William could have brought to this Vacation, he just had to brink you didn’t he?” Linda said to Kyle who was focused on reading his book


“I thought I would never see your face again after that day but turns out I am very unlucky,” Kyle said as he flipped a page of his book



“Millions of people will die to see my face, and you think you are unlucky… How ridiculous”


“If only those people knew the kind of person you are”


“Excuse me, you don’t know….” Linda scoffed and rolled her eyes immediately


Kyle closed the book he was reading, blocked his ear with his earphones, and rested his back on the chair to sleep


“What an as*” she cursed as she turned to face her front


After hours of air journey, they finally arrived at the airport in Huawei before taking a car to an island


“Do not tell me you own this place too” Veronica said as she looked around the island. Women were dressed in swimsuits and there were small but fancy resorts around it…everything was on this island and only the rich are opportune to be in a place like this


“Fine I won’t then,” he said while Veronica smiled


“Welcome to the “Morgan’s Paradise” Hello William,” a very hot woman said as she walked towards us. “Hello Williams,” she said as she kissed him on the cheeks..normally Veronica has no problem with a woman kissing William on the cheek since it like a normal thing, but hers was different. It was just too sensual and Veronica noticed that William felt a bit uncomfortable


“Well, this is my wife Veronica…”


“William!” She called his name but be squeezed my hand tightly


“Do not worry she is a close friend”


“Okay” she nodded her head


“She is Veronica, nice to meet you, Veronica. I am Rosé”





“No not rose, Rosé”


“Okay, Rosé”


“You got it right, come I will show you to your room,” she said as she held Williams by the hand and dragged him with him. I looked at Linda who shrugs and then back at William and Rosé


“So here is your room sir,” she said with a smile on her face as William and I entered the fancy room. I am not good at describing so try to picture something in your head “you have no idea how scared the staffs were when I told them you are visiting today, we prepared the best room for you”


“That good to hear”


“So” she slowly used her hand to button Williams shirt as she stares at him seductively “if you need something I will be more than willing to help”


“I am sorry I have to pick this call,” William said as he walked away feeling uncomfortable


“So I see you have a thing for my husband ”


“What?” She asked looking really innocence


“Look Rosé, do not let my innocent looks fool you, I am not a nice person at all… So I suggest you know your place and stop trying to seduce your husband”


“Mrs Morgan I think you are taking things too far”


“Yes, I take things too far, and let me tell you. I have been known to bite people whenever I am angry, do you want to see how I do that”


“No, no, no”





“I am so sorry for what I did, I promise it won’t happen again”


“Good girl, now please get lost”


‘Yeah sure” she said as she walked out of the room


“I see you got rid of her” William said as he came out of his hiding spot


“You could have just told her to get lost”


“She is my friend and I told her multiple times that I am not interested in her”


“You still could have told her to get lost”


“I do not want to be rude…I had no idea she will try to seduce me in your presence ”


“She has no idea who I am,” Veronica said as she moved close to William and wrapped her arms around his neck “I do not like joking with what is mine,” she said as her lips caught his for a kiss.


Linda wanted to enter the room since the door was slightly opened but stopped when she saw William and Veronica kissing.


Her eyes were filled with tears as she turned to her back and ran away crying


She bumped into Kyle who accidentally dropped his phone thanks to her


“Hey can’t you watch where you are….” He stopped talking when he saw her




“Hey, why are you crying?” He asked while Linda didn’t say anything, instead, she just hugs him and cries in his chest.


Kyle who was a little taken aback by this action slowly patted her back.


He just couldn’t help but wonder what could have made her cry so much












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