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Veronica ran into her room and sat down on the bed trying to control the tears from rolling down her cheeks


“Veronica” William called her name as he bent into a squat before her “believe I didn’t…”

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“Shhh” she said as she placed her fingers on her lips before smiling and wiping her tears ” please do not say anything…i saw all that happened you do not have to explain anything”


“Then why are you crying right now, you should know I would never cheat on you”


“I know, I know you would never do that but the fear of loosing you. I just can’t help it”


“Linda is my friend Veronica and you are the woman I love, what makes you think she will ever come between us…If you want I can stay far away from her”



“No, no you won’t do that. Linda is not at fault, she let her feelings take over and she was drunk so that is why she did that”


“Her feelings?”


“Seriously? are you blind or you just being oblivious to the truth, Linda definitely likes you”


“How can she like me, I do not like her back. She is nothing but my close friend I do..”


“Do not worry about that William, we have no control of our feelings. I mean I never knew I will fall so deeply in love with a jerk like you” she said while William smirked and stood on his feet while helping her stand on hers


“Now that that is over, I assume we can start where we left off”


“I don’t see why not” she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close for a kiss.




Kyle heard a knock on his room door as he stood on his feet to see who is at the door with a puzzled expression.


“You!” He said as he opened the door looking totally shocked to see Linda standing by the door ” what are you doing here?”


“Can I come in? I would like to talk to you even if it just for a second”


“Yeah, come in” Kyle said as he moved out of the way letting her into his room.


Linda sat down on his sofa while Kyle offered her a cup of tea


“thanks” she said as she collected it from him ” so what is wrong?”


“I did something bad, really bad”


“And what is that?”


“I kissed William”


“You did what?”


“I kissed William and Veronica saw everything, I feel so stupid right now” she said as she ran her hand through her hair and bit her lower lip in frustration


“You shouldn’t have done that. Veronica trusted you”


“I know, I know but I just couldn’t control it”


“Don’t you think it is about time you finally forget about William. You will only make life hard for Veronica and I do not want that to happen”


“Why are you so concerned about Veronica?”


“Because I am her boss”


“That is a lie”


“Because I am her childhood friend”


“You are lying again Kyle”


“What do you want me to say Linda”


“I want you to say that the main reason you are after Veronica is because you are in love with her”


“Linda I think you are…”


“Do not lie to me, I trusted you with my secret why can’t you trust me with yours?”


“Okay. Fine. I love Veronica but I am slowly forgetting about her. Are you happy?”



“Waw. It must be really hard for you uhn?”


“It is, but I am slowly forgetting about her and learning to move on with my life. If you truly love someone, you will do anything to ensure that the are happy even if it means sacrificing your own happiness”


Linda looked down just before raising her head to look at Kyle “you are right, this will be the last time I will cry about Williams. I will try my best to forget about him totally and accept the fact that William belongs to Veronica”




(Next evening)


“I do not want to wear this William, it is a little tight’ Veronica said as she checked herself in the mirror one last time. She looked absolutely beautiful dressed in a white armless fishtail dress.


you must have added a little weight then” “Are you trying to say I am fat?”


“No, no, I am just saying maybe you added a little weight” “You indirectly saying that I am fat”


“Okay, I am sorry. Can we go to the party now?” “Yeah sure, why not”



“So whose party is this?”


“A friend of mine”


“A friend of yours, what is it all about?”



“I told you about my friend right, the one whose wife just had a baby. He decided to throw a party to welcome his little baby to the world”


“All this for a little baby, a small get together would do. Why does he have to go extra mile?”


“Rich people just don’t know what to do with their money” William said while Veronica smiled and shrugged


“Hey William, Hey Veronica” Linda greeted with a smile on her face


“Hey Linda” Veronica returned the greeting “you look very beautiful”


“Thanks, you also look super gorgeous”




“Veronica can I please talk to you for a second”


“Yeah, why not excuse me William” she said to him as she walked to somewhere private with her.


“Veronica it about what you saw that night. I promise I didn’t…”


“Linda, please do not embarrass me by apologizing to me. I understand you and your feelings”


“I promise I am not trying to seduce your husband. I don’t know what came over me ”


“It is okay” she said as she wiped her tears with her thumb. “Do not think about that at all”


“I hope this is not going to ruin our friendship”



“Never, I promise and I hope you find a guy that really loves you someday. You are nice, beautiful and talented. I sure you will find a man that loves you for who you are someday”


“Thank you very much Veronica” she said as she hugs her” I will see you layer, Kyle is here and we have a lot to talk about”


“Really where is he?”


“I don’t know. He was there about a few minutes ago. I will go look for him”


“Yeah you do that”


“I see you done talking” William said as he put his left hand around her waist


“Yeah I am”


“Hey William” a tall handsome man greeted as he walked towards them


“Hey Jacobs” he greeted as he gave him a brotherly hug.


“, meet my wife, Veronica. Veronica this is Jacobs my friend”


“It nice to meet you Veronica. You look really beautiful”




“Where is Amanda by the way?” William asked


“I am over here William” a pretty tall woman said as she walked towards William and hugged him


“Veronica this is Amanda, Jacobs wife Amanda this is Veronica my…”


“Your wife, I know.. She is really beautiful”


“Thanks” William said with a smile on his face.



Veronica suddenly felt Dizzy as she rubbed her temple with the tip of her finger.


“Veronica are you okay?” William asked looking Concerned


“Yes William, I am just a little…..” Veronica couldn’t finish what she was about to


say before she suddenly passed out and William quickly grabbed her before she could fall on the floor.


“Veronica, Veronica” he called her name as he gently tapped her on the cheeks.




Veronica slowly opened her eyes as she stares at the big chandelier in the ceiling.


“Where am I?” She asked as she sat up straight while rubbing her temple


“You have to be careful ma” m. It good you finally awake” A middle aged woman said as she helped Veronica seat on the bed. She looked around and soon realized they were back in their house on the island.


“You really have to be careful, you need lot of care due to your condition”


“How do you know that I am…”


“I am a doctor dear”


“Oh…William, I hope you have not told him yet that I am pregnant”


“No I haven’t but I was just about to tell him”


“You can’t please do not tell William that I am pregnant”


“You are pregnant?” William said while Veronica eyes widened in shock immediately she laid her eyes on him


“You are pregnant and you do not want me to know about it”










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