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Episode 3


One-day, Sarah showed up at her parents’ house crying and she told them everything. They sent for Mark as they didn’t believe that he could treat thier daughter so badly. Of course, When Mark came, He denied everything as she blamed Sarah for all the troubles their marriage was facing.


“I have stood by my wife all these years, we have been married for 3 years now and no child, other men will have gotten another woman pregnant but here I am supporting my wife, standing by her but she doesn’t give me peace or even respect me” Mark said shedding crocodile tears and Sarah’s parents believed him and they reprimanded thier daughter instead.


Mark blamed EVERYTHING on Sarah and she couldn’t stand up to defend herself, tears rolled down from her eyes without ceasing as she watched her parents take sides with him.


“EVERYTHING was her fault, there is something wrong with my wife, I believe its because she had not conceived and she believed that I will leave her but no I’m here for her and I’m not going anywhere, I don’t know why she is always doing something wrong” Mark said as Sarah picked her jaw, she was shocked at how lies came out from his mouth Easily.



Sarah’s parents were convinced that thier daughter was at fault. They advice her to take care of her home. “A wise woman builds up her home, while a foolish woman scatters her home” Her parents told her. Back home, Mark told her That she was never good enough. That she could never meet his needs and that he would leave her for another woman who could.


Emotionally, Sarah was broken. She couldn’t get over the fact that when they were dating Mark was only pretending to be sweet and caring, She blamed herself for ignoring all the red flags she spotted,


“assuming I listened to my gut feeling, I won’t end up with this horrifying and abusive monster” She thought as she wept.


Sarah saw the red flags beforehand but she ignored it.


Before they got married, whenever they had a misunderstanding, Mark used to say he’ll beat her up but she overlooked it. Sometimes he’ll give her soft slap; but few years, after thier wedding it became hot slaps.


Sarah started surrendering space to Mark and giving in, even though it hurt, because it felt better than fighting. She stopped checking out his phone or whether he was cheating on her or not.


Sarah started becoming used to not being seen, not being able to have boundaries, not being treated with dignity and respect. She became used to feeling shut down and drained. She looked forward to times Mark worked outside town so that she could get enough sleep, be alone with her thoughts, do what she needed to do for her health and well-being, she wished she could feel like herself again.


Sarah started to show her husband more love, support and respects, she thought if she shows extra love & support, Mark will change but the more she was loving and respectful, the more Mark misbehaved.


Things had really gotten sour between Sarah and Mark, Sarah recalled that From the beginning of their relationship, everything just didn’t feel right but she brushed aside all the signs because it’s was difficult for her to admit that Mark was not suitable for her. He was successful and was an engineer and he was ready for marriage. Her parents liked him immediately they saw him and Mark’s Parents too liked her, immediately he introduced her to them. The major reason why she ignored those Red Flags was because She didn’t want to go through the



complication of finding someone new. She wished she could go turn back the hands of time, she wished she had turned down his marriage proposal. She wished she listened to her friend Florence.


Staying married to Mark was not only emotionally taxing, but also physically. But she can’t do anything about it but to remain with him till death, do them apart. Mark was not carved out for marriage and being entangled with such a man was a very huge mistake on Sarah’s part.


Not long thier marriage became emotional slavery, it’s was no longer marriage. It’s was no longer something worthy of being celebrated. The pain of marrying the wrong person was a pain Sarah carried in her heart every day.


She was constantly afraid of her husband due to the countless beating she had received from him and at the same time, she was damaged and unfulfilled, she couldn’t conceive and bear children. Nothing was going right in her marriage.


Few months later, She got the biggest blow of her life. News got to her that her husband’s mistress was pregnant, she tried to wave it off but couldn’t, she summoned up courage and strength and faced her husband. “Yes she is pregnant, what would you do about it?, what you couldn’t do, some one else will do it, do you think I will wait for you forever” Mark replied . Hot tears rolled down from her eyes. She felt like dying. She was broken


The next moment, Sarah saw her self raining curses and insults at Mark. “How could you do this to me? You are a wicked man, God will judge you, useless man” and then Mark stood up and gave her resounding slaps, pushed her to the floor and gave her the greatest beating of her life.


“if you are tired of this marriage you get out, no one is forcing you to stay here, you are useless” Mark uttered as he kicked her on the floor, He descended on her with more blows and punches.


Few minutes later, Sarah was sighted on the floor, crying bitterly. she had bruises all over her body, her face were swollen but still Mark was still hitting her, she managed to flee from Mark with her last strength and ran to take cover in the kitchen and she became frightened when she saw Mark walking into the kitchen with more rage in his eyes.



“I will kill you today, you have the gut to curse and insult me, I will give you the greatest beating of your life and then I will kick you out of this house, you will either leave this marriage, disabled or in a body bag” Mark said as soon as he caught Sarah where she was hiding in the kitchen


“Mark, Please leave me alone” she pleaded as she was exhausted due to the beating, she had already received.


Mark dragged her up with one hand and hit her with the other, she screamed out in pain and fear. Her sight wandered to a wine bottle on the table, she reached out to the bottle and smashed it on Mark’s head and he slumped instantly. Few minutes later, Sarah tried waking Mark up when she noticed that he was not moving.


“Oh my God, what have i done? What was I thinking? Mark is dead, I killed him” She said as tears fell uncontrollably from her eyes.


She moved closer to Mark, poured water on him and did everything she knew that could wake him up but still Mark was laying lifelessly on the floor. Sarah gave a loud scream of pain and shock that alerted thier neighbours.


Sarah wallowed in regrets and sorrow as she watched her husband’s lifeless body, and then suddenly she heard a loud knock on the door and in fear, she ran to unlock the door and lo and behold there was two police men on the door.


“Good morning madam, we are from the the Area police command, some one called us last night that a man has been beating up his wife, the entire night and with your swollen face and black eye, we presume you must be the one” One of the police men said calmly.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from



While Sarah nodded at intervals as tears roll down from her cheek .


“Where is your husband?” the other police man asked.


Sarah lost words and the two police men, who were so eager to see the supposed wife beater, walked into thier living room with Sarah just staring bemusedly at them, the Two police men searched everywhere for Mark but he was no where to be found and the other searched the bathrooms and finally headed to the kitchen while the other was engaging Sarah in a conversation but still she was finding it hard to utter a word. The policemen had thought that Mark was hiding.


End Of Episode 3


To Be Continued







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