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I stared at the faces focused on me . I have never seen this people before in my entire life. In fact i can’t remember anything about my entire life. Who am i ,have i ever seen this people before . I tried my best to remember my past but all i could see was blurry images .The more i tried to remember, the more it hurts.. it hurts so much i couldn’t take it anymore .


‘Chelsea, my baby what happened to you ?’ A woman in her forties asked as she ran her hand through my hair and kissed me on the forehead . All i could do was stare at her while tears ran down her cheeks. I do not know this woman at all ‘who are you ?’ I asked


‘Chelsea you cannot remember me ..i am your mother ‘ She said


I was confused




‘My mother’ i repeated


I do not know this people but they made me believe they were my family. My mother ,father and uncle


The fact that i have no idea who i am Really baffles me. Who am I, where did I come from. Are this people trully my parents?


‘Doctor, what happened to her hair… Why is it short, instead of long?’ the woman who claimed to be my mother asked as she stared at me intensely


My eyes darted to the doctor as I stared at him waiting for his answer to the woman’s question


‘well, ummmm Chelsea had a haircut before coming here’ my uncle said


‘but she never told me about it’ my mum said


‘well right before the accident, she mentioned something about going to the salon you know.. To get a change of hairstyle’



‘I see’ my mother said as she nodded her head and focused on me again ‘this shouldn’t have happened to you’ she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.




‘sir Miss Penelope just called me?’ my secretary said as she walked towards me holding a phone in her hand


‘and who is Penelope’ i asked as I focused on my magazine


‘your soon to be mother in law.. Penelope


‘Oh her ,what does she want ?’i asked as i dropped the magazine and picked up a newspaper to keep me busy in my state of extreme boredom


‘And what happened to her ?’i asked again when my secretary didn’t respond to my former question


‘Well ,your fiancee .. Chelsea Meyer was involved in an accident ‘


‘Is she dead ?’i asked nonchalantly


‘No sir ,she is still alive..’


‘How sad …was really looking foward to her burial..have some flowers sent to her ‘


‘I think you should go to the hospital cause madam Penelope wants you there ‘ i Closed my newspaper, slammed it on the table and stood on my feet





William morgan wasn’t really pleased with the fact that Chelsea Meyer survived the accident . He wished she had die so he wouldn’t marry a devious woman like her . She had tricked the only person he could confide in after his grandmother. Apart from his revenge, the only reason he is getting married to Chelsea is because his grandmother wants it .



Veronica sat on the hospital bed staring at her food . It looks so good but it doesn’t feels like she has ever eaten this food in the past


‘What wrong Chelsea, why aren’t you eating?.. Giada’s Broiled Salmon with Herb Mustard Glaze has always been your favorite ‘ Her mother said as she stared at her


‘No that not it, it just that …you know what never mind’ she said as she decided to taste the food they had prepared for her ‘it taste good ‘she said Codly as she had another bite


‘Chelsea ,are you fine ?.. you are not your normal self ,you are always the cheerful kind of a person and nothing you are all cold and gentle’


Veronica thought to herself, she might have no remembrance of her past self but her brain still worked correctly. Right now she doesn’t feel like the smiley type or the Cheerful type of human .


‘Well maybe , maybe she still trying to recover from the accident. She hit her head really hard you know ‘ the one who claimed to be her uncle said with a slight Quiver in his voice


‘True ..True’ Penelope, Chelsea mom agreed as she focused on her ‘


‘Hello ‘ William Morgan greeted with a light knock on the door. Everyone rose to their feet immediately to welcome the All powerful business man and their future inlaw who came to visit


‘I think we should give them some time alone ‘ Penelope suggested after giving William the warm welcome he deserves . They all walked out of the room while William grabbed a chair Close to Veronica and sat down on the Chair


Veronica stared at him trying to remember where she has seen him before, he looks so familiar ‘and you are ?’ She asked


‘Oh that right ,i was told you have lost your memory..did you really loose it or is this another one of your tactics?’ He asked as he used his finger tip to move the strand of hair blocking his face aside as he stared at her proudly



‘Are you going to introduce yourself?’ Veronica asked as she had a bite of her food. She couldn’t deny the fact that he was extremely handsome and incredibly perfect from his head to toe ,but there was just something about him that she doesn’t like at all


‘Your fiance, William Morgan ‘


‘William ‘ she repeated as she rubbed her forehead with her finger tip trying her best to figure out where she has seen him before . She focused on him and this little action got really wierd for William


‘Is there something on my face ..oh you staring cause i am just too handsome, i really can’t blame you..if i was a girl i would fall in love with me too ‘


Veronica eyes darted to the Chair ,it wasn’t stable and it looks like it was going to break anytime soon


‘Hey yo…..’


‘ quiet ,just focus on my face,that will make you feel better ..anyone will want to see something so perfect ‘ he said and I rolled my eyes in disgust


Let him fall. What an arrogant human being


‘But it quite wierd that you are being so quiet ‘ he stood on his feet before the chair could break and i was a little surprised by that action ‘what you thought i would fall? ‘ he asked


‘I was hoping you would ‘


‘Well sorry to crush your hope ..i have seen you hope you get well soon ‘he said with a light smile on his face even though that was not what he wants for her . He can’t wait to get revenge for her for all she has done in the past . Veronica doesn’t seem to like him either cause he is so self centered and thinks highly of himself. She wondered why and how she agreed to marry such a man



‘And you will be discharged today ,meet me tomorrow evening at my house..i have a suprise for you ‘ he said as he smirked and walked away. He was planning on proposing to her the other day and even though she Claimed to had lost all her memories, he was vowed to make her remember her past and each and everyone she had inflicted so much pain most especially his elder brother.


One thing is for sure and that is he wants revenge on Chelsea Meyer for all she has done to him


And he will get that revenge as soon as he get married to her . He won’t hesitate to ruin her future








Tale of Veronica Hathaway










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