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Veronica was not happy with her present condition . Her current husband only wants her for revenge and in a nutshell, maybe her entire life is ruined .


She sat down in the car ,lost in her own thought while william who refused to let his driver drive them drove his car himself. The road was foggy and one could hardly see what was ahead due to all the fog. There was an awkward silence between both of them as each one of them focused on minding their own business .


She wasnt sure of what to do with her life right now . She finally came to a mental agreement that the best thing to do is to find out why william hate her so much.


William stepped on the brakes while the car stopped so suddenly almost making Veronica hit her head on the dashboard if she hadn’t used her seatbelts


‘William what gives?’ Veronica asked with a puzzled look


‘Get out of the car ‘


‘What ..why ,is there something wrong with the car ? ‘ she asked with a puzzled expression.


He tightened his grip on the car steering as he gave Veronica death stare ‘there is nothing wrong with the car my dear wife ..i want you out of the car right now ‘


Veronica stared outside the car window and back at william ‘but william ,this place is deserted ,i can’t get any public transport here and it a bit far from the city . I mean william….’



‘Chelsea do i look like i care ,you can walk back to the city for all i care and then take a bus home. If you get kidnapped that your problem . Your parents are rich,they will pay the ransome.’


‘But William it dangerous..’ He unhooked the car seatbelts, opened the door and pushed her down from it. ‘If you are fast enough you might be lucky to get home in the next three hours ‘ he said as he closed the door and drove off leaving Veronica behind . She stood on her feet and watched Williams car disappear into the thick fog.


‘What sort of a man is he ? …have i done so much bad in the past that i deserve all this ?’ She asked herself this questions as she started walking on the road. All he could see was the thick dark bushes on her left and right side. I will just have to do something about this ,i really can’t suffer like this for the rest of my life.


Williams bit his lower lip in fraustration. Part of him was happy because he is finally making Chelsea suffer for all the pains she caused him and his family with her wayward ways, while the other part made him feel guilty about having to implement so much pain on a girl. He wasn’t willing to let his feelings get in the way of his revenge and he is bent on taking revenge for everything Chelsea had done to him . His phone rang while he grasped around blindly on the car seat looking for his phone while focused on the road . Unable to find it ,he sighed in frustration and moved his eye from the road to the car seat . Picked his phone and smiled immediately he saw the person calling him.


‘Beatrice ‘ he said as he picked the phone


‘Hey William i will be coming home very soon’


‘That great news ..i really can’t wait to see you Beatrice ‘ Williams and Beatrice chatted for awhile together before he hung up.


Three hours later ,Veronica arrived at the Morgans mansion and went straight to her husband’s room upstairs.


‘Waw you home early’



‘You left me in the middle of nowhere and made me walk back home alone. What kind of a person are you?’


‘My family is ruined because of you,what kind of a person are you ?’he asked as he directed the question back at me


‘Look William, i have no idea what i did in the past but whatever it is can you just let peace reign ?’Veronica asked while william stood on his feet and glared at her


‘Peace? ,didn’t you think of peace before killing my brother and ruinning my sister’s life ‘


Veronic couldn’t believe the things William was currently accusing her of . She knows herself even if she has no remembrance of her past but there is no way she can harm someone. The only reason she is tolerating this guy is cause her mother is hypertensive and the last thing she needs now is stress.


‘Look William i….’her phone rang interrupting her conversation with william . She


checked the screen for the Caller Id and sighed when she saw who it was. ‘Hello mum’ she talked to her mum over the phone for awhile before hanging up and looking at William.


‘My mum is coming here to say hello..i will go take a shower ‘ Veronica said as she walked away. Her legs were so sore and they probably had lots of blisters from walking that mile. Her pain does not really matter ,all she can do now is pray William is not rude to her infront of her mother .


‘Hello mother ‘ Veronica greeted as she hugged her mother and sat down on the couch


‘Hey Mrs Meyer ‘ William greeted with a smile on his face as he sat down next to Penelope ‘what brings you here ?’ William asked.


‘Well i went to visit a friend who lives nearby ,so i decided to drop by and say Hello. And i miss my daughter anyway’


‘Well you can take her home with you ‘ William said while the smile on Penelope’s face disappeared while Veronica panicked thinking he was going to do something



wrong. Even though she does not really know this woman due to her memory loss . She has gotten so attach to her she does not want anything bad to happen to her. ‘Take a joke ..i was just joking okay ‘William laughed while Penelope’s also laughed with him. Veronica sighed in relief happy with the way William changed the awkward situation.


‘Well i will be going now ‘ Penelope said as she stood on her feet ,hugged her daughter, waved at william and walked out of the door .


‘Thanks for being so cool when my mum was around ‘


‘Unlike you ,i know the value of having a family and i do not like ruining family. I know your mum is hypertensive and if she knows about the things her daughter has done ,it might kill her ‘


Penelope got into her car , only to remember she left her cellphone inside ‘i will be back ‘she said to the driver as she got down from her car and turned her back to walk back into the mansion


‘William i seriously do not think i did all you are accusing me of. I did not kill your brother, i am totally innocent ‘


William grabbed her by the arm aggressively ‘now you acting innocent. You can’t remember anything cause of your little memory ‘


‘William you hurting me let me go ‘Veronica yelled while trying to loosen William’s grip on her arms


‘You are nothing but a whore who is only good at ruining other’s life ‘he said as he pushed to the ground.


‘William dare you ??’ Penelope asked looking extremely angry due to the little scene she just witnessed .she has walked in on William when he pushed Veronica to the ground ‘why did you do that ?’she asked as she helped Veronica up .







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