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Veronica stomach grumbled as she paced back and forth on the balcony. She was extremely hungry judging from the fact that she hasn’t had anything to eat this morning.’ I have enough money in my account to survive in this hell for five years but i really can’t depend on that for too long. I will just have to get a job somehow. This is one hell of a husband .




‘You want a job here?’ The restaurant manager asked looking absolutely shocked . Her eyes moved from Veronica’s face down to her toe then back to her face again


‘What wrong ma’m is there something on my face ?’ Veronica asked while touching her face



‘No no no ,there is nothing on yout face but quick question, is that a diamond earring you wearing?’she asked while Veronica touched her ear


‘Oh am sorry, i will remove it right now if you do not like it ‘ Veronica apologized as she reached for her ear to remove the small earrings


‘No,no,no..i mean,you look too expensive to be a waiter ,i mean take a look at your outfit. It so stylish and it must worth a lot ,am sure you from a very rich home. Even your looks says it all look so fragile and such fair skin. You so pretty …why do you want to be a waiter here ?’ The manager asked


‘Look ma’m ,i am married ,and i really have no interest in being a full house wife ,so i decided to take a job as a waiter


“Oh but you can work as a ceo or something ,why choose to be a waiter at this restaurant?’she asked Veronica who sighed obviously getting frustrated with her obnoxious questions


‘No specific reasons, i just want to go for something simple ‘


“Okay then you hired ‘ the said to Veronica said with a bright smile on her face


‘Great ,when should i start?’


‘Anytime you want ‘ the woman replied while smiling sheepishly. Veronica who was obviously creeped out stood on her feet and walked away having it in mind that she will resume her work as a waiter the following day.


Veronica got back to the Morgan’s mansion only to see the maids running around . The sitting room was filled with different decorations and Veronica who was curious to know what is going on stopped one of the maids and asked ‘what going on here ?’


‘Well madam w…..’ The maid was interrupted by William who walked down the


stairs with Beatrice saying ‘there is really no need to ask the maids



for information my dear wife ,you have me don’t you ‘ he stood in front of Veronica staring at her with a mischievous smile on his face while Beatrice stared at the maids giving her a look that means get lost. The maid went back to work immediately while Beatrice brought all her attention back on Veronica .


‘oh yeah where are my manners , let me introduce you to my sister Beatrice, the girl whose wedding day you ruined ‘ the name Beatrice rang a bell in Veronica ear, but she can’t just remember where she have heard the name before . She decided not to overthink things and focused on whatever william and his sister has to say.


‘Hello dear Chelsea ,it a pressure to meet you . Well i heard you lost your memories ….tttttttt, that so sad .


But i believe my dear brother took his time to explain everything to you ‘ Veronica eyes darted to William and back at Beatrice


‘Now that i am back dear Chelsea. My brother here and i will like to ruin your life,like you ruined ours so ,look foward to it ‘ Beatrice said as she walked away while William looked at Veronica and said ‘well i helped you move your things to the basement, that where you will stay as from today ‘


Veronica couldn’t believe what she was hearing, her own husband wants her to stay at the basement. Why does it feels like she has stayed in the basement before.


She opened the door to the basement. It was a set up like a normal room with closet, a bed and a dressing mirror. It was opposite of what she expected ,since she was expecting some grubby room with cobwebs and spiders, but it was a decent bedroom anyway . She dropped her bag on the table and collapsed on the bed, stared at her a small makeup mirror in her purse and smirked . Her new hairstyle suits her . Her mother had told her to switch back to her long hair thinking it will help her remember her past faster ,but it really not helping in anyway at all .. but nevertheless, she loves the hairstyle .


She still has a strong feeling that the name Beatrice and living in a basement has something to do with her former life . ‘I am sure it beatrice William other Beatrice, i know her before maybe that why her name sounds familiar ‘ she said as she slowly drifted to sleep.



‘Hello mother ‘she said as she picked her call, she had fallen asleep earlier and was woken up by her mother’s call


‘Hey Veronica where are you ,There’s a party at your mansion and I can’t find you anywhere ‘


‘What!..hold on mother ,i will call you back ‘she said as she disconnected the call and checked the wall clock


‘8:00pm’ she ran out of the room and stared down at the sitting room from the corridor as she placed her hand on the railings


That must be why the maids were running around with all the decorations. There is a party at the mansion and her dear husband did not bother to tell her about this. everyone gathered in the sitting room .it looks like one of those rich people party with fancy outfit,drinks and decorations. ‘William didn’t bother to tell me about this ,and they invited my mum and dad..i wonder what they are up to this time ‘


she ran to her basement and looked for an outfit good for the occassion and also some jewelry and makeup to match.


‘Hello mother ‘she greeted Penelope who was busy talking to Ryan smith ,one of her big business partners.


‘Excuse me ‘she said to ryan as she walked away and focused on her daughter instead ‘hey Chelsea ,you look so pretty and I see you got your old hair back’ Penelope complimented her as she used her hand to smoothen her hair


‘Thanks mother ..


Where is dad?’ She asked


‘Well am sorry Chelsea, but he couldn’t make it ‘


‘Well it cool ,let just enjoy the party ‘


‘Hello Mrs meyer ‘William greeted Penelope as he stood beside Veronica with a wine in his hand



‘Hello William, i see you have organized a special party for your sister’s arrival .. it been a year since she left for england ,she really does deserve a warm welcome like this ‘


‘I totally agree with you Mrs Meyer . You don’t mind if i borrow my wife for a second do you ?’


‘Oh sure go ahead ,you really do not need my permission for that ‘ Penelope said with a smile on her face while William smiled back and took Veronica with him.


‘Here she’s Beatrice, you wanted to talk to her ,now she is here ..excuse me ‘ William said as he walked away


‘And what do you want?’Veronica asked as she folded her arms


‘Ohhhh ..what an see ,it would have been better if you didn’t attend this party ,then you wouldn’t have witnessed this …look around ,can you see the press..i am about to show you your place right now and the press will capture every bit of this and before you know it you and your entire family will be tomorrows trending news’


‘..what are you talking about Beatrice?’


‘If you want to know what am talking about, then watch ‘ she grinned and walked sashayed towards the Mc of the event. Veronica watched with utmost interest as she collected the mic from the Mc and climbed on the set up stage to make an announcement


‘Listen up everyone, i am really sorry for what is about to happen ,believe me but i just have to do this a 100 carat diamond necklace made specially for me ,it even has my initials on the pendant and it worth over four million dollars . My brother gave this to me on my birthday and I consider it to be my goodluck must have falled off my neck and then someone picked it up. From the bottom of my heart ,i am sorry for this embarrassment, but this necklace means a lot to me so i will have to ask my guards to search everyone ‘



‘I really hope it not what am thinking ‘ Veronica muttered as she bit her lower lip in anger. It was only a matter of minutes before the security started searching everyone. The people were muttering obviously not pleased with the fact that Beatrice had ordered the gaurd to search them .


‘We found it ma’m ‘ one of the gaurd said as she brought it out of Penelope’s bag . Penelope was shocked just like everyone else as she had no idea how the necklace got into the back


‘My word ‘ Beatrice said as she collected the necklace from the gaurd ‘Mrs meyer ,you ‘ the press immediately gathered them to film the entire moment.


‘W… did that get in my purse?’


‘Obviously you stole it ma’m.. i mean i understand the fact that your company isn’t doing so well and maybe you Currently in a lot of debt ..isn’t that why you got your daughter married to my brother . But i thought you still had some pride in you ,has thing really gone so bad for you that you stole a diamond necklace. I mean this necklace isn’t enough to pay off your debt so why steal it ?’ Beatrice asked with a fake sentimental look


‘But i didn’t take this necklace…i really can’t steal such a necklace ‘


‘Then who did ma’m?’


i did ‘ Veronica said as she walked towards Penelope ‘You ,you stole my necklace? ‘Beatrice asked


‘No i didn’t, actually i found your necklace on the floor . I knew it was yours immediately i saw it due to the initials. ‘


‘Then why didn’t you return it .. ..what was it doing in your mother’s bag?’ Beatrice asked as her veins popped out of her neck and her face reddened in anger.


‘Why don’t you calm down and listen to the full story Beatrice. I looked for you, but when i couldn’t find you,i told my mum to hold it for me so i can hand it over to you later. That why the necklace was in my mum’s bag . I was going to tell you



this before dear sister inlaw but you were too hasty and then you went ahead and made a false announcement .like you already knew the necklace was in someone’s back made the announcement in such a hurry like you put the necklace in someone’s bag to tarnish their image ‘ Veronica taunted her with this words while Beatrice glared at her


‘And why will i do that…anyway I guess it was my mistake then sorry everyone, sorry Mrs Meyer…please go back to enjoying the party ‘she said as she glared at Veronica and ran up the stairs .


‘That girl went too far this time ..i knew she has always hated our family and most especially you for some reason best know to her, but i did not expect her to stoop so low . She framed me ,have any idea what that would have done to our family’s reputation if you hadn’t stepped in and ruined her plan?’


do not worry mother ,i am here to protect you okay .. As long as i am here. Her plans will keep failing like this ‘


‘Do not let her get to you Chelsea ,you have to stand up for yourself ‘


‘Do not worry about that mum’


‘That girl ,she ruined my plan ‘Beatrice ran her hand through her hair like a mad woman as she paced back and forth in Williams room


Williams who had been quiet all this while, sat down on a sofa, looking unbothered by his sisters action and finally spoke up ‘ we want her Beatrice, not her mum ,not her family.. i could have inflict so much suffering on her family but i didn’t do that..they weren’t the one who offended me ,so i have no business with them’


‘Chelsea ruined our family. It an eye for an eye William but you are to nice to understand this . You only hate Chelsea while i hate her entire family . I hate the fact that she has a family while we don’t ‘


‘If you hurt her family ,i will not support you ..hurt her all you want ,i do not care ..but leave her family out of it ,an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind ‘.



Veronica barged into the room and glared at Beatrice who glared at Beatrice who glared back at her


‘You, what are you doing here, get out now ‘ William barked as he grabbed her hand and wanted to throw her out of the room . Veronica freed herself from Williams tight grip and focused back on Beatrice


‘I said get out ,are you……’


Veronica raised her hand towards William signifying stop with her eyes still focused on Beatrice ‘keep quiet William ,i have no business with you just your sister ‘ She lowered her hand and said ‘you can hurt me all you want ..i believe i am suffering for my past mistakes and maybe one day you can forgive me for that ‘


‘I will never forgive you for that ‘ Beatrice said as she pointed at Veronica right in the face


‘Lower your hands Beatrice ‘Veronica said as she brought her hands down ‘ if you and your brother decide to forgive me ,that great and if you don’t ,that is your problem.. All i can say is am deeply sorry for my past mistakes even if i can’t remember them. But be warned if you drag my family into this mess ,most especially my mother ,i promise i will not spare you ‘


‘Is that a threat uhn?’Beatrice asked


‘It a warning ..i am here ,you can hurt me all you want ,but if you think of hurting my family .Things will really get ugly not mess with my mother’She said as she walked away


‘How dare that girl ‘ Beatrice barked as she threw a vase and smash it on the ground


‘Calm down will you…i told you not to mess with her family didn’t i ?’


‘Oh now you supporting her ‘


‘I am not ,am just not in support of what you did ‘



‘Whatever ‘ Beatrice said as she sat on the bed to calm herself down ‘but william ‘


‘Yes ‘


something is really strange about Chelsea..i have been taunting her with my words but she never said anything ,not until i messed with her mother ‘


‘Your point is?’


‘The Chelsea i know only cared about herself, never about her mother. So what with the sudden change of attitude. And the Chelsea i know is not smart enough to change situation like she did when i was trying to frame her mother ‘


‘I thought i was the only who noticed that Beatrice. Something is really strange about this new Chelsea..she is nothing like the old one ..i admit she lost her memories but that not support to influence her character.. Chelsea is self centered and only cares about fashion and luxury ..but this woman is the exact opposite ‘


‘Something is definitely fishy here William and i must find out’ Beatrice said








Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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